[PW!] Wrong Turn

"Now, I know it has to be...  HUH?!?"  The water loomed in front of him. 
He didn't recall water like this in Mount Moon.  "We must have gone the
wrong way!"
"Draaaaa..."  <Power...>
<Strong enemies here.  We're in the Cerulean Cave.>
"Damn!  I can never remember my way through here!  The maps are on my
Pokepedia and..."
<No use crying over spilled milk.>
"Heh, our blood may be spilt.  This place has been KNOWN for harboring
very strong pokemon.  Even Mewtwo escaped here and still lurks here...
sometimes.  Look, If half of the information I got from Oak was correct,
he'd mean deep trouple and I'd rather not deal with him."
White Blade and Draconi wandered through the cave.  "I know there has to
be a way up around...  Down?!"
A couple hours later (and several fainted but hungry pokemon) they found
their way to the surface, looking at the river in front of them.
"Well, if my guess is correct, Cerulean is over there and we should be
about a day ahead of everyone."
<Good, let's get some sleep.>
"If they have any sense, they'll stop by the Pokemon center first.  The
Pokemon Pack will be back in action!"
<You're really excited about this pack, eh?>
"Huh?  ...  well, there's strength in numbers.  You know that.  I figure
we'll both be safer with others."

Continued By Cat-Gonk

"Chu, rai, raii....."

Samuraichu woke up on a park bench, Blizzard asleep in a flowerbed
across from him, Orion slumped against a tree and Keri curled up at
his feet.

<I could have sworn I was in Mt Moon. And where's Articuno?> He
grabbed his halberd, and scanned the dawn sky.

<Dirty bird must have ran off.>

The rest of the Pack was asleep, but a faint rustling in the bushes
attracted Samuraichu's attention.

"Rattata! Use your Hyper Fang!"

The recent plague of Shorts Kids must have brought one to this park.
This one wore particularly loose and flamboyant black satin shorts,
the traditional white t-shirt with a wavy orange line and a blue cap
at exactly 70 degrees left from forwards.


His Rattata was attacking a weakened Ekans. The poison snake had
numerous bite marks down its scales, and wasn't in good shape at all.
Reaching for a Pokeball, Samuraichu knew he could never let a Pokemon
become one with the Shorts Clan.

"Chu chu rai!"

Cappucino emerged from the Pokeball, a gust of Haze trailing behind
her. The Rattata was enveloped in smoke, allowing Ekans to slither
away into the bushes. Cappucino hovered beside Samuraichu, awaiting
her next order.

"Hey! You're not wearing shorts!" Rather than attempt to find his
quarry, or run for cover, the Shorts Kid's morality had been deeply
offended by the naked Samuraichu and he stood fast, anger building up
inside him. All the heathen Raichu wore was a belt and a backpack.

"I like shorts. They're so comfortable and easy to wear! Why aren't
you wearing shorts?"


"How can you walk around without cloth covering you from the waist to
the knees? I'd feel so, so naked without my lovely shorts."

<Pokemon don't wear clothes>

"One of my cousins got his spare shorts taken by a talking Slowpoke!
I'll avenge his loss by capturing you and your shiny belt!"

"CHU?" Samuraichu wasn't about to be stripped of the only thing he
wore anytime soon, let alone get captured by a member of the Shorts

"Rattata, I choose you!" The Rattata, now with a new target, hissed
and lunged at the Raichu, baring its rather tiny fangs. Samuraichu
brought the haft of his halberd down sharply on the rat-Pokemon's
head, knocking it unsconscious in an instant.

Pulling his cap backwards, the Shorts Kid grasped hold of his second,
and only Pokeball, screaming "Go! Pidgey!" in the fashion of a well
known clueless Pokemon League dropout from Pallet Town. Samuraichu
didn't even have to think, a stray spark from his cheeks knocked the
tiny bird out of the air.


"You can go now! I won't try to catch you!" said the retreating Shorts
Kid. The Raichu's halberd looked immensely sharp, and even more
fearsome when held ready to strike. The blade swung out in a wide

....and slashed the Short Kid's belt buckle. In a second fluid strike,
Samuraichu knocked the Shorts Kid onto his back and swept the shorts
from under him in one swift motion.

Death would have been preferable to the loss of his beloved shorts,
the young Shorts Kid was now wearing only his boxers below his waist.
Distraught, he his in the bushes, curled up into a ball and began to

Samuraichu walked off, rummaged through his backpack and returned with
a folded piece of clothing. It was an item Felix had left with
Samuraichu incase he'd fogotten his backpack and needed a change of
clothes. Could it be a new pair of shorts?, thought the Shorts Kid
Surely the Raichu wouldn't leave an opponent naked in a public place.

<I'm not going to leave you here naked. Here, take this.>

He placed the folded trousers on the ground, and walked away happily,
a pair of ex-SK Hawaiian Shorts in his paws. Maybe he'd wear them as a

A scream cut through the air, the Shorts Kid had commited the
unbeliveable heresy of_touching_a pair of trousers. A half naked 10
year old sprinted past Samuraichu, his beliefs shattered.

Blizzard stirred, and went back to sleep.

The Ekans he'd saved was tagging along behind him, dragging the
discarded pair of pants in its teeth. It rattled happily, Cappucino
got Samuraichu's attention, and the Raichu turned around and stooped
on one knee.

"Ekansssss." The snake rubbed against Samuraichu's leg, grateful for
being saved from the evils of the Shorts Clan. It obviously wanted a
new master.

Samuraichu folded up Felix's pants, and tossed them into his backpack.
<Wait, I've got Expresso, Cappucino, Mocha, Tentacool, Jolt and, wait
is Tsunami one of my Pokemon or just one I'm transporting.>

<I'm wild>, came a voice from Samuraichu's Pokebelt. <I still belong
to Koga of Fuschia.>

<Great! I've got one more Pokemon!> The Raichu flicked open his last
empty Pokeball, Ekans fading into white light and entering the capture
device. Cappucino returned to her Pokeball as well.

He walked over to the sleeping Blizzard, lay his tail over her upper
body, and shocked her with a blast of electricity.

Reply by Bandraptor

"PerSIAN!" Blizzard let out an obligatory yelp of pain, then quickly began to
groom her fur, which was now standing on end. <Rude little rat. Learn your
place!> Blizzard didn't know where Samuraichu's place was, but was certain he
had no right to shock her. Not this frequently, at least.

<Time to wake up.> Samuraichu grinned, for he quite enjoyed riling the cat,
<Lest you forget, YOU were the one who wanted to come to Cerulean. Something
about getting a badge, as I remember.>

<Ah, yes.> Blizzard *had* forgotten. <I wish to challenge whatever silly little
human it is that runs this city's gym. When I defeat him or her, I shall be
presented a Bubblebeam TM...and then I'll smeg that freakin' dirty rock snake,
and its little Brock too!!!!> Blizzard was still a little bitter, over her loss
at the Pewter City Gym.

<First things first,> Samuraichu scanned the area, hopelessly. <We have to find
White Blade and Draconi. We still don't know if they got out of the cave.>

Blizzard nodded her agreement. She found White Blade and his Dragonite to be
annoying at times, but they were traveling mates, and traveling mates protected
one another. <Speaking of traveling mates....where are Orion and Keri?>

<They must've wandered off, while you were sleeping.> Samuraichu scoffed.

<I'm a cat. I need my beauty sleep.> Blizzard yawned, to prove her point.
<Hrrm...Orion is human, and Keri is an Eevee, who claims to have once been
human. No doubt, they'll succumb to that utterly human habit of challenging the
leader of every gym they come to. We'll find them, when we go to get my TM.>

 In article <19991024125609.17976.00000214@ng-ct1.aol.com>,
hedgehogey@aol.comidiocy (Hedgehogey) writes:

>Darwin walked into the park. It was a peaceful place with a fountain of a
>goldeen spitting water in the middle. A few pidgey hung around the fountain,
>trying to beg crumbs from passersby.
>He asked the raichu "Excuse me: Where can a pokemon get some free food around

Blizzard snickered, thinking that Darwin himself might make a good meal.
Unfortunately, he was accompanied by a Magnemite, and Blizzard had no desire to
get shocked again.

Samuraichu shot his companion a withering glance. <The best place for us to get
food, will be at the Pokemon Center. We were just on our way there, actually.
Would you like us to show you where it is?>

Darwin, as a member of the Pokemon Resistance, generally distrusted humans, and
was reluctant to enter a human institution, such as a Pokemon Center. Still, he
was hungry, and these Pokemon seemed friendly enough...

Reply by Pipian

    Orion was busy looking around the street, when he spotted a sign, which

    PODA: The Pokemon Detective Agency
    "We'll solve all your mysteries and more!"

Under that, there was a picture of the group, and it just so happened that
Orion spotted someone he knew from some time back...

    "Hey, Keri?" said Orion.


    "Look at the picture on the poster over there!"

    "Oh goodness! It's Pipian, Tiki, and the others!"

    Orion quickly rushed over to the sign.  It just so happened that they
were on the same street that PODA was on...

    "I think we oughta pay a visit to our old friends... See what they've
been up to..." said Orion.

    "OK," said Keri. "Hey guys?"

    "Yeah?" the others responded.

    "Uh, me and Orion have some old friends that are in town.  We're gonna
take off and meet them for a while.  We can meet you at the south side of
Nugget Bridge tomorrow night.  OK?"


    Orion and Keri ran off and eventually found PODA's new apartment and
knocked on the door.

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