[PW!] Return of Windows, the Worst Porygon in the World

    Pipian soon returned back to the headquarters early in the morning.  He
saw Tiki in the living room.

    "What are you doing up?" Pipian asked.

    "I was about to ask you the same thing." replied Tiki.

    "Well I just returned with some stuff from Bills.  Turns out I have a
Porygon stuck on my computer."

    "Ah.  I'm... um... well... hacking into the Police mainframe to see what
info they're withholding from us..."

    "Hmm...  You know my computer's hooked up to the net, and I think it may
be faster than yours, despite that its a good 1-2 years old..."

    "Thanks for the offer."

    "I've got to go get my Porygon off it.  See ya!"


    Pipian wandered back to his room and plugged the Pokemon transfer unit
into the serial port of his computer and turned it on.  He installed the
transferring software and began the transfer.  After a few minutes, Windows
the Porygon had been transferred into an empty pokeball.

    "Ah! Good!" said Pipian as he picked up the ball.

    Pipian then began to set the the computer and the transfer unit to be
configured to his Pokedex and sent all but 6 of his pokemon into it.
Luckily, He could now transfer pokemon at a moment's notice between the
computer and his pokeballs, so that he could still battle with his Jynx if a
battle required it and he didn't have it.  He could, because the transfer
system included a pokemon remote transfer unit.

    Pipian then released Windows.

    "Porygo..." it said before its image faded and turned into a blue, flat
surface.  It read:

    PORYGON has performed an illegal operation in SPEECH.CFG in section

    Error 13:
    Speech center error.

    "DANGIT!" said Pipian.

Continued By Tiki

    Tiki walked into Pipian's room to find him fiddiling with a
porygon, "What's goin on?" Tiki asked.
    "My stupid Porygon can't talk, something wrong with his speech
program,"  Pipian replied jamming an electrical port into porygon's
mouth hooking it up to the computer.
    "Here let me see that," Tiki said.  he sat down at the comp and
searched through the program files for awhile, eventually found the
problem and typed in a few bars of program, he then pressed enter and
the data was transferred to Windows, "There, Windows speak." Tiki sorta
     "Porygon, gon, Pory.." he said.
     "See all better," Tiki said.
     A message appeared on Windows reading "Windows has performed and
illegal function, it will be shut down, click ok" it had a little ok
button.  Tiki looked at Pipian, they nodded at each other and Pipian
pushed the button..... Windows then proceeded to blow up, and faint.
     "SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!" Tiki said, "Well at least it unconcious
now, now lets get back to hacking," Tiki said, wiping of the profusive
amountds of Ash on him, as he sat down at Pipian's computer.

Continued by Marco262

Darian entered the room just soon enough to see Tiki and Pipian covered in
"Ummm, did I miss something?" he said, sweatdropping.
"My Porygon is malfunctioning. We're trying to fix it."
"That's great, but don't you think you should put out the rug first?" The
two computer geniuses looked down to see the flames on the floor licking at
there shoes.
"AHHH!!!!" they both screamed. Pipian's shirt caught on fire and Tiki and
Darian grabbed a potted plant. They threw the dirt on Pipian, effectively
putting out the fire at the same time. Darian looked at the charred rug
lying under a layer of soil.
"I'll get the vacuum. Oh, and if you guys need any help with the
programming, I've had a few computer classes."

Continued by Syke6888 L

"Hey guys what's....oh never mind." The three boys whirled aroound and
saw John in the doorway. "I see Windows is still futzed up."

"You used to own him?" asked Darian.

"No, but I tried to help Bill fix his problems once. We wound up exactly
the same way Tiki and Pipian are now." He motioned to the ash-covered
Tiki and Pipian.

"Did you ever get him to work?"

"Yes, like this." John walked over to the Porygon and kicked it.
"Porrrryyy!" Windows was back online and ready to battle. The others

"Hmmph. That was too easy." As if on cue, Windows shut down again. John

"Maybe I should try," said Darian. He walked over to Windows and started
inputting some new programming.Soon, Windows was back up. "Well, he's
working fine now, but if a Pokémon gets a good hit to the head, he'll
shut down regardless of remaining health."

"Thanks Darian." replied Pipian. John looked over to Tiki.

"Find any more info on our current case?"

Continued by Pipian:

    On the other side of the room, Pipian said, "I don't need other people
to help me with programming this Porygon.  I do have *uggh* this..." said
Pipian as he lifted the heavy Porygon Programming guide on top of the table.

    Pipian then opened the book to the index and began to look at the very
small fine print in it.

    "What are you looking for?" asked Damien.

    "Oh, I'm looking for the fly subroutine."


    Pipian found the fly subroutine and flipped to the page for it, p. 1332.

    "Ah. Here it is."

    Pipian looked at the page, and it was filled with hundreds of lines of
code.  The subroutine stretched on for over 40 pages...

    "Looks like programming this'll take some time..."


Continued by Tiki

   John looked over to see the ashen colored Tiki already back on the
comp, "Well I just installed my hacking programs and defense
mechanisims into Pipian's computer.  Now I need to see what happens
when I try and run them."  Tiki set to it, as everyone huddled around.
   As the hours dregged on of trying new things and failing, one by one
the members of PODA driffted of to sleep, half standing half lurched
over.  At about nine o'clock Jamie walked inwith two cups of coffee she
gave one to Tiki, "Good (yawn) morning.. what are you (yawn, stretch)
doing?"  Jamie asked sounding as interested as she could this early pre-
   "Trying to hack into the police HQ computers, thanx." Tiki said
taking the coffee, "But it's not working," Tiki became silent quickly
looking over to the slumbering Windows, "WAIT A SECOND!" Tiki said.  He
walked over to Windows, shook it awake, then inserted the upload cord
into Windows mouth.  Then he took a nearby baseball bat, and smacked
Windows good and hard in the head.  Before Windows could malfunction
Tiki uploaded him into the police computer.  "Alright," He said, as the
police security systems malfunctioned, "I gotta hurry before they
discover Windows,"  Tiki typed quickly and eventually found a file
entiitled "Psychic Burning of Church,"  he double-clicked on it, and
then immediatlly printed.  Then right before Windows was discovered, he
downloaded Windows back out of the computer.  Windows came out, as the
document was finishing printing, and as Tiki was exciting the HQ.  Then
Windows exploded again, waking everyone up, "DAMN..." Tiki said, "But I
got the document."

Continued by Marco262

Everyone stood up quickly, some puttign out fires, some trying to get ash
and dust out of all the apertures.
"This is great," Darian said, spitting out vast amounts of ash from his
mouth, looking nery much like a squirtle using Water Gun. "Now I wish I
didn't sleep with my mouth open.
"Guys! I got the police report!" Tiki said. Everyone crowded around, eager
to see what it said.

Continued by Anonymous

Tiki read aloud to the others. "Psychic Burning of Church... classified case...
extreme levels of psychic energy... that's IT?!?"
   Everyone leaned over his shoulder, trying to catch something Tiki may have
   A small caption at the bottom caught Jamie's attention. "Hey, it says that
the major details are on microfiche in the police basement. Looks like we'll
have to get down there for some hands-on investigation..."
   "In the meantime," said Darien, "let's clean up this mess." Pipian handed
everyone a broom, and they all started to sweep up Windows' expelled ashes.
   Jamie set down her broom and went towards the door. "You guys keep cleaning
up, I have some business to take care of around here."
   "Looks like Mewtwo strikes back," mumbled John.
   Jamie retaliated by smacking him over the head with a baseball bat. "Don't
you worry your bruised little head," and she headed towards her room to
retrieve her Pokémon.

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