[PW!] The Truth About Tiki

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     Jamie began to approch Tiki she was just about to speak when she
heard a voice from behind Tiki say, "So we meet again Tiki."  Tiki
whirled around to see Sith.
     Suddenly a rage that had left Tiki for months flared up again
"YOU!!!!" Tiki yelled.
     "Me indeed, long time no see, I'd ask how your family was but
they're dead." Sith snickered.
     Tiki took out his staff and flipped it open.  In retaliation Sith
took out his pistols.  Jamie stood back to see what would happen.  Sith
discharged a few shots at Tiki, who merely blocked them with psychic
powers.  Sith looked taken aback.
     Sith reached into his back pocket and took out a black box, and
hit a button, Tiki realized what it was immediatly, an APB.  "WHERE DID
YOU GET THAT!?!?!?!" Tiki yelled.
     "None of your damn business." Sith said. He unleashed a few more
shots at Tiki, who had to jump to the side of them, Sith fired another
shot, that hit Tiki in the right arm.
     Tiki yelled in pain.  Jamie was frozen with fear she couldn't
think.  Tiki took a rock in his left hand and threw it right at Sith's
APB it struck it dead, on and Sith dropped. It.... it shattered.
     "Uh oh..." Sith said.
     "Uh oh is right you little peice of garbage." Tiki said.  He stood
up his eyes glowing purple.  Jamie recognized the color immediatly, it
was the same as Mewtwo's eyes glowed.  It then hit her everything that
had happened, the man in the cave.  Tiki's visions, what Mewtwo had
said everything.  "NOW I WILL HAVE MY VENGANCE!!!!!!!" Tiki roared.  He
used his powers and flung Sith's guns out of his hands, he then shot
him back with his powers.
      "Co... come on Tiki Im sure we can make out some sort of
deal...."  ith stuttered.
      "NO DEALS, TODAY YOU DIE!!!!"  Tiki charged Sith boiling over
with rage.  He then thrust at Sith's tomach with the staff.
      "NOOOO TIKI DONT!!!!!" Jamie yelled.  But it was too late, Tiki
had shoved the staff all the way through Sith's lower abdomen.
       Sith coughed up some blood, then smiled and leaned over to Tiki,
"I won........"  Sith disintegrated into a cloud of dust.
       The purple faded from Tiki's eyes, "Wha what does he mean." He
dropped to his knees, and Jamie ran over to him.
       "Tiki are you alright?" Jamie asked.
       A dark evil laugh resonated from everywhere, "It's about time,
I've been waiting for this moment for 17 years."  Mewtwo appeared
floating above Tiki and Jamie.  "Poor Niave Tiki, have you figured it
out yet?" Mewtwo asked.  Tiki looked up in utter confusion, "Uhh
simplton..... The truth behind you Tiki is quite simple, I created you."
       "WHAT!!!!" Jamie yelled.
       "It's true little one." Mewtwo floated to the ground, "I made
you by means of Magic and Psychic powers, and six innocent peoples life
forces.  I artifically created your sister and mother, then by the same
process made Sith to kill them.  They were nothing like you just simple
        "Why????" Tiki finally asked.
        "Idiot must i explain everything too you.  Your an engineered
weapon, I created you to help me destroy the league and Team Rocket,
unfortunatly through things I could not control you are EXCEPTIONALLY
weaker than I had hoped you would be.  You will be little help in the
overall picture but you will still be useful in killing some people and
in seiges. Oh well I still am going to collect my debt.  I left you to
bloosom so long because I wanted you to learn about humans and
humanity, which you did manage to do, so you will be usefull for that.
I installed a sort of device in Sith, that caused when you killed him
you would be ripe for the picking as it were."  Mewtwo raised a hand
and hios eyes started glowing purple, he shot out a purple bolt out at
Tiki.  It struck him and he was engulfed in a purple wind.
      When the wind cleared Tiki stood there, his arm healed his eyes
glowing purple.  He was laughing evily he took his belt with pokeball
and dropped it to the ground he retracted his staff and tucked it away.
      "Tiki?" Jamie asked,
      He looked down at ehr and laughed.
      "Yes now Tiki come here so we can get going."  Mewtwo said.
      Tiki glared at Mewtwo "NO!!!!"  Tiki said.
      "WHAT!!!!! WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO!!!!!"  Mewtwo yelled.
      "I will never obey you." Tiki shot a bolt of energy at Mewtwo
which knocked him back.
teleported away.
      Jamie was on the ground confused, "Tiki what's going on."
      Tiki looked down at her, "Tiki is dead, I am merely his shell, I
am The Unkown One."  Tiki turned and ran off into the darkness of an
      Jamie sat there, "No Tiki," She took up his pokeballs, 'looks
like I'll have to take care of these guys for awhile' she thought.  As
she sat there a tear ran down her checks and hit the ground.

TBC????? (There you go whether you like it or not, its here to stay.
Jamie is going to have to find away to get TAC back together and you'll
have to find away to find Tiki, I havent decided how long I want Tiki
to stay like this, sp dont go off and heal him, at least not without
asking me first.  Thank You.)

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