[PW!] Rockets of the Stars and Moon

-=Within A Cavern Somewhere=-

               *Draconi, the cages are reinforced!  You gotta try something
Mindbender stepped into the center of the room.  He shimmered for a brief
               *Draconi, pull them apart wth me.*  Draconi didn't understand,
but he complied. The bars just ripped open like twigs.  *A little Strength
works wonders.*
               About a half hour later, everyone was free. The Rockets
(foolishly) left
the weapons they found and the pokeballs in the same room with them. Mindbender
gave White Blade back his katana.  Everyone seemed set...

               They sneaked out, assuming that the Rockets were dumb enough not
to post  guards.  So far, they seemed right.  White Blade whispered to
Mindbender,  *Any chance I can find a Moon Stone around here?* Mindbender
blinked.  Why this critter was asking for one, he didn't  understand.  He had
one in his pocket though.  He pulled one out and gave  it to him. *Thanks.
This'll be useful later.  Are you coming with us?*
               *No, I'm heading back to my place.  I want to live here in
               *Alright then, we won't keep you.  Good bye, friend.*
               *Good bye, RK.*  He vanished.
               Orion asked quizzically, "RK?"
               White Blade simply said, *I'll tell you later.* The group walked
down the corridor and came to a fork in the tunnel. Going straight forward was
pitch black. Going left was a lamp resting on the table and beside the table, a
TR Arcanine rested it's eyes like a lazy puppy. They stopped in their tracks.
               "Which way?" Luke asked nervously.
               "We go down the dark way and take our chances without a lamp,"
Splash suggested. The others agreed. They knew just how powerful these members
of Team Rocket were. They wanted to take no chances at being omni.
               "I just want to get out of this hell hole," Keri said. So,
everyone crept quietly across the corridor without making a sound. First Keri
and Orion made it through, followed by Dernam, Splash, and Luke. Samuraichu and
Blizzard went next. White Blade went next with Draconi, Rigel, and Neo. Just as
he passed, Draconi accidentaly knocked over a loose rock on the walls. It made
a thud-like sound and Arcanine's eyes widened.
               No one noticed as he crept up slowly, no one. Suddenly, he
started charging forward and and leaped. At the last second, Rigel turned her
head and saw an orange blur dashing forward. "LOOK OUT!" She shoved Neo out of
the way and Arcanine rammed into her and the rock wall. You could hear the thud
very loudly.
               "RIGEL!" Neo sent out all his pokemon and Draconi turned to
fight. Neo's Cloyster clamped onto the phased Arcanine while ther others
tackled him like crazy. "KILL KILL!" Neo was going crazy.
               *I guess he doesn't need my help,* Draconi sighed. *O well.* He
slammed his body into the near-dead Arcanine and it dragged to the other side.
Neo returned Cloyster and the others and ran towards Rigel.
               "Rigel, wake up!" Neo shook her furiously. She made no sound.
               *Is she dead?* Blizzard asked.
               *No, just fainted,* White Blade checked. *But I think she has
some cracked bones.*
               "Which means that she has to be taken to the pokemon center
outside of Mount Moon." Neo picked up Rigel. "You need to get her out of here,"
Keri said. Neo nodded slowly.
               Dernam walked over to pick up the lantern that lit up the room
with an ungodly glow. "This should help us." Dernam led the way through the
dark hallways with Blizzard and Samuraichu close behind incase anyother rockets
showed up on the scene. Draconi and White Blade guarded the back. Neo walked in
the middle of the wandering party with Rigel in his arms.

---Half an Hour Later---

               It was pitch black in the cave now. The group of people and
pokemon were tiring out. Orion and Keri, who were behind Neo and Rigel looked
back. With his eyes slightly closed and looking to his feet, Neo wandered off
the wrong corridor. It was until he realized he couldn't see his feet at all,
that he was lost. Neo turned behind him with Rigel in his arms, who was very
much weighing him down. He didn't see anyone nor anything in front of his face.
               "Guys?" No reply. Neo could sense that creatures in the night
black were watching him and he slagged on faster. It was getting brighter,
slightly, and Neo's eyes ached as he saw the moonlight. He was finally outside
and saw the pokemon center ahead.
               Neo sighed, "The moonlit sky never looked this beautiful." It's
shadows of white glows emanated throughout the valley. The trees of the valley
reflected it as if it were the face and they were the mirror. Those trees
certainly seemed to greet Neo as he walked closer to the pokecenter. He had no
plans of turning back. Though he expected to never see Derrick again, Neo
strided on for the sake of Rigel. Her bones felt as brittle as sand under his
               "Rigel, you're safe now." The autumn wind felt good under all
his sweat from traveling in circles throughout the great mountain. "The most
beautiful night of Mount Moon must be today. And I am the only one who sees
it." Neo opened the door to the pokemon center and walked in slowly.

-=We'll Be Back After These Messages=-

This is the Pokewars Shoping Network!
::A lady walks onto the stahe with items on the walls::
"Welcome, for any of these amazing pokewars items, call 1-800-POKE-CRAP."
::She walks to the left end::
"Our first item is a clickety pen signed by Saber of ATR." Retail Price: $250
"Next, we have a special edition foon sighed by Agent 007." Retail Price: $200
"Here is Sirius's TCG Collection." Retail Price: $150
"This is the Holy Libel signed by the writer, Cat-Gonk." Retail Price: $200
"Now we have Simon Locke's well known paper back." Retail Price: $400
"This is Derrick's newest creation, designed to turn any pokemon in a
delightful mood. Observe as I give this pill to Pikachu."
::She gives the pill to Pikachu and waits. Pikachu starts getting horny and
attempts to hump the other Pikachu on the table::
". . . . . . "
::Price goes up from $300  to $1,000::
"ugghhh." She hauls a gigantic book on the table.
"This is Icy's autobiography signed by himself."
"It is called: My Path to Sucess." Retail Price: $50
::she hauls on two more books which are a great deal smaller::
"This is Icy's two-book biography written and signed by Marcus Yu."
"They are called: The Egotistical Maniac, and: Identity Crisis." Retail Price:
"Call now and we'll throw in this."
::She picks up a very small pamphlet::
"Raven's very own, self written, Guide to Laziness."

::Lots of laughter is heard and the audience is shown::
::One Magnemite holding a camera boes by::
::There is a Gengar sitting with them making cracks about the news and other
"So then Lenny says, 'As if, don't go there sister!'"
::Laughter continues::
"Mike the Gengar, tonight at eleven."

::Destroyed buildings appear::
"ATR needs your help more than ever."
"Call 1-800-ATR-HELP."
"Donate money we so desperately need."
::Close up on the cute, pitiful girl in ragged clothing::
"Or call 1-800-ATR-JOIN."
"Learn how you can become a member yourself."
::Raven, James, Saber, and Gohan are shown::

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-=And Now, Back To The Show=-
-=Within A Cavern Somewhere=-

               ". .K . .e. .e. . p. . .  g. . o. . i. . n . g." Derrick was
getting tired. For some reason, he still listened to the voice of the
mysterious instructor, though he had passed by the entrance to the cave
               "Why? Why? Why?" Derrick was getting hysterical. The ghost or
whatever it was remained silent as if it knew he would anyway. the question was
why did Derrick chose to? Why did he bring himself through this pain? Then he
remembered his pokemon. "I need them." Then he thought to himself a very
pestering an awaring fact. What if neither Neo, Rigel, nor his pokemon were
               "N. . .o . . . . .  g. . .o . ." Derrick had no choice but to
listen to the nothingness following him. It was as if it were his conscious
guiding him to safety from the falling rocks.
                'I'll keep going until I reach that place that I've been
looking for,' Derrick thought to himself. 'I wonder what I'm looking for. . . "

-=Within A Cavern Somewhere=-

               Orion turned his head back to see something bad. "Where are Neo
and Rigel?" Everyone stared at the empty center.
               *You were supposed to be watching!* White Blade complained.
               "What now?" Keri sighed.
               Dernam was about to speak, "We should loo. . "
               "We keep going," Luke said. "There is no time to search, we need
to find the exit."
               *There ARE other trainers in here, hopefully,* Samuraichu
               "It's night as you can tell by the darkness," Splash stated.
"We'd never find them."
               *Right,* Blizzard agreed. *Let us have a moment of silence for
them.* They remained silent for the two, then moved on. Dernam moved on with
the lamp. Suddenly, something went by fast and the lamp went out.
               "Shoot!" Everything darkened quickly and a commotion was heard.
Draconi shouted, there was a beam-like noise, then the rolling of what sounded
like a great, round rock. When Dernam re-lit the lamp, Orion swiped the lamp
from him.
              "We don't need an act of clumsiness like that again." The two
glared at each other, then heard a gasp. "What, White Blade?"
              *Draconi is.  .gone?!*
              "What?" Everyone shouted at once and looked back. The towering
Dragonite that was once behind them was there no longer. Everyone ran fast
along the corridor searching for an answer.

-=Within A Cavern Somewhere=-

              The voices seemed to be gone now. Derrick stopped dead in his
tracks to see Team Rocket in an opening. They were standing there with a
gigantic pokeball by their side which apparantly, was still shaking. To the
other side, there were cages with Derrick's pokemon. Beside the cages were
locked suitcases. One leading rocket member had a suitcase in his hand and was
preparing to trade it off for cash.
              "You have the TM's?" the other man asked.
              "Right in here, but first we have to deal with an intruder." One
Team Rocket member put his hand on his head for some reason and shook it. He
then directly looked at where Derrick was, saying nothing. Derrick froze.
              The were very mean pokemon there too: Golduck, Magneton, Golem,
Dodrio, and Vileplume.  All Rocket members walked over to the other corner of
the room to another rocket who was tied up. "Tell us what you know!" They
whipped him. "You ATR scum!" The man kept shouting out that he wasn't an ATR
member. Magneton hovered above him and started shocking him.
              "Tell us where the other TM's are!"
              "I. . . don't. . . .have . . them. . "
              "Then why are half missing?" Magneton continued to shock him.
              "AAAAUUUIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGHHH! I. . .a.  .not. . .A. .T. .R. . "
              "LIAR!" Magneton shocked him once again and Dodrio started
pecking at his flesh. he could barely speak.
               "I. . . . only. . . .stole. . . one. . .suit.  ..case. . . . I.
. . needed. . .them . . .  . . ." The boss nodded to his Golduck, who's eyes
began to glow. The man started screaming with his head in pain, then, his head
went to the side. He was dead.
               "See what you get?" the Kingpin turned to the rockets. For only
having HALF the TM's I wanted, you will get half of your money. The Kingpin
looked like a big, important man in the crime business and the other rockets
nodded in agreement. Suddenly, Orion ran into the room with the others behind
him. He stopped and everyone tripped over each other. Golduck levitated the
bunch into the air and Derrick gasped.
               The rocket that saw Derrick stripped off his uniform to reveal
the letters: ATR. He grabbed onto the Kingpin and held a gun to his head. "Let
them go or I'll shot him!"
               "Do as he says you fools!" The Kingpin shouted. The other
rockets lowered their guns, but Golem leaped into the air, crashing down,
causing an earthquake. The ATR lost balance and fell over. Everyone pointed
their guns to the ATR man, but Derrick leaned forward too far and fell over.
Just before he hit the ground however, Derrick was levitated for some reason.
                An idea rushed into Derrick's head. "I am a powerful psychic
trainer!" he shouted. One TR man ran to him, but they were forced back. Some
strange power was at work here. They fired at him with all their bullets, but
they were blocked somehow. Derrick felt the presense of the same thing that
gave him directions earlier. "Leave!"
               "Let's get outta here!" All the TR members shouted as they ran
away with their pokemon.
               "That was fun." Derrick landed swiftly on the ground.
               "Are you really a psychic?" Dernam asked.
               "No." Everyone laughed, but out of the distance, Dodrio came
back and flung himself at the group. In the nick of time, Derrick and Splash
jumped out of the way. Soon, Golem, Vileplume, Golduck, and Magneton appeared
on the scene.
              *These guys don't know when to quit,* White Blade muttered.
Vilplume immediately shot out a chunk of acid, but Luke ducked and the acid
melted away the cages which trapped Derrick's pokemon. The gigantic pokeball
was still shaking.
               *That's gotta be Draconi!* Samuraichu made a run for the
pokeball, but Magneton glid in the way. The two then, started to fight my
continuously hitting each other with thunderbolts. Derrick ran to his pokemon
who were in a deep sleep. Suddenly, Vileplume rammed himself into Derrick,
waking up the other pokemon.
               The humans already had all their pokemon out, ready for a
showdown. White Blade ran up to Samuraichu to help by using Metronome, with
luck he began using thunderbolt as well. Blizzard and Dodrio were having a one
on one fight and Blizzard had no time to send out a pokemon, since this Dodrio
was supperfast.
               The humans' pokemon began duking it out with Golem and Golduck.
Though they had many pokemon, Golem and Golduck were at extreme levels. The TR
pokemon were on the defensive side. Golem made earthquakes to make everyone
lose balance while Golduck forced all the pokemon back. The heated battle
became hotter and hotter.
               White Blade jumped onto Magneton and kept on shocking him. "Go!
Free Draconi!" Samuraichu nodded and climbed ontop of the gigantic pokeball.
And kept stomping on the button to make it open. This was VERY hard work
considering the fact that he kept losing balance to Golem's earthquakes.
               Vilplume had Derrick and his pokemon back up to the corner and
started shooting acid. At a very high level, this really stung. Then, Vileplume
shot out his sleep powder/poison powder/stun spore combo. Gloom walked in front
of Derrick and inhaled the gases. *Impossible!* Vileplume screeched!
               *Nothing is impossible!* Weepinbell shouted back and shot some
of his powerful acid into Gloom's mouth. Gloom then swished it around with the
gases for a second and barfed it out all over Vileplume. Vileplume ran around
back and forth as the acids melted away into his face and finally, he fell to
the ground, faceless. The Team Rocket members watched in horror from a dark
               *Ugghhhh!* White Blade was running out of power. The Magneton
was defeating him.
               *Metronome!* Samuraichu shouted from above.
               *Oh yeah!* White Blade used Metronome and out came a rock slide
from above, smashing the Magneton. *Alright! This battle is looking up!* White
Blade climbed on top of the giant pokeball with Samuraichu and they stomped on
the button at the same time. The ball opened and out came Draconi.

Continued By M.W.F:

[NS:  Draconi has a special devioce implanted in her ear that prevents
him from being captured.  I'll let it slide this time though.]

The Dragonite was in a rage.  Literally.  His tail slammed around,
knocking holes in the caverns walls, destroying anytihgn it touched.  He
was pissed.


And he wanted vengence.


Any Team Rocket member left was his first focus.  They were slammed into
the wall, violently.

"RUN!!!"  This wasn't from any Rockets though.  It was from White Blade. 
He ran, and everyone knew it would be a good idea to follow him if he was
running.  Draconi, having dispensed with the TR members and their
pokemon, focused on the next nearest target, which happened to be White
Blade.  Rage engulfed him as he unleashed a Fire Blast, nearly scorching

White Blade knew there was only one chance, and that was a pressure
point.  The base of a Dragonite's tail can induce sleep, but it's
difficult to get to in a rage.  "Samuraichu, keep him distracted!  You
should be fast enough to avoid him!"

"RAI?!?  Raichu rai rai CHU!"  <WHAT?!  You got to be JOKING!>
"I'm not, you gotta or this will get worse!  Trust me I know!"  I'd
insert a flashback scene, but time is of the essence!

Samuraichu jumped in front of the enraged Dragoneite, lifted his tailed,
and...  shook his backside at him.  Needless to say, that got Draconi's

White Blade jumped on the tail and climbed on it.  He was almost there
when Draconi turned around and noticed him.  He slapped his tail on the
eground, throwing White Blade against the wall, knocking him out. 
"RAICHU!..."  <WHITE BLADE!!  ...  Damn it!!  Time for the old fashioned
way!>  Samuraichu powered up a thunderbolt, which hurt Draconi and served
to piss him off more.  Blizzard readied her claws and leapt to the
attack.  It hurt more, pissing him off more.  Blizzard was nimble enough
to avoid the attacks and Samuraichu was quick enough.

White Blade was awake...barely.  He saw the attack on Draconi and knew he
had to do somethign.  Anything.  Sorely, he reached back in his pack.

Draconi finally was able to grab Blizzard and had the intention of
choking her.  Suddenly, a sweet voice echoed across the cavern...  "cle
FAAAAAAY bul cle fay CLE fay bul..."  Draconi swooned for a bit and fell
down, asleep.  Blizzard passed out form the song too.  As did everyone
else.  Everyone except Keri.

White Blade walked over to Draconi and checked him.  His now large wings
seemed to flutter happily as he pronounced, "Everything will be OK now." 
Keri almost didn't recognize the Clefable if it weren't for the blade on
his back.

Continued By Bandraptor:

> 6 was in a bad situation.  He'd been sleeping in Dernam's backpack for
>some time now, but he was now getting squashed.  It was.....an
>unpleasant feeling.  6 edged out, slowly, slowly, and finally made his
>way out of Dernam's backpack, which he had fallen on when he went to
>sleep.  6 took consolation in the shiny, shiny thing he had gotten out
>of the pack, a grey and blue, swirly, glimmery, shiny thing that felt
>sparky and weird when he touched it.
> Now he looked around.  Had he been sleeping all this time in the warm,
>fuzzy innards of the pack?  No, he'd waken up when the Onix's came, but
>he had fallen asleep again.  Now he was surrounded by weird sleeping
>people, plus several Pokémon.  Maybe some shiny things here?
> 6 went about, plucking jewelry and wallets, just for fun.  Then he saw
>a Clefable carrying a sword....a shiny sword!  6 bolted at the befuddled
>Clefable and tackled him over, landing on his chest.
> "Urk, offa me!" White Blade sputtered, pushing 6 off.  "What do you
> <"Look at my shiny, it's shinyshinyshiny!">  6 continues to bounce
>around Dernam's weird Moon Stone, showing off it's shiny blue and grey
> "Huh?  What's that for?  He have a Clefairy?"
> <"Nope, nope, he has a Nidorino, gonna make Nidoking, then I'll have a
>new friend to share shiny things with, because he'll be a new friend,
>and I can share shiny things with him!">  6 is much to young to be taken
>seriously, if you haven't guessed.  <"I hope he's big and strong, make
>bad guys scared.">
> "I'm sure he will be, now return the Stone and let's wake everyone up."
> <"OK!">  6 bats the Moon Stone into the pack, then jumps on Dernam's
>face.  <"Wakeupwakeupwakeupwakeup!">  White Blade grumbles to himself
>and proceeds to shake people in an attempt to revive them after the
>singing stunt.

6 ran a full circle around the Clefable, pausing briefly in front of Splash
and Luke, to kick them, and cry "Bui! Bui!" <Wake up! Up!> Getting no immediate
response, he abandoned them, in search of easier targets. Was that...yes, it
was! Another Eevee! <Wakeupwakeupwakeupwakeupwakeup!> he cried in Eevee,
rushing towards Keri. When this yielded no response, he plowed into her with
his Take Down attack! <UP!>

Keri blinked twice, baffled to have been awoken in such a rude fashion. "Bui?"
<Hurry hurry hurry, must wake others!> 6 responded, racing past her. 

Keri took a look around, and noticed a large group of people--most
importantly, Orion--unconscious on the floor. "Buiii!" she squealed,
immediately fearing the worst. If this had been the work of those Rockets...

While his fellow Eevee saw to Orion, 6 continued his mad romp around the cave.
<Must wake others must wake others must wake others!> Only one thing could veer
him from this task...and that was...


Not too far away, 6 could make out a pretty shiny-thing, a splendid, sparkly
sapphire, lying untended on the ground. <Shinyshinysoshiny!> He couldn't let a
shiny-thing go to waste, especially one that shone so brilliantly. He'd just
pluck it up, and--

"PERSIIIIAAAAN~!" 6 was literally blown backwards by Blizzard's roar of pain.
The Persian rubbed the gem on her forehead with the back of her paw, as if to
make sure that it was still in place.
<Hey! You can't steal my shiny-thing!> 6 protested, <Gimmee!>

Far too annoyed by the day's events to give a polite response, Blizzard simply
swatted the Eevee out of the way, and started towards the flustered Clefable.

<So...> she circled White Blade cautiously, <The Clefairy has evolved.
Interesting. Perhaps, in this new form, he will be capable of controlling his
own Dragonite. I wonder...>
"Shut up Blizzard," White Blade said, crossly, "Draconi saved ALL of our
<I doubt that.> she yawned, gesturing to a neatly gutted Dodrio. <You
underestimate us...however, all is forgiven. Either way, the villains are
vanquished. Now, we need only find the mouth of this cave, and see these
half-dead humans to the Pokémon Center.>

Blizzard flicked her tail, a sure sign of impatience. Around her, the humans
were struggling to their feet, some awoken by 6, others by Blizzard's roar.
That meant...it was possible that the Rockets had been awoken by her roar as

White Blade seemed to sense this. "All right everybody," he said, clapping his
hands to get their attention, "I think we've done enough sightseeing for one
day. What say we boogie outta here?"

"Wait," Dernam frowned, "We still don't *know* the way out."
"Raichu..." Samuraichu sighed.
<It's easy to find way out of cave!> 6 cried, not quite understanding their
situation, <We just look to shiny thing! Shiny shiny sunlight guide us out of

Blizzard was about to step on 6's head, when something else caught her eye.
There was a figure lurking in the cavern to her left, and it appeared to be

Realizing that it might take a while for them to get away from the rapidly
awakening Rockets, Derrick had his Butterfree shower them with Sleep Powder.
"This should at least buy us some time..." he muttered. "Hmm, that's odd..."
"What?" Splash asked, walking over to where Derrick stood.
"These are the same Rockets who attacked us before..."
"Well, the last time they attacked us, there was a rather...*noticeable* girl
in their party. I wonder where she went?"
Splash shrugged his shoulders. "Hey, the way I see it, the less Rockets, the

"And the way I see it," White Blade grumbled, "The *more* rockets, the better.
It's gonna take an explosion to wake Draconi."
"Rai, rai..." Samuraichu chuckled. <Y'know, all in all, this little adventure
wasn't so bad. Only trouble is, I never got to capture Articuno!>


Samuraichu and White Blade whipped around, to find themselves face to face
with Blizzard. The white cat smirked, and pointed over her shoulder, to a
creature lurking in one of the nearby caverns. It had blazing red eyes, and
head to toe, appeared to be twice as large as either of them. When the light
hit it in just the right manner, one could almost feel the softness of its
light blue feathers...

<Allow me to introduce Articuno...> Blizzard purred. <He is going to lead us
out of here.>

An icy blast of wind blew through the cave, and the bird's eyes sparkled

Continued By Cat-Gonk:

>     "Wow, an Articuno!" Splash exclaimed. "I never actually thought that they
>existed!" He slowly inched towards the ice-type bird pokemon.
>     6 jumped onto Dernam's head, than onto Blizzard. Then, he jumped into
>Dernam's arms.
>     "What are you doing 6?" Dernam asked.
>     <Shiny shiny shiny!> 6 jumped out of Dernam's hand and ran around Splash's
>     Splash sighed as he watched 6 run around his legs. "Great."
>     <Shiny Shiny Shiny!!!!!!!!!!!> 6 cried, <That bird's feathers are
>shiny!!!!!> 6 ran up to the Articuno and jumped at it.

<Are you going to admire me or have me carry you out>, spoke Articuno,
irritated with the Eevee jumping around on its back and the Raichu
prodding it in the side.

<Wait, I don't remember having this a few moments ago,>said
Samuraichu, looking at his halberd. <I could have sliced open that
Pokeball, or beaten the living hell out of a Rocket, or...>

<Save it.> A breeze swept through the cavern, Samuraichu's fur began
to shine with small icicles.

<Dirty birdy.....>

The rest of the group were somewhat taken aback by Samuraichu's casual
attitude. Here they were, faced with one of the rarest Pokemon in
existence, a Pokemon that trainers had searched their whole lives for
just to catch a glimpse if its magnificient plumage, sparkling
feathers or mighty powers, and the Raichu was thinking about how good
it would taste rare, medium rare or well done.

"There'll be more Rockets coming," said Derrick, gun at the ready.
"We'd better get moving."

Continued By M.W.F.

It was always a marvel at slowly the bird could go and still stay in the
air.  The group slowly made their way through the cave.  They saw an
opening ahead that lead out of the cave.  White Blade looked over to
Samuraichu, saying, "Listen, I know you're not gonna attack Articuno the
first second you get, right?  You don't stand a chance."

Continued By Cat-Gonk

<I'll give him time to prepare> Samuraichu took out a whetstone from
his pouch, and ran it along the edge of his blade. <How should I cook
him? Will he melt?>

"This is ARTICUNO, not a Fearow," said White Blade. "There's a reason
why no-one's captured him yet, y'know."

<Meeh. Tasty birdsicle.>

"You'd need four of you just to restrain it, believe me, I've tried
before. And I had a Charizard, with a League rating of 100."

<Charizard yummy with pepper sauce,> smiled an excited Samuraichu.
<Already warmed up. And I'm L100 too.>

"You haven't really eaten a Charizard, have you?"


Continued By M.W.F

"Thought not.  Pepper sauce ruins the flavor.  You need something sweeter
to go with it. I'd use an almond roast."

Samuraichu's eyes narrowed. <Wha...>

White Blade chuckled.  "I'm messing with you."  The Clefable jumped ahead
and climbed up Draconi.  He started rummaging in his back pack.  He
remembered all the fights had did have with the legendary birds befoe
they became protected.  He pulled out a single feather that Articuno gave
him once.  I sparkled a light blue, even int the darkness.  And if the
cavern wasn't cold enough, he hand was freezing from the feather.  He put
it away.

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