[PW!] A New Computer and the Mystery File

Meanwhile, back at PODA HQ, Pipian was just moping around, waiting for
something...  Anything...  He supposed it was OK to stay back, and he would
have to for the next few weeks until he healed.

    He wandered back into his room and looked around.

    "I suppose this needs to be fixed up," he said.

    He worked and put up his various things in his room.  He could live with
his room...  Heck, with a little work, he could make it downright spiffy!
While he worked, he wondered what had happened to Orion and Keri.  Had they
been killed?  Had they been part of a evil plan?  He thought that they
weren't.  They were too smart not to escape.  They even said so.

    After a few hours his room was all set up.  He thought it did look
pretty good.  He had noticed that there ad been an extra phone line in the
place, and one of its outlets was in his room.  He wondered if...  Hmm...
Maybe he had enough money for one...  He counted his secret reserve stash of
money he kept in his secret compartment in his backpack.  Yes!  He had
enough.  He rushed out the door as fast as a limping boy could rush.
(Which, mind you, is not too fast)

    When he returned, he had returned in a truck with a delivery man.

    "Where do you want it?" asked the delivery man.

    "Just put it inside," replied Pipian.

    After a few minutes, a few boxes were moved inside and Pipian began to
open the boxes.

    After a few more hours, it was complete.  He had a new computer hooked
up to the phone line and it was all set up.  He looked on his hard drive and
he saw a file: PORYGON.POK.  He opened it in Notepad and saw lines of text
that said:



    It continued on.  He wondered what it was.  He figured it had to do with
Pokémon, so he opened Outlook Express and sent it to Prof. Oak at
profoak@pokelabs.com asking:  What is this file that has to do with Pokémon?
He figured Prof. Oak would know.  He sent it.

Continued by: Thatguyty

Score was sitting on his bed pondering the days events. He drew
a blank. His music was cranked. Outside, a passerby heard the music. He
ran a hand through his peacock blue hair. "Gotta find that sound." That
passerby was Slake.
Slake ran towards the direction of the music. He stopped at
what seemed to be the source of the music. "P... O... D... A...," Slake
said to himself as saw the help wanted sign, "Detectives wanted."
Slake cracked open the door to the building. No one was at the
front desk at the time. He heard punk music blaring from a staircase.
He walked silently up the stairs and down the hall. He peeked into
Score's room. Score noticed him immediately and ran to stop the
intruder. Slake realized he was in trouble and turned and bolted.
Score, being the taller and more fit of the two, easily outran Slake
and scissor kicked him at the top of the stairs. Slake tumbled down the
10 or so stairs and lay in a heap at the bottom. Score called for the
rest of the PODA and soon everyone was assembled in a circle around the
stranger. Score gave him a nudge with his foot, "Hey buddy, what's the
big deal?"
"I... I..." said Slake, stumbling, "Can I have a job?"
"What's this?" asked Score, hunching over Slakes backpack. He
reached in and grabbed a CD player. Popping open the case he noticed
the Rammstein CD. "The new guy's with me."
A few minutes later, Score was showing Slake around his room.
"Where do you want to sleep tonight?" asked Score.
"I'm liking that balcony," said Slake, "I love the outdoors."
Jamie, John, Tiki, Pipian, and Lewis peaked into the room. "We
wanna talk to Slake."
Slake explained his pathetic past to the group and his desire
to get his Pokémon back from Team Rocket. Jamie twirled her hair
nervously. Slake showed them his dozens of computers and explained his
hacker connections.
Later that evening, Score and Slake took a walk to the police
station to get their detective licenses. Both enrolled in various
training courses as well. Both hated their license pictures.
It was some time before Slake and Score thought about sleeping,
as they bounced around madly to their neo punk thrash rock metal music.

Continued by Marco

Darian finally decided to abandon Lasser, knowing in his gut they would
meet again. He traveled to the place he had read about at the pokémon
center. There was music blaring from a room inside the building. The
tremendous din allowed him to ascend to the room with no trouble at all.
Standing in the open doorway, he smiled at two boys jumping on a double
bed, frantically playing air guitar. He fished a chestnut out of his herb
sack and tossed it neatly at the power button of the CD player, switching
it off. Slake and Score stop doing their air guitar and stared at the

"What do you think your doing punk?" Score dashed at Darian.

"Perrrrrrsian!" Pardus leapt onto Scores head, jumping off a second later
and landing in front of Darian. Pardus didn't hurt him, just stopped his
charge at Darian.

"That's hwo you want it huh? All right! Pokéball g..."

"Hold it right there!" Jamie peered over Darian's shoulder at the two men
prepared to release their pokémon. She glared at Darian.

"Who are you?"

"I saw your poster at the Pokémon center and I decided to come over. I have
a little mystery myself it seems."

"So you want us to solve a mystery for you?"

"Well, yes and no. I was wondering if I could join. I haven't been in a
detective agency for a while. And I'm always willing to learn. What do you

Continued by: Syke6888 L

"Well, I say two things: Score, turn down your music, and you, welcome
to the Pokémon Detective Agency. We're always open to new members." All
turned in the direction of the voice. John entered the room and shook
Darian's hand. "Welcome, Mr..."

"Darian." The newcomer replied. Unforunately, all PODA had left was the
couch in the main room. "Sorry about this, we didn't expect this many
new recruits. I'll see if I can get one of those couch bed combinations

"No problem, uhh, Raichu Boy?"

John sweatdropped. "My name is John, and don't bother me about my tail,
its a pain in the butt (no pun intended)." JOhn headed back to his room
as Darian got to know the other members of PODA. With Score's music off,
he quickly drifted into sleep, and dreams of a certain female..

Continued by: Thatguyty

Score ran a hand through his hair. "Hey, how come my room's so
popular?". Slake eyed Darian. Apparently he wasn't the new guy anymore.
Slake had always found it hard to make friends, and he had just become
comfortable with Score. Suddenly he had all these new people to make
friends with. He glanced Scores alarm clock. 2:00am. Whoa.
Score rolled off his bed and opened a cabinet on his bed. He
tossed Darian a coke. "Whoa," said Darian, "This place is more like a
party house than a place of business."
"And that's just how I like it," laughed Score, as he saw his
Pokémon sitting around the TV he had in the corner. They were watching
"Up past your bedtime"; laughing like madmen at the hosts half assed
jokes. With all the people and Pokémon in the room, it was getting
pretty hot. Not something Score enjoyed. "Alright," said Score, "Let's
get this party started! Woooo!"
After a few minutes, Score had somehow turned the PODAHQ into a
mad house. He tore through the building, waking everyone up and getting
the Pokémon riled up. After another few minutes, Score found himself
duct taped to his bed. "G'night Score!" said Slake with a laugh as he
stepped out on to the balcony of Score's room and layed down in his
lounge chair.

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