[PW!] A New (Non-Omni) Beginning

   The gang sat in Pipian's hostpital room, huddled together talking,
"Well since everything has been said and done concerning Mewtwo what are
we going to do now?" John asked.
   "Good question," Tiki said.
   "Well since ive been siting in a hospital bed for awhile I was
thinking of something we could do, then I thought of something," Pipian
started to say.  "Ive always wanted to be a detective, you know solve
crimes, and stuff.  So I was thinking how about we become a group of
Pokemon  Detectives. What do you guys think?" Pipian asked.
   "I.... like it." Tiki said.
   "Me too," Jamie said.
   "Ditto," Score chimed in.
   "Cool idea Pip," Jophn said.
   "Then its settled, but we need a name." TIki said.
   "How about, until we think of something better, The PODA. the POkemon
Detective Agency.  How about that?" Jamie asked.
   Once again evreyone agreed.  "Well then the first thing we need is a
place of business, and since we're here we might as well set up our
office in Ceruleun." John said.
   "But with what Im broke," Tiki said.
   "Once again Ditto," Score said.
   "Well I have a large Laramie Banl Account that I could use for a
building, rental."
   "Good, next we need to advertise," The group looks to Pipian and
   "I got a little bit of money," Pipian said.
   "Jamie?" Score asked.
   "Oh dear... I have a large bank acount that I was saving to buy a
house some day, but I suppose I could use it, we can always live at our
place of business."
   "Good deal, well ill go looking for a building to rent then Ill go
and phone the top cities papers, and take out an add."  Tiki said.
   "Im coming too." Jamie said, "Its my money, I want a say in how its
   "Fine with me, you guys chill here, unless you want to come too
John?" Tiki  asked.
   "Thats ok, here ill give you the acocunt number and ill call the
bank and tell them your on your way."  John said, handing Tiki a slip of
paper with a number on it.
   "Cool lets go Jamie." Tiki said.
   They walked off for a fun filled day of building shopping.  They went
to the bank and emptied Johns account, then they got a paper and found a
few places for rent.  After looking at four buildings they found one
they liked, with five possible bedrooms, other rooms that there pokmemon
could go into.  A large lobby type place and plenty of storage.  They
got papers drawn up and signed and payed the  first 2 months of rent.
They decided to keep some of Johns money for furniture and other
neccesaties.. they hoped business would pick up before two months
   Next they went to the newspaper, and ordered an add for every notable
city or town in the country (all places from game, but not from show).
Bye now it was dinner time, "Im starving," Jamie said.
   "Me too lets get some carry out." Tiki suggested.
   "Okay chinese food."  Jamie replied.
   They found a place with carry out and got some for everyone.  They
walked back to the hospital with food and good news, tommorow it was
time to buy furniture and move into their new home.

Continued By: Thatguyty

Score sat in an uncomfortable hospital chair fumbling with some
chop sticks. He almost had a piece of ginger beef to his mouth when his
index finger slipped and the ginger beef went flying right into Jamie's
eye. "Ow!" yelled Jamie, "Thanks a lot!"
"Uh, can I have my ginger beef back?" asked Score.
"I'll give you some ginger beef!" threatened Jamie, wielding a
chopstick and stomping toward Score.
Tiki stopped her and she sat back down, wiping teriaky sauce
from her eye. "So," said Score, "what are you each going to put in your
rooms in our headquaters?"
"Whoooaaa," said Pipian, "Headquarters. It even sounds
"I call the room with the best view!" shouted Score.
"You can't call the room with the best view!" said Tiki, "You
must be within seeing distance of the room, and you must specify the
room, not what you think of it."
"Huh?" said Score, confused, "What are you talking about?"
"It's the rules of dibs," explained John, "You can't just go
breaking the rules of dibs."
Score put down his plate and chopsticks and rose to his feet.
"Fine," he said, "I'm gonna go call my room!" He bolted out the door of
Pipian's room, down the hall and out the door of the hospital. Tiki,
Jamie, and John jumped up and followed him. Pipian yelled for them to
come back, realizing he was going to get the crappy room.
A few minutes later, Score was at the PODAHQ, holding on to a
window ledge. He had wall kicked his way to the second floor and was
trying to get the window open without falling. He threw open the window
with one big push and pulled himself in. The room was dusty, but large.
"Hmm, no," said Score, to himself.
He stepped out into the second story hall and looked down the
stairs. "Roomy." He turned around and noticed a bunch of rooms down the
hall. He ran to the end of the hall and opened the door on the right.
The room was massive, with a high ceiling and a massive green house
window. The window faced east, and Score could see the sea speard out
before him. To the north, there was a balcony that hung over a small
grove of trees. "I call this room."
After putting a piece of string around the door knob, Score
explored the room directly across the hall. The room has as big as his,
and had a green house window facing the east, where the sun was setting
over Mt. Moon. Just then, Jamie burst into the room. "I call it!" she
Tiki and John had picked their own rooms down the hall. Each
also chose a room beside his or her own for their Pokémon.
"Well, I guess Pipian gets those ones," said Score, gesturing
to the one he had entered through, and the one beside it.
After securing their rooms, the group walked back to the
hospital. As they entered Pipian's hospital room, they saw something

Continued By: Tiki


      Pipian was not in his room instead there was a note, "Have gone
to get food,"  (OKAY not really amazing but I couldnt think of anything
amazing.)  The group sat down and in about fifteen minutes Pipian came
back with some cafeteria food, he was using  a cane but hell he was
walking.  "Hey guys, I suppose I got the shit room??" He asked.
      "Yep," Score said grabbing a soggy french fry.  "now we need to
buy furniture and stuff."  he said.
      "Yes we do, but we cant spend too much, we need to buy stuff for
the business and plenty of food and living supplies." Tiki said.  "In
fact we better go buy some stuff soon.  But tommorow its too late.
Lets just sleep at the pokecenter and go shopping tommorow."
      They all agreed.  They said good night to pipian and went to the
pokecenter.  They checked in and left their pokemon to be taken care
of.  Then they went into their rooms, and got ready for sleep and
settled down to go to sleep.
      That night Tiki had another dream.  He dreamt of himself and his
friends standing and laughing.  Then Tiki's eyes turned black and he
gained a menacing smile.  He then grabed a sword and proceeded to kill
all his fellow comrades.
     Tiki woke up in a cold sweet, this must have been what that angel
person was talking about when tiki died.  He still had that monster in
him.  And he didnt know how to get rid of it.  He couldnt get back ti
sleep so he merely lay there and thought, thought about their new jobs
their old adventures, but mostly he thought about Jamie, and what hed
done to her and if shed ever forgive him.
     The next day the group went shopping.  Each person got a bed and
dresser for their room.  They got some chairs for places like the
living room.  They got waiting room chairs, and some filling cabinets.
They got one computer for the office, and two tvs.  Then they got a
phone for each room.  They went to the phone company and bought some
phone service then some cable TV.  Then they got things like
refrigerators, and other non installed things.  And they also got food
for them and their pokemon.  Plus a few large bean bags for everyones
pokemopn to share and sleep on.
     In the end they had  a mere 150 bucks left.  "We better get some
business soon." John said.  As the group stood in the lobby of HQ.

Continued By: Anonymous

"Well, I'm gonna go arrange my furniture," said Jamie. "Tell me if you solve
any cases while I'm gone."
   As she entered her room, Jamie took a moment to take in the sights.
   "Magnemite, Nidorino, go!" She tossed her two Pokéballs across the room, and
her respective Pokémon leapt out.
   Caterpie was already crawling across the wall, cooing contently.
   Jamie took a look at her jumble of furniture. "Hey, you two. Give me a hand
   Using their various abilities, Jamie's Pokémon helped her relocate the
furniture to more appropriate locations. When all was done, the trio collapsed
on the bed. Caterpie crawled up the bed and onto Jamie's shoulder.
   As Jamie cuddled her baby Pokémon, she suddenly stopped to think. "Don't
Caterpie evolve very early in their life cycle?"
   Caterpie simply stared blankly at its owner.
   "Ah, never mind. We'd better head back downstairs, so they don't leave
without us."

Continued By: Syke6888 L

Inside his room, John wondered , "Why did I buy a bed? I have a hammock
and didn't need to waste this money." Upon hearing this, all his Pokémon
leaped on the bed, claiming their spots. John sweatdropped. "Sorry guys,
but I'm getting a refund. You'll have to settle for the floor or a
blanket. John ducked to avoid a Bonemerang, but was tagged on the
rebound. "Ouch! Malice, you Marowak moron! Return!" a while later, John
was finished, and his room could be described as "early Robinson Caruso"
as Score put it.  Still, John was happy with it.

"Now, to get a refund."

One half-hour later...

"Damn salesmen. Catching a Legendary Bird is easier than striking a deal
that doesn't rip you off. Not that I ever caught a Legendary Bird, of
course." Their cash supply had jumped to an even thousand, which means
John lost 500 in the deal. "Now, all we need is a case."

"How about that phone call we got a while ago?" asked Pipian.

"Forget it, whoever was on the phone gave us too little info to even
warrent a look." replied Tiki.

Continued By: Thatguyty

*I have an overhead view pic of score's room at

Score stood in his new room. "Kickass," he muttered to himself.
He let Roo, his Kangaskhan, Spanky, his Pidgeotto, Senor, his
Ninetails, and Horny, his Rhyhorn, out of their balls and let them roam
around the room.
"Kangas, kangaskhan?" *Where am I supposed to sleep?*
"Pidgeeeeooo!" *Just a sec*
Score put a Powerman 5000 CD into his CD player. Half a dozen
speakers positioned strategicly around the room started pumping out
"When World's Collide".
"Niiiine" *Here we go again"
"Horn! Rhyhorn!" *How can he listen to this crap?*
Spanky flew back into the room with what looked like a old net.
"What do you got there Spanky?" asked Score. Spanky dropped the net,
and Score untangled it to reveal a hammock.
"Come back you stupid bird!" yelled John as he barrelled down
the hall, "Gimme back my hammock!"
Spanky grabbed the hammock from Score and flew around the room
with it. John grabbed madly at the hammock, while Spanky and the other
Pokémon laughed their asses off. Score stood back, muffling a laugh.
Five minutes later, John had recovered his hammock and had it
back in place. Score walked outside the PODAHQ and bought a paper from
a vendor. Glancing through the headlines, he noticed something about a
church fire and an ongoing investigation. He jogged up the stairs to
Tiki's room and tossed him the paper. "Whaddya think? We've got nothing
better to do."

Continued by: Tiki."

   Score ran into Tiki's room to find him finishing up his room.
   Tiki picked up the paper and read over the article, "Hmmmmm...
police are not sure how a fire started in a small town church outside
of Ceruleun.  Arsen has been acknowledged as a quite possible, although
no incediary has been found... Well we have nothing better to do lets
do it get everyone in here."
   "EVERYONE IN TIKI'S ROOM!!!!"  Score yelled.
   Everyone ran in, except for Pipian who limped in, "WHAT?!?!?!"
Pipian yelled.
   Tiki described the situation, "So do you wanna do it?" he asked.
   Everyone was cool with it, "Alright we need someone to man the
station, and I hate to say this Pipian but," Tiki started.
   "I know Im not mobile enough Ill stay here."  Pipian replied.
   "Alright then the four of us can split up, two of us can go to the
church, and the other two can go to the town and question people."
Tiki said.
   "I'll ask the townsfolk," Jamie said.
   "Me too." John chimed in.
   "Alright then its settled, Score lets do it." Tiki said, he called
in his pokemon and returned them to his pokeballs, but he left Twirl
and took Mints (Tiki had taken his extra out of the hotel in lavendar
and just left them at the HQ.)
   Tiki and Score walked out of HQ and headed toward the town about 10
miles southwest of Ceruleun, they were going a la Pidgeot and
Pidgeotto, considering it was close enough for the birds to figure out
where it was.
   The touched down in about fifteen minutes, poor John and Jamie
wouldnt be here for awhile even if they took a cab.  Score and Tiki
headed over to the Arsen site, which was crawling with cops.  They
walked up to the police line and were confronted by a duo of cops,
"Excuse me," One said, "do you have permission to be here?" they asked.
   "Uhhhh," Score started.
   "YES!" Tiki said he flipped out a small folded peice of leather as
Score face faulted, he flipped it open revealing his face and an ID he
also had a detectives lisence, "Here you go."
   The cops looked at it and nodded.  They walked in, "Tiki where did
you get that?" Score asked.
   "When we went to the post office Jamie and I bought our detective
licenses and got our ID's made, you guys need to get them." Tiki
replied smirking.
    "Whatever, anyway you check out whats left inside Ill check
outside." Score said.
    "OK," Tiki chimed back.

Continued by: Lewis 8661

Lewis had been flying on Pidgeot for about three hours now.  He looked
around.  Nothing but forest was for another mile.  Pidgeot flew faster,
and finally they were free of the forest.  "Whew!  It's good we're out
of that forest, aye Pidgeot?" Lewis asked.  Pidgeot took a deep
breathe.  "I guess you're tired.  I guess we could all use a rest.  Set
down by that Pokemon center." Lewis says.

Lewis gave his pokeballs to Nurse Joy and she said they would be back
in a few minutes.  Lewis decided to look around a little bit.  He saw a
flier for the League Championships.  He had all 8 badges, but he
decided he would maybe go to the Indigo Plateau later.  The next flier
he saw was much different.  It was an ad for a Pokemon Detective
Agency.  "Hmmm, I bet I could do some detectiving...  I could always
leave anytime I want." Lewis says to himself.  He remembered everything
that was said on it, and got his Pokeballs back from Nurse Joy.

He biked down to the location of the Detective Agency.  He put his
insta-bike back in his backpack, (A bike that compresses to a smaller
size for easy carrying), and walked inside.  There was a a sign on the
door: "Gone Detectivin'" it read.  Lewis walked inside and sat on the
floor.  He decided to wait for the detectives to come back.

Continued by: Syke6888 L

As John and Jamie traveled by Rapidash to Celadon John checked his
pocket. "Crap!"

"What is it?" asked Jamie.

"Aww, I left my wallet and Id back at headquarters. I got to go get it."

Jamie agreed to meet him with the others in Celadon. John tossed her
the horses Pokéball, then galloped back to HQ. There, he was surprised
to see a stanger sitting at the doorway. "Hey you! You're not an
Insurance Salesman, are you? Because I can't think of anyone else
stubborn enough to wait the entire time we're gone." The stranger got
up and shook his hand."

"Err, no, I'm not an Insurance Seller. I'm your new Agency member. You
can call me Lewis." John was not sure how to respond. "Geez, that was
fast for new members. I don't know, though. Tell you what, you can help
us on our current investigaton, then I'll let Tiki decide on your
status." john opened up the door and got his wallet, then traded for a
pair of Pidgeots. All the while, lewis couldn't help but notice
something different about him. "Hey, uhhm what was your name again?
You've got a Raichu up your butt."

John sweatdropped. "My name's John Laramie, and that Raichu Tail is a
part of my anatomy. If you have a problem with it, I could care less."

Lewis nodded, then the two flew to Celadon to catch up with the rest of

Continued by: Anonymous

In record time, Jamie finished the trip to the arson site, then recalled the
Rapidash to its Pokéball. As she made her way towards the police tape, one of
the officials stopped her. "Sorry, no one's allowed here without proper
   With a flick of the wrist, Jamie flashed her ID. "Will this suffice?"
   "Sorry, detective. Go right on ahead."
   Jamie entered the decrepit building and looked around, pretending to feign
   "Hey, Jamie!" yelled Tiki. "Over here!"
   She quickly ran to the location in question and greeted her fellow
   Score then asked, "Shouldn't you be questioning suspects? And where's John?"
   "John forgot his ID, so I'm waiting for him to get here."

Continued by: Lewis 8661

Lewis and John flew on Pidgeots back to Celadon.  Lewis considered what
would happen if he became a detective...
"So Pidgeot, we may be detectives!" Lewis says to Pidgeot.
"Pidge!" Pidgeot responds.
"So how did you find out about our Detective Agency anyway, Lewis?  We
only started yesterday." John asks.  "Well, I don't know who it was,
but there was a poster that was put up in a Pokemon Center on Route
14.  I assumed you guys had been on for a while and I just never heard
of you." Lewis replies.  "A poster?  That's impossible.  Since we only
started yesterday, we haven't had time to add advertise lately." John
replies.  "Then who put up the poster?" Lewis asks.  "No idea.  Some
one might've been spying on us and decided to advertise for us." John
replies.  "So what Pokemon do you have, besides Pidgeot?" John asks.
"Well, I have a Lickitung, a Graveler, a Marowak, a Staryu, an
Alakazam, and a Weedle." Lewis replies.  "Celadon's just coming up."
John reports.  "Good.  Let's land near the scene of the crime." Lewis
replies as he directs Pidgeot where to go.

Continued by: Lewis 8661

Lewis and John walked to the door of the Church.  "I'm sorry sirs, but
you're not allowed in there!" a police officer says, blocking the
door.  Lewis goes up to him and says, "Not allowed?  Me?  I'm allowed
everywhere!"  He shoves the officer out of the way while John shows him
his detective license.  Some of the police and members of the agency
looked at Lewis, confused at why he was here.  Lewis immediately went
over to some burn marks and scraped some peices of it off into a clear
vile.  "Um, John, who is he?" Jamie asks.  "Someone who claims to want
to join the new agency." John replies.  Lewis pulled out a pokedex and
began programming something into it while pointing it at the vile with
the ashes in it.  "What is he doing?" Tiki asks.  "Beats me." John
replies.  The pokedex started a, "busy" signal while Lewis repeated,
"Please not Psychic, please not psychic..."  The busy signal faded, and
a chemical composition read.  The top said, "Psychic type burst."
"Nuts.  Psychic type.  I knew it was gonna be psychic type.  I think
I've figured it out.  A Psychic Pokemon was here, and was overhearing
something here that concerned it.  In panic, it fired a psy blast at
this wall and started a fire." Lewis explains.  "Just where do you come
to that conclusion?" Tiki asks.  "The chemical composition leaves a DNA
fingerprint.  Depending on the blast, it registers to a specific type.
Risidual Psychic energy is in this ash I took.  I used my pokedex to
register it as Psychic type and found out this fire was no accident.
Something, or someone, Psychic deliberately fired at this wall to start
a fire.  The psychic energy is off the scale.  I know only three
Pokemon capable of it.  Alakazam, Mew, and to my dismay, Mewtwo." Lewis

Continued by: Tiki

   "Well this sure as heck isnt Mewtwo, this isnt his style," Tiki
   "OH how do you know that?" Lewis asked.
   Tiki threw him a nasty glare, "I DO, anyway... I agree it could have
been an alahkazam that would explain the lack of an incendiary.  But
why, and was it wild or under a humans control?"
   "I dunno," Score said, "WHy dont The new guy Jamie and John go and
ask questions around town, Tiki you and I can keep looking around the
nearby forest for clues."  Score said.
    Everyone agreed and the designayed trio walked off, toward the
small town.  "Well lets get looking," Tiki said, he walked over to a
cop, "Excuse me have you looked around the forest fro anything?" he
     "Of course," the cop started, "But we didnt find anything."
     "Hmm well lets just give it a quick go around," Tiki said to
Score.  They walked off toward the woods.
     An hour later they emerged looking unhappy, "Nothing," Score said.
     "Oh well lets go meet up with the others and see what going on."
Tiki said.
     "Alright," Score said as the walked off toward town.

Continued by: Anonymous

"All right, Lewis, come with us," said Jamie, leading the other two people out
the door and into the town. There weren't many people to question, since the
police had cleared most of them out. Jamie ran up to a nearby woman. "Excuse
me, I'm a detective, and was wondering if you could tell us anything about this
church incident..."
   "S-sorry, I d-d-don't know a thing... Excuse me..." and she quickly ran
   "What was that all about?"
   Lewis was quick to point out, "Probably your rather obvious Team Rocket
   Jamie looked down and saw the big red R on her chest. "Oh yeah. I guess I
never thought about that before."
   "If we're gonna get anything done today, you should probably change," said
   "Good idea."
A few minutes later, she returned, wearing a yellow Gap shirt and some Old Navy
cargo pants. "I feel like a billboard."
   "Oh well, at least you don't freak out any potential witnesses," said Lewis.
"Let's get started."

Continued by: Lewis 8661

With nothing much to base on, the mystery ever deepened...  The group
had decided to not further the case for a little bit, and settle into
the new Agency for awhile.  Lewis was already preparing his room in the
basement of the building.  He had already set up a computer and a room
for his Pokemon.  Lewis, being the obsessive type, was still
investigating the church mystery when Jamie walked downstairs.  "Still
working on the case?" Jamie asked.  "Yah.  I've narrowed out Mewtwo and
Mew out of suspects.  Now we have an Alakazam as our suspect.  I'm
checking local systems.  Most likely the person or Pokemon who did this
isn't local.  I'm checking local places and see if anyone checked into
the city or out of the city.  People who have Pokemon with them must
tell people when they leave town what Pokemon they're leaving with.
I've narrowed it down to two people.  Me, who has an Alakazam in the
other room, and a man suspected of being a member of Team Rocket..."
Lewis replies.  "What's this guy's info?" Jamie asks as he walks down
to take a look.  "He's been arrested twice by the officer Jenny of
Celadon for burlgary.  Not much, a few jewels here, a pokeball there.
He's been suspected of being a Team Rocket member do to his contacts
with unregistered citizens of cities.  He checked into Celadon about a
week before the fire.  And he's still here..." Lewis replies.  "I'll
tell the others.  We might have to question him." Jamie responds.
Jamie walks upstairs and Lewis goes over to his Pokemon's room.  He saw
his Weedle, focusing as hard as he could, and pointing its stinger at a
bullseye target.  "Don't worry, Weedle.  You'll be able to do it
someday." Lewis replies as he grabs his trench coat and recalls his

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