[PW!] Mew and His Terribly Cliche Secret...

     Pipian wheeled through Mt. Moon as quickly as possible to arrive at
Pewter City by the late afternoon, too late to go on to Viridian.  He went
to the Pokemon Center to heal his pokemon.  When Joy saw him, she quickly
walked up to him.

    "Are you Pipian?" she asked.

    "Yes?" Pipian responded.

    "I have a Videogram for you from a... Orion and Keri?"

    "OK.  Thanks."

    Joy left as Pipian began to play the Videogram.  Orion and Keri's faces

    "Pipian, we thought we'd find you here, so we decided to send a message
to this Pokemon Center.  We're sorry to say, but we think we're going to
leave TAC.  We don't see much reason for chasing Mewtwo, and we've found
someone else to join up with.  Sorry it had to come to an end, but that's
the way things go.  Maybe we'll see you and the gang again sometime...
We'll keep in touch, and I hope you will, too.  G'bye for now.  Bui! Bui!"

    He sighed to himself.  That was not very good news...  But that was
probably the way things had to go.  Changes happen...  It was about 7 now,
and he decided to eat at McDitto's.  He came back at 9 after going to some
stores, and got ready for bed.  That night, he had yet another dream, or as
Mew and Tiki liked to call it, a vision.

    "Hello again, Pipian," said Mew.

    "Hello.  Nice seeing you again.  What do you want now?" asked Pipian.

    "Your purpose is about to unfold.  The final battle is soon.  Tiki has
learned his life's meaning..."

    "Mmm... This is bad isn't it?"

    "Yes.  Tiki is in some psychotic state of mind..."

    "That's bad...  I have a question."


    "OK, why do you come to me often?  Why do you ask many things of me and
tell me many things?  It's as if you're my father, but I know he ran off
when I was a baby."

    "You seem to have discovered my deepest secret."

    "You are my spiritual guide?"

    Mew sweatdropped.

    "Uh... No.  I am your father, young Myunoko."

    "Noooooooooo!  Wait... Wrong galaxy, wrong time..."

    "Did you ever *ONCE* wonder what your name meant?"


    "Myu no ko.  Child of Mew!"


    "Anyway... I knew of Mewtwo's plot, once he began to create Tiki, so I
decided to create you to battle this.  I admit, it was quite odd to see you
walking around with what I thought was a great enemy...  But, you will still
need to have the final battle.  You have just bloomed...  Anyway...  The
final stroke must be done by the girl...  I will guide her to the final
stroke.  Umm... I think that's it...  Oh... Those memories of the other
world?  I implanted them for no reason, but they may come in handy."


    The dream ended and Pipian got ready to find Jamie to tell her of all of
the happenings.  He got packed, got on his rental bike and went to IHOOP
(International House Of Oddish Pancakes) to eat breakfast.  He then left
Pewter to set out for Cerulean.  Trainers pestered him on his journey back
to Cerulean, so he had to stop to camp at the place he had camped at two
nights before.  He began to set up camp.  He was just making dinner when a
dark figure approached.

    "Who are you?" asked Pipian.

    The figure walked closer to the fire until it was revealed as Jamie.

    "Am I so glad to see you!" said Jamie.  "We've got problems.  *MAJOR*

    "I know.  But I think I know more about this situation than you.  I know
about Tiki."

    "That's what I was going to tell you.  You have more bad news?"

    "I'm afraid so.  Pipian and Keri are leaving TAC permanently.  And I am
the son of Mew."

    "So Tiki's not the only creation of a Omnipotent cat."

    "Yup.  Mew implanted those memories of another world.  And he told me
that the final battle will come soon.  You will be needed for it.  I must do
most of the battling, but you must do the final stroke.  You'll know what to
do when the time comes."

    "OK.  It's too late to get back to Cerulean to find Tiki, so we'll have
to stay here tonight."

    "Don't worry, I brought some extra food."


    Little did they know that the shadowy figure that had followed Jamie had
decided to stay for the night as well...



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