[PW!] Take Some Matter and Some Anti-Matter and All Goes Boom!

<A random Exeggutor Walks In>

Exeggutor: As the legal exeggutor of Pipian's Estate, I say that this
Near-Omnipotence thing needs to end soon.  And if anyone complains about how
this is written, My response: Sosumi.  <Mac sound plays>

<Exeggutor walks out.>

Author: On with the show.  You'll see how this stupid name means
something... or not.

<Fade to Mt. Moon>

Narrator: When we last left our extremely weird thread, Pipian met up with
Jamie and a Tiki stayed near their encampment... Did I say that? Drat...

    The next morning, Jamie and Pipian  woke up, exhausted from individual
nightmares on what happened to Tiki.  Jamie thought he was being mentally
tortured, while Pipian thought he was being smothered in cheese.

    "Well, I'll make breakfast, and you can get some water. OK, Jamie?" said

    "OK," said Jamie.

    After about an hour, Breakfast was served, and they both ate hardily, as
they knew they'd have a tough road ahead.  They packed up and set out
towards Cerulean, but not soon after they started they saw and felt a dark
aura, which could only indicate one thing... Tiki was nearby.

    Tiki quickly jumped out from the bushes and began to charge up a black
psychic blast.

    "NOW! YOU WILL DIE!" yelled Tiki.

    Unfortunately they didn't have the CPD, also known as the APB, but
Pipian was prepared.  He started to charge up a pink psychic shield around
the two travellers.  Tiki released his attack before the shield was
completely up, but most of the attack was neutralized.  However, the little
that did get through hit Pipian straight on the chest, though it didn't seem
to affect anything.

    "Haha!  You will surely suffer, even with that low amount.  It won't do
its effect qickly, but soon enough, your psychic powers will be drained for
good," Tiki said as he charged up another attack.

    At the same time, Pipian charged another attack.  They both hit, but
Pipian and Jamie were protected by the shield, but Tiki was hit, and badly
hurt, but not enough to disable him...  Pipian charged up another attack to
stun Tiki as weak as possible.


    "Yes! My plans are working!  I'll get those meddlesome kids off my
track... Then I'll be able to do what I was gonna do... Have my Pokemon
party with Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Some of the Mews...  Oh yeah, it'll be
a blast!" said Mewtwo, who might have been drunk as a... very drunk person,
but noone is sure...


Author: Yup, it's weird, *BUT* this will work anyway...  Eh...  If someone
does want to Sosumi, then this should be a NC...

Continued By: Anonymous---

"Now it's my turn!" yelled Jamie. She quickly clasped her hands together and
charged a ball of blue psychic energy.
   When she fired the psychic blast at Tiki, it splashed harmlessly on his
   "What the hell?"
   Tiki laughed in one of those typical bad-guy laughs. "Your power boost was
activated by Mewtwo! Without him, you reverted to your basic powers!"
   "Great. Uh, could we perhaps settle this with a Pokémon battle?"
   Tiki started to charge another psychic blast.
   "I'll take that as a no."

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