[PW!] It All Comes Down To This

   The battle between Jamie and Pipian vs Tiki raged on.  Unfortunatly
Pipian and Jamie weren't gaining much gorund, the battle had continued
on, until Tiki sent out a huge wave of energy knocking the two to the
ground.  Pipian jumped up and unleashed a retaliation, which Tiki
easily dodged.
   "You can't defeat me...." Tiki saiud as his voice echoed with a
second ominous sound.
   "Maybe not but Im gonna give iot a try," Pipian said.  Pipian
charged up a blast and let it fly.... nothing happened, Pipian face-
faulted as an evil grin surfaced on Tiki's face, "Uh oh," Pipian
   Tiki unleashed a cone blast at Pipian knocking into him and sending
him flying, "HA WEAKLING!!!!" Tiki yelled, "Your powers are already
drained, and I havent even broke a sweet." Tiki opened up his palm and
pointed it toward Pipian a purple energy strain shot out, grabbed
Pipian picked him up in the air and dropped him to the ground.
   "PIPIAN!!!!" Jamie yelled.  Jamie shot out her strongest blast at
Tiki, he easily deflected it.
   "Your lost.... Simply accept defeat and I will kill you quickly."
Tiki commanded almost.
   "N..ever"  Pipian said spitting out blood.
   "Well in that case." Tiki zapped Pipian with volts of power.
   "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Pipian screamed, "Jamie get out of here, save
yourself." Pipian ordered.
   "You best do as he says." Tiki said, "This is gonna get gruesome."
Tiki charged up the finishing blow, Jamie just stood their paralyzed
not knowing what to do.  "It's been nice knowing, you were..... fun to
play with"
    Tiki shot out the final orb of purple energy at Pipian,
"NOOOOOOO!!!!!" Jamie yelled jumping in front of the blast.  It went
into her and then exploded out in a blue shockwave. The blast struck
the foundations of Tiki tatered soul.  He hit the ground the same time
Jamie did.
    Pipian was only able to slither over to Jamie he was bleeding
horribly and didnt have much time himself, "JamieJAMIE WAKE UP!!!!" It
was no use Jamie was dead...
    Tiki got up and saw Pipian bleeding over Jamie, he stood up, "Wha..
what have I done?" Tiki said the memories returning to him.
    "YOU KILLED HER YOU MONSTER!!!!!!!" Pipian yelled.
    Tiki fell to his knees half-way to Jamie, "D..dea..d?"  Tiki
couldn't beleive it, his hands came into a fist, he didnt know what to
do, he couldnt live with himself.  He charged up all his might, he was
gonna kill himself so this would never happen again.He started to glow
blue all over likie a dying Super Nova.  Then something happen there
was a flash and Tiki fainted.
    Much to Tiki's suprise he woke up... "Is is this heaven?" He asked.
    A young woman apperead, "Im afraid not, your not dead, your in a
sort of void Limbo if you will."
    "Am I dead?" Tiki asked.
    "At the moment.. but there's a reason I brought you here, there's a
lot of things thats happened that werent meant to ever occur.  Your one
of them, and because of this Jamie is still supposed to be alive. In
fact if it werent for you Jamie would have settled down with a yound
man.  But thats beside the point, Im willing to give you another
chance, sacrifice your powers and I will give Jamie back her life."
    "WHAT you can do that!?!?!"
    "Not usually but there are certain times, so are you willing to do
it?" She asked.
    "Yes of course..."
    "Now remember you wont have any powers but I cant cleanse you of
the evil within you, thats something you need to do.  You can still
become that creature but at least you wont have psychic powers."  As
the woman said this Tiki's vision became blurred, he fainted agian
hearing in his head before he left 'the choice has been made the power
of six shall be used to make one..'
    Tiki awoke , still in the blue nova, the energy instead of
destroying him surged into Jamie, filling her with breath and life.
Suddenly her eyes opened shaprly "Where am I?" She asked.
    A weird bloody smile crossed the powerless Pipian's face.  Tiki
however was too busy looking at the blue energy, it formed into six
huimanoid looking apparations, he knew who they were.  The souls of the
six people who had been put into his fabricated body that gave him his
powers. They all smiled at Tiki and then dissapered.
    Pipian was so happy, but the energies hadnt healed him, before he
could say anything he fainted due to loss of blood.  Tiki noticed "OH
MY GOD PIPIAN!!!" He raced over and pickled him up.  "Jamie can you
heal him?" Jamie jumped up.
    "I'll try she replied," she tried but nothing happened,
"Nothing..." Jamie's powers were gone as well.
    "We need to get him to a hosptial." Tiki said as he ran toward
Ceruleun Hospital.

<2 days later>
     Pipian awoke to the faces of Jamie and Tiki he smiled, "Hey you
too," he said.
     "Hi Pipian," Jamie replied.
     "Hi," Tiki said a bit embarassed being around the two people he
nearly killed.
     A nurse came in, "Pipian needs his rest you two go along now," she
said.  Jamie and Tiki left Pipian to sleep.
     "Tiki I never said this but thanx for saving my life." Jamie said.
     Tiki was astonished, "WHAT thank you, Jamie I'm the one that
killed you!" Tiki retorted.
     "I know," Jamie said touching Tiki's cheek, "But your soul beat
the darkness within you, and you were able to come back and save
me...." There was along silence, they just stood there "OH I almost
forgot," Jamie said. "Here," Jamie handed Tiki his pokeballs.
     "Thanks," Tiki said, "Foir taking care of them and all."
     "No problem," Jamie said, "Anyway what are friends for?"
     Tiki looked into Jamie's eyes... then turned and walked outside,
and sat on the steps holding his pokeballs.  What was he going to do

TBC (I dont think I broke any rules here, because nothing really
permament really happened due to Jamie's death.  I had permission to
egt rid of everyone's powers also. Well I hope you liked it Thanks for
PS (AND don't think this is the end of Tiki and the gang, we're gonna
change our group name, and goals.  And we'll hopefully better than ever
soon.  Just with no psychic powers, or omnipotent cats... at least not
for now ^_^;)

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