[PW!] Moon Rocket Spotlights

               "What's going on?" Rigel looked around and saw many rockets
showing their faces with pokeballs in their hands, ready to capture the unaware
intruders. All around the vacinity of the cave, more pokemon trainers and some
pokemon started creeping out of the cracks, holes, and tunnels like ants
invading a picnic.
               "Team Rocket is going on. . Prepare your pokemon. . " With much
confidence, Neo and Rigel sent out all of them and began to duke it out. It
appeared to be a one sidded battle since Team Rocket had Vileplume, Golem,
Dodrio, Arcanine, Golduck, Magneton....
               The list goes on, but there was a Sandslash and an Arbok staying
back, they appeared to belong to some kind of Team Rocket leader. Plus, Neo and
Rigel had to guard the lifeless Derrick and his pokemon behind them.
               Suddenly, rocks gave away from above and there was a shout of,
*CLEFAAAIIIIRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.* The shout got the attention of
the rockets.
               *Looks like we have no choice but to fight!* another figure
showed up on the scene, then more and more plopped out of the sky. Most of them
appeared to be pokemon themselves, and many were strange and unusual colors.
               "We'll deal with you later," the TR Golduck blew Neo and Rigel's
pokemon away with ease. TR Arcanine jumped onto the two and kept his paws on
them, holding them down. "Let's catch some rare and elusive pokemon!"
               *Uh oh.* the Raichu said. The Celfairy was already fainted from
the fall. A dragon-like pokemon and a Persian also showed up on the scene.
               *No backing up now.* the dragon was ready to fight.
               *Now, who'll go first?*
               "Orion!" Once again, everyone looked around to see where the
shout came from. There was a figure of a man about to fall of the edge. The
only thing holding him was a girl who herself, was about to tumble off.
               *Keri!* the Raichu looked up and just then, one of the rockets
swiped at him with a rubber net. *Get me outta here!* The TR Vileplume started
spraying a combination of stun spores and sleep powders into the air and soon,
both Keri and Orion's muscles tightened and they tumbled to the ground.
               *NOOOO!* The Persian glared at Vileplume and started slashing at
it. this pokemon however, seemed to be much quicker than the average Vileplume.
It slammed into the Persian and it tumbled to the ground. Now, only the dragon
remains. Being held down, all Neo and Rigel could do was watch.

-=Very Close By=-

                 A sudden turn of the corner revealed several Rockets (Derman
thought these Rocket guys were getting REALLY annoying) surrounding an even
raggeder looking bunch, including a guy that looked unconsious.  All made ready
their weapons, although Dernam doubted they would need them, and got Pokéballs
ready.  Luke with Trooper, Splash with Mr. Mime, and Dernam had Scyther.
Apparently the Rockets were oblivious to them, although one of the surrounded,
a girl, had eyes as wide as saucers.
               "It's go-time......" he said to himself. With that, Dernam,
Luke, and Splash jumped out of hiding and made their pokemon jump in, thinking
it would be an easy win. They were wrong.
               "More people?!" Rigel and Neo shouted out on accident. Team
Rocket turned around and there, they saw pokemon charging right at them. With
fast reactions, the TR Golem came crashing into Scyther and the black Arcanine.
Dodrio started chasing around Mr. Mime. Magneton flung itself into the air and
sent thunderbolts flying towards Dernam's Gyarados. "Sigh, we're doomed in the
hands of Team Rocket." The TR Arcanine blew fire into Rigel and Neo's faces.
The two screamed in pain for a while, then fainted.
               Luke was about to recall his pokemon, but suddenly, a crazed man
ran by and knocked over a TR girl who appeared to be the leader of the pack.
She got up and gawked at him for some reason. Five seconds later, she, the
Sandslash, and the Arbok ran after the man. The dragon creature also decided to
join in the pursue.

-=We'll Be Back After These Messages=-

Trainer: "Dangit, I lost against the Elite Four again! If only my hands weren't
so cracked and peeling."
Announcer: "Do YOU have rough, dry hands?"
(Trainer nods)
"Then try new Eeveelotion.  Created from a special extract of the sheddings of
our specially bred Eevees and Eeveelutions.  For silky smooth hands in even the
toughest battles. Now in Original scent, Jigglypuff Strawberry, Caterpie Green
Apple, Tentacool Blueberry and NEW Flareon Jalapeńo!"
Trainer: "Wow, I won! thanks to Eeveelotion!"
(Trainer smiles while holding up bottle)
(Not tested on Pokémon.  Void where prohibited, prohibited where  unlawful and
unlawful where illegal.  Saffron, Celadon and Vermilion add 6% sales tax.
Lotion does not move by itself.  Doll does not move by itself.  Dittos do move
by themselves.  Objects on TV may be smaller than they appear.)

This is the Pokewars Shopping Network!
::A lady walks onto the stage with items up on the walls::
"Welcome, for any of these amazing pokewars items, call 1-800-POKE-CRAP."
::She walks over to the left end::
"Our first item is a Clickety pen signed by Saber of ATR." Retail price: $250.
"Next, we have a special edition foon signed by Agent 0007." Retail price:
"Here is Sirius's TCG Collection." Retail price: $150.
"This is the Holy Libel signed by the writer, Cat-Gonk." Retail price: $200.
"Now, we have the well known paper bag of Simon Locke." Retail price $400.
"This is Derrick's newest creation, designed to turn any pokemon in a
delightful mood. Observe as I give this pill to this Voltorb."
::She gives the pill to Voltorb. It goes crazy and explodes::
". . . . . . ."
::Price gets slash from $300 to $3::
"ugghhh." She hauls a gigantic book on the table.
"This here is Icy's autobiography signed by himself."
"It is called 'My Path to Sucess.'" Retail price: $50
::She hauls on two books which are a great deal smaller::
"This is Icy's two-book biography written and signed by Marcus Yu."
"They are called 'The Egotistical Maniac' and 'Identity Crisis.'" Retail price:
"Call now and we'll throw in this."
::She picks up a VERY small pamphlet::
"Raven's very own, self-written 'Guide to Laziness.'"

::Lots of laughter is heard and the audience is shown::
::One Magnemite holding a camera goes by::
::There is a Gengar sitting with them laughing and making
cracks about the news and other such::
"So then Lenny says, 'As if, don't go there sister!'"
::Laughter in the audience continues::
"Mike the Gengar, tonight at eleven."

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-=And Now, Back To Our Show=-

               "There is no hope for us," Splash looked down to the ground as
all his pokemon were being defeated at the hands of Team Rocket. Dernam and
Luke too were near giving up. Admiting defeat, they recalled their badly
bruised pokemon and Team Rocket handcuffed the trio.
               "See what you get?" One TR member spit snot from the back of his
mouth into Dernam's face. The other punched Splash in the stomache. Luke was
kicked to the ground. "WALK." One Team Rocket member led the way deeper into
the caves while the other stayed behind them incase they tried anything funny.
               "Ughhh.." Two of them hauled the bodies of the colorful pokemon.
One big girl dragged Neo, Rigel, Keri, and Orion's bodies behind her.
               "Hey, what about this guy?" The last TR man kicked Derrick's
lifeless body.
               "I checked his pulse, he's a dead man. I already took his
pokemon so dispose of him."
               "Gladly," the man grinned wryly. He picked up Derrick, and
walked a bit. he paused, then looked around. No one was watching. "I can't do
this." Instead of mutilating Derrick's body, he dumped the carcass into the
water. "So long!" Derrick was carried off with the drift, going in and out of

Continued By: M.W.F.

The hooded figure tried giving a little water to the Clefairy.  The water
seemed to wake it up this time.  "Ah, you're awake little one."
White Blade held his head.  "Yeah, I'm awake."
"Interesting, you speak the language of humans.  I haven't met a Clefairy
that could do that."
"Well I'm not your ordinary Clefairy."
"I gathered."  The hooded figure brought a plate of food.  nothing fancy,
just some mushrooms that Paras had planted in the past.  White Blade took
one and ate it.  Good, as he expected.  And Paras mushrooms were rich...
"...rich in nutrients.  Should help you get your strength back."
"Wow, it's like you read my mind."
"No, it's just something I learned from my last master.  He was good with

White Blade looked around.  The place was a little homely.  A couple
things set up for use and a couple cots.  The figure stood up and walked
off.  "Rest here.  I'll be back."  With that, he walked off.

Almost after he left, a group of Rockets came in.  They saw the Clefairy,
who passed back out, and grabbed him with a net.  A short while later,
Mindbender came back.  When he saw White Blade was missing and heard the
voices leaving, he set out in pursuit.

From Tree Spirit's Previous Post:

-=Inside An Enclosed Cavern=-

               Neo and Rigel woke up at the same time. Their faces were burnt.
They looked around and saw five pokemon trainers and some pokemon trapped in a
cage on the far corner. "You're awake finally!" one guy spoke.
               "If you didn't notice *sigh* we were captured by Team Rocket,"
one girl muttered to herself. They look around and discover there are NO exits.
"What's your name?"
               ". . . .I'm Rigel. He's Neo."
               "Hi Rigel and Neo. I'm Splash, he is Dernam, that guy is Luke."
The two in the back speak.
               "I'm Orion and she is Keri."
               "Hi," Keri spoke. The two were obviously badly wounded. Dernam
points to the weird colored pokemon in the cage.
               "And that Raichu is Samuraichu. The Persian is Blizzard.
Clefairy is White Blade. The other guy, Draconi went chasing after someone."
              "We need to find a way out," Luke spoke.
              *We can't, the cage is super enforced!* argued White Blade.
              *You can't leave us here!* added Blizzard.
              "Plus, we can't walk very fast, let alone climb with our sore
legs." Keri pointed to the small opening in the ceiling.
              *And, they took our pokemon,* Samuraichu sighed.
              "I get the picture," Luke grumbled.
              Neo layed down to sleep. "There is no plan, we wait for help."
              "Whatabout the other guy with you?"
              "Derrick is dead."
              ". . . . . . "
              "There are probably only two that can help. Draconi, and that
wacko that ran by durring the fight."
              "So we wait. . . . " Keri layed back to rest as well.

From M.W.F's Last post

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!"  Two TR members had Draconi under ropes. 
The fight with the Arbok had been fun, but this was annoying.  One of the
Rockets sent out a Vileplume to put him to sleep.  He had it.  He
inhaled, and ripped out a humongous ball of fire, charring the Vileplume
and the Rockets and burning the ropes too.

He sniffed the air.  He could smell the ozone left behind from
Samuraichu's fighting.  Didn't help.  Then he noticed Blizzard's scent. 
For some reason, she always smelled like a weak perfume.  He followed.
White Blade concentrated.  He was getting tired very quickly.  This would
be his last try.  He belched out a Fire Blast, nearly singing Orion next
to him.
"$#Q%@# it all to %@#$%!  I can't do it anymore.  I'm too weak..."  With
that, he quickly passed out.  Nothing anyone had tried was working.  The
little room they were in was unnattended, so if they were to try
anything, now would be the time.
Mindbender found what he was looking for.  The Clefairy was in there.  He
was trying to open the door, somehow.  "Looks like I'll have to use brute
<That's my area of specialty.>  Mindbender turned around to meet a 10
foot tall Dragonite.  <Just stand back.>  Mindbender knew it was Draconi.
<Good to see you too, Mindbender.  Now we've got to get in there and
rescue my friends.>  Draconi brought his tail up and down on the door,
which caved in pitifully.
"I see you haven't lost your touch."
White Blade regained conciousness.  He wanted out.  He tried thinking of
something, anything.  He didn't need to.
The door to the room burst in and slammed right against his cage.  In
walked Draconi and the hooded figure.  He could see him clearly now and
recognized him as Mindbender.
Draconi lifted his tail and brought it down on White Blade cage. 
"Draconi, the cages are reinforced!  You gotta try something else!"
Mindbender stepped into the center of the room.  He shimmered for a breif
moment.  "Draconi, pull them apart wth me."  Draconi didn't understand,
but he complied.  The bars just ripped open like twigs.  "A little
Strength works wonders."
About a half hour later, everyone was free.  The Rockets (foolishly) left
the weapons the found and the pokeballs in the same room with them. 
Mindbender gave White Blade back his katana.  Everyone seemed set...
They sneaked out, assuming that the Rockets were dumb enough not to post
guards.  So far, they seemed right.  White Blade whispered to Mindbender,
"Any chance I can find a Moon Stone around here?"
Mindbender blinked.  Why this critter was asking for one, he didn't
understand.  He had one in his pocket though.  He pulled one out and gave
it to him.
"Thanks.  This'll be useful later.  Are you coming with us?"
"No, I'm heading back to my place.  I want to live here in peace."
"Alright then, we won't keep you.  Good bye, friend."
"Good bye, RK."  He vanished.  Orion asked quizzically, "RK?"
White Blade simply said, "I'll tell you later."

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