[PW!] Moonlight Sonata

It was a nice quiet night.  Jigglypuffs were singly softly, a quiet
little Caterpie could be heard chirping once in a while.  Only one thing
could disturb the serenity.
"Bullocks!  There's now way you could do such a thing, especially against
"Rai chu chu rai raichu!  RAICHU!"
"You're on!  Loser buys the pizza!"
Samuraichu and White Blade started fencing white Blizzard rested under
the sky.  Draconi was almost asleep himself.
"Persian?" <Hey, Dragonite?>
<You seem to know that Clefairy.  Is he always tht competitive?>
<Only with those he considers equals.  He fights with those to better
both parties.>
<Did he train you?>
<Yeah.  Good trainer too.>
<How hard did he train you?>
<Pretty hard.  He's patient though and very caring.  Why?>
<Well, he pffered to assist me in becoming stronger.>
<I'd take him up on it.  Heck, even that little Abra were found months
back quickly grew up.>
<Months ago?>
Draconi told her of how White Blade (omitting the fact that he used to be
human) once found a little Abra who was rather hyperactive and raised him
quickly and some of the adventures they had.
"Raichu CHA!!"
White Blade and Samuraichu were still deuling after a couple hours. 
Fianlly, White Blade almost had the upper hand.  He went low and flipped
Samuraichu over his back.  His sword came down, but Samuraichu quickly
bolted from underneath, grabbed a foot with his tail, and tripped up the
Clefairy.  The halberd came down... right in front of White Blade's nose.
"Damn.  Never seen you use your tail before.  You win.  I'll buy."

Continued By: Cat-Gonk

"Chu rairai!" Samuraichu performed a little victory dance.

"The only place to get an unlabeled TM would be Cerulean," said Orion,
who had been thinking to himself. "You'd have to steal one from

He'd remained quiet for the entire episode, himself and Keri watching
the three gym battles silently from the grandstand. It would have been
a crippling blow to lose to Brock.

(Pokespeech translated from here)

"We're can't go through Mount Moon," said Samuraichu. "If we did, and
Blizzard eats a Jigglypuff, your bet's worth nothing."

Continued By: M.W.F.

"Bet Schmet.  I said I'd help her find one anyway.  Besides,  we don't
need to go through Mount Moon to find one anyway.  Jigglypuffs don't
live in there."

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"Your Dragonite, Draconi," Blizzard raised a paw at the large mass of
Dragonite beside her "could he fly us to Cerulean? He seems to obese
to be able to fly at all."

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The 10 foot Dragonite stood up.  "What was that you scrawny little hairball?!?"  An aura surrounded, on filled with the urge to battle.  White Blade intervened.  "Draconi, calm down.  She wasn't insulting you, she was merely saying you looked to big to fly.  As to answer you, Blizzard, first, Dragonites can't fly unless they are specially trained from birth.  Draconi here wasn't.  Second, don't say things that sound insulting.  Third, I just remembered.  I may have a TM of my own, some of the older ones that aren't registered to trainers."
Keri asked, "What do you mean not registered?"
White Blade continued, "It used to be TMs were unregistered.  They had no need for it.  A few years ago, though, a trainer in Cerulean had his house broken in to.  He specialized in Diglett training and created TM 28, Dig.  After that, it was made law to have TMs registered so only the registered trainer could use it on his pokemon."
Orion thought for a second.  "So, if Blizzard learns what she wants though the old style TM, she'll still be a wild pokemon."
"Technically yes.  That's if I have it.  I usually keep strage cleared out.  But recently, I stockpiled some TMs.  I may have a Bubblebeam TM."

Continued by Cat-Gonk

"Didn't we need to go to Cerulean to meet Darwin and Nurip?" said
Samuraichu in a strangely human voice. "And when are we going to think
of a name for this litte group? "The Pack" or "Gleaming Blades" sounds
fine to RAI?"

All the group turned amazed. Samuraichu himself seemed startled.


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Blizzard purred with delight.  "Excellent.  I won't have to deal with that other leader."
White Blade laughed.  "Heh, especially since her specialty is water.  Now, I suggest we all get some sleep.  We have quite a journey through Mount Moon the next couple days."
Draconi nearly jumped at the mention of days.  "What do you mean days?!?  I always took us a few hours!"
"I know.  But that route usually has a lot of human trainers.  And I don't know if you noticed or not, but training season is still in full swing.  We don't need trainers harassing us."  In truth, the route he took when he was human was commonly used by Team Rocket as a shortcut.  It was rarely used since it was usually worthwhile for Rocket member to ambush the regular trail.  "Also, I need to see if I can find a Moon Stone.  I need...  Um, Blizzard, if you look behind you, you'll find what you're looking for."  Blizzard turned around.  In the grass was the cute little curl that told of a Jigglypuff.

Continued by: Bandraptor

As Blizzard turned to look, the Jigglypuff's ears pricked up, alert.

"Persian..." Blizzard whispered, dropping low to the ground, and stalking
towards the balloon-like Pokémon. "You seem a bit disoriented... purr... Could
it be, that you are lost in these woods, away from your home?"
"Jiggly puff puff..." It nodded, sadly.

"Siannn.... Not to worry, though. I'll help you find your way home." Blizzard
licked her lips. The Jigglypuff stared deep into her dark blue eyes, as if in a
trance. Suddenly, the Persian was dangerously close...

"PUFF!" Jigglypuff cried, inflating itself to twice its normal size.
"Jigglypuff puff!!!!"
"PUFFFFF!!!!" Jigglypff raised an open palm, and brought it down across
Blizzards face. Then again. And again. And again, and again, and again.

Continued by M.W.F.

White Blade chuckled to himself.  He just realized that this Jigglypuff
was a trained one that had been released into the wild.  He decided not
to mention this outloud though.

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Blizzard fell over backwards, as the Jigglypuff snorted, and hopped off into
the underbrush.

"Hmm..." White Blade mused, staring after the Jigglypuff, "That didn't go
especially well, now did it? Say, Blizzard, what do you plan on doing with the
Jigglypuff, once you capture it?"

Blizzard was busily brushing down her fur, trying her best to appear
"Purr..." she mumbled, "I suppose I'll chase it around, until it pops...."
"Lofty goals..." The Clefairy sighed.

Blizzard eyed her companion carefully. "Speaking of goals... what's this about
you wanting a Moon Stone?"

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"Well...  I know most pokemon are sometimes against forced evolution, but
it's my choice.  I want to find one.  It'll increase my own strength. 
But I don't know what'll happen to me.  A lot of pokemon change when they
evolve.  Not just appearance and what not, but sometimes mentality.  When
Chamanders evolve, they tend to go from their cute, obidient way to
somewhat unruly.  And when THEY evolve into Charizards, they can get even
worse.  It takes a firm hand and a lot of patience to keep them obeying

Continued by Cat-Gonk

Samuraichu, being an evolved Pokemon, felt somewhat miffed.

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The group started along a sind winding path that lead towards the
northern slopes of Mount Moon.  "This path is extremely long, but it has
a few caves that we can camp in for a night.  There's also a pokemon
center at the half way point.  They built it in case someone takes the
long route."

Orion shivered.  "It's cold here..."

"It's is.  The Seafoam Caves is one of the common homes for the legendary
Articuno.  Up here, this is another.  Some people who happen to take this
have said they've seen it.  Heck, I've seen it once before here."  If
fact, he had almost captured it before...
"Use your Fire Spin!"  RK's Hot Head definitely had it's work cut out for
it.  The Articuno's power had already knocked out most of his pokemon. 
He had 2 left, and was was almost finished.

The tornado of flames missed the Ice Bird, who released the full fury of
the Blizzard upon RK and Hot Head.  It hurt, but it also helped the
Charizard to get VERY mad.  It unleashed a giant fire storm at the
Articuno.  RK could hear the bird almost roaring in pain.  He pulled out
an Ultra Ball and threw it into the Fire Spin.  He saw the ball drop and
shake... only to be ripped apart!  The Articuno flew off.  He looked back
to his Charizard, who looked weak.  He summoned him back and tossed out a
pokeball.  "Beakman!  Get us to a center!  Fast!"  A Fearow burst out,
grabbed RK by the shoulders, and flew off towards Pewter City.

RK looked at his Pokepedia and flipped through it.  "Hmm...  Well, it
matches what few reports there are about it.  Tht was definitely the
legendary Articuno.  And I was THAT close!"
RK snapped out of his flashback.  One second had passed in reality
though, so noone noticed.  "Anyway, if it gets extremely cold, that means
he's around."

Blizzard just smirked.  "Hmph.  Some bird isn't about to get us."

White Blade shook his head.  "You don't understand.  Articuno is
extremely strong.  Very few people have ever gotten away alive.  Of
course, those people usually try to capture it."

Samuraichu laughed!  "HAH!!  But we're pokemon!  And noone can just take
down the Pokemon Pack like that!"

"Pokemon Pack?"

"Well...  we're a pack of Pokemon, aren't we?"

White Blade chuckled.  Seems he was part of a gang.

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A strange word sounded through Samuraichu's mind, before he felt that
he was in full control of his actions. He moved his hand infront of
his face just to be sure

"That name does not fit," siad Blizzard, "there is a Human in our
little party." Orion backed away slightly, though he couldn't fully
understand her language Blizzard wasn't looking too happy now that the
Jigglypuff had escaped.

Continued by M.W.F.

"Orion?  Feh, there's always an oddball in big groups."  Orion was a bit
taken aback.  "Oh don't take it personally.  If anything, you can help us
out when needed.  After all, It's always easier for a human to order at
Brock's.  I mean, I may speak English, but they'll look at me funny."

Continued by Pipian

"It is a good thing I somehow have knowledge of Pokéspeak though."

Continued by Bandraptor

   "That's right." Blizzard swished her tail. "Of course, this human is useful,
only as a tool. Purrr...it's only natural, that a group of Pokémon would keep a
*human* as their slave."

   She let out a long yawn, and settled down in a comfy looking pile of leaves.
If Blizzard had ment these words in irony, she didn't let on; and if Orion gave
any reaction, Blizzard did not notice.

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"What was that about an Alakazam?" asked Samuraichu. "He had badges,
or something like that."

From M.W.F.'s Previous Post

"Alakazam?  Mindbender?  He was ... an old friend of mine.  He tried to
be a pokemon trainer, but from what I understand, he let loose his
pokemon and disappeared.  I remember someone saying he'd head towards
Mount Moon.

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<insert RK flashback here>

"And don't worry about any bird," boasted Samuraichu, "I'll flatten
it! Birds are weak to electricity!"

Keri the Eevee looked up at him. "But won't they be immune? If you
don't touch the ground, an electric shock can't harm you as it will
have no-where to earth itself." The former human's knowledge of
science was a bit too much for Samuraichu, who took to screaming "I
WILL MUNT IT!" in Raichu and waving his arms wildly to convey the size
of the munt.

From Bandraptor's Previous Post

  "Bwah. I don't see why everyone's after that iced over old Peacock, anyway."
Blizzard rolled her eyes.  "He's nothin' but baggage..."

Continued by M.W.F

White Blade smirked and pulled out a dark blue feather from his back
pack.  He put it near Blizzard's face, causing her whiskers to quickly
become frosted.  "That's why.  I picked up this feaher a couple months
ago, and it still retains it icy properties.  And...

From M.W.F.'s Last Post (Before the one above)

"Heh, no need for munting. (whatever that is)  Keri, electricity does not
need a ground, it needs a circuit.  A start and a finish.  It rips right
through anything in that path.  Electric Pokemon have minor psychic
abilities enough to arc an electric currect around and back into
themselves, completing the circuit.  The reason it's effective against
Flying pokemon is they have nothing to redirect the current.  With Water
pokemon, the electrically charge spreads very quickly, not giving it
anytime to resist.  Ground pokemon, though, redirect the current
completely into the earth which absorbs it.  Grass Pokemon do this also,
just not a seffectively.  Dragon pokemon...  huh?"  By this time,
everyone had fallen asleep.  Including Draconi.


White Blade knew the perfect way to awaken everyone.  He tip-toed over to
carefully picked up his tail...



They say in Pewter City, the skies flashed violently that day as what
appeared to be a sudden lightning storm ripped the sky apart.  They
thought if anyone had been at ground zero, they would all have more
likely been charred if not dead.  They were almost right.  The only one
who was fine was the source, and he had a sore tail.  "Raichu..."

A blackened White Blade coughed, a little smoke escaping from his mouth. 
"Sometimes, I forget <cough> how sensative a Raichu's tail is."

From Pipian's Previous Post

    Keri having woken up, half charred, said, "I knew that!  I was a
scientist you know!  It just came out wrong!"

    Somewhere in a dimension far, far away, a writer looks at the name of
Cat-Gonk in disgust.

    "She's a scientist!  She's not that dumb!" says the writer.

    Back in the dimension before mentioned, Orion spoke up.

    "I've been thinking, Blizzard..."


    "If White Blade doesn't have the old style TM, I might have a way of
getting one..." said Orion, hinting at his links to the Pokémon League.

From Bandraptor's Previous Post

  "Purrr...I don't suppose you have any GROUND-type TMs, do you?" Blizzard shot
Samuraichu a withering glance. "Oh, my poor fur...at this rate, I'll go bald by
my twentieth birthday..."

Continued by Cat-Gonk

Samuraichu lightly prodded Blizzard's fur, sending an electric charge
through her causing her fur to stand on end.

"Chu?" He turned his head to the air, and attempted to whistle.

From Bandraptor's Previous Post

   Keri seemed ready to comment on the process of electrolysis, and all the
reasons it didn't work, but stopped herself.

   "At any rate," the Persian continued, "there's no reason that *any* of you
should trouble youselves, by giving me your TM. This is my battle, and if I
have to defeat this Hazey girl, in order to get my Bubble Beam TM, then so be

From M.W.F's Last Post (Not the First one, the second one)

White Blade shook his head.  "First, I promised to help you.  Second,
Because you're not a trainer or a trained pokemon, she can use whatever
pokemon she wants, like Brock did.  Third, you think that Onix that toyed
with you was bad?  Wait until you get a load of her Gyarados or the
Tentacruel.  Beleive me, honey.  They are not overgrown sushi."

From Cat-Gonk's Previous Post

"Still no match for an ELECTRIC type now, are they?"

From M.W.F's Last Post

Blizzard flicked her tail.  "We shall see."

White Blade looked up at the sky.  "We better start moving.  It looks
like snow tonight.  Again.  The first cave we want to get too had
firewood stocked there by park maintenance year round.  It also leads
into some of the lower parts of Mount Moon.  Let's do it!"

From Cat-Gonk's Last post

The entrance to the cave looked dark and foreboding, but the promise
of Articuno boosted Samuraichu's courage. He stepped into the
dimly-lit caverns, the rest of the Pokemon Pack beside him.

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