[PW!] More Mystery

    Tiki woke up, in his new room, thinking of the new people joining
their group.  He got up, it was early, onle like 4:30 am.  He couldn't
get back to sleep so he decided to work.  He got out his labtop and
opened it up, he walked down to their kitchen and brewed up a cup of
coffee.  He poured himself a cup and sat down at a table with his
computer.  He couldn't think of anything that could help him with their
case.  So he decided to do something a little illegal, he was going to
try and hack into the police departments records to see if he could
find anything they were withholding from them.  He took out a CD amd
put it into his drive, it would keep them from tracing his singal.  He
double clicked on something and began typing....

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