[PW!] Back to the PODA

Last time, Lewis said he would get back to the group soon.  He had to
check in with the PODA and tell everyone he was alright.

Lewis walked into the PODA building and shouts, "Hey everybody, I'm
back!"  There was a long silence.  "I said I'm back!  Hello!  Is anyone
here?" Lewis shouts.  Lewis walked over to the main desk.  A note was
sitting on the table which read, "Gone Detectiv'n at Cerulean City
Police Station."  Lewis saw the note, and grabbed his stuff again.  He
quickly ran outside and saw looked at his map.  "Tiki knows something
about Mewtwo that I don't.  Maybe the PODA can help me find out what my
past is REALLY like!  Or else that lier Mewtwo can pay the price for
what he did to Icy!" Lewis shouts.  Lewis finds the police station on
the map, and hurries to catch up with his old friends.

Continued by: Syke 6888 L

Meanwhile, at the police station...

"So, are we going to go in or what?" asked John. Tiki, Pipian and Score
were stuck in a limbo for the past while and John finally couldn' t wait
any longer. John dropped a Pokéball and Spark popped out. A whisper
later, the three found themselves on the recieving end of a

"Aaaaggghhh!" they yelled. Score got up, dusted himself off, then walked
to the entrance... and took out a package of bacon. Surprisingly, half
the police force ran out, looking very angry and began to chase Score.
The group looked on in amazement.

"Boy, mayhem has struck and he didn't even say a word," said Pipian.

John and Tiki were about to head inside when john's extra-special
hearing picked up footsteps behind them. He flipped backward, went over
the strangers head, alnded, then kicked one right in the arse. Lewis
fell flat on his face.

"You know, John, that's not a good way to say hello," said Lewis as he
got up from the ground. John  smiled sheepishly.

"What is it, Lewis?" asked Tiki.

"Tiki, I have to talk to you about a certain omnipotent cat," said

Tiki was about to say no, but decided to go against it. "John, you go
into the Police Station and search for the microfilm. Pipian, search
the outside perimeter for Darian or at least a sign that he was here.
Do we have a way to communicate?"

John nodded, then handed a watch to each PODA member currently here. "I
spent a few nights working on these. They're special wrist
communicators/watches/beepers. Press the left button once to call a
specific member, twice to call all members, and three times to create a
special 'Abort' signal should something go on. The right buttons are
used to set the watch. Syncronize them...now!" John pushed a button on
all watches, and they all said the same time. Then he dashed off in one
direction while Pipiann hobbled in another. Tiki looked at Lewis.

"Now, what was that you wanted?"

Continued by: Lewis 8661

"Mewtwo brought me into some sort of void." Lewis starts to explain to
Tiki.  "When I was brought inside, he didn't try to hurt me, he wanted
to ask me about something." Lewis finishes.  "He's a liar.  If he's
trying to convince you to help him-" Tiki started to say.  "No.  It's
not that.  Mewtwo is afraid of something." Lewis interrupts.  "Afraid?
Mewtwo?  Those two words don't go in the same sentence." Tiki said.
"He showed me an image of myself, a beautiful girl, and some guy
walking on a path.  He said that the death of one of them altered time,
and things are what they are now.  He says he's afraid," Lewis
explains.  "because time altered him too.  His memory has been erased,
and he knows it.  He's afraid because he has been altered by something
more powerful then him."  "More powerful then Mewtwo?  Impossible."
Tiki replied.  "Maybe, but it's what he said.  By the by, what are you
people doing here anyway?" Lewis asks.

Continued by Tiki

   "Well to answer your question we're trying to find this microfilm
the police have of the Church burning case.  And what do yuo want to
know about Mewtwo anyway?" Tiki aksed looking at Lewis.
   "Well i wanna know what's up with you and him?"  Lewis inquired.
   Tiki was thinking of a good answer when he saw Lewis's baby
Jigglypuff standing behind him, "Cute Jugglypuff Lewis," Tiki said
benidng down and giving it a litttle pokemon treat.
   "Puff puff, JIGGLY!!!" it screamed in joy as it gummed the pokemon
   "Tiki stop chaning the subject what is the deal with you and Mewtwo."
   "Well to make a VERY long story short.... Mewtwo created me as an
artificial weapon to help him destroy the pokemon league, unfortunatly
something went wrong as I grew up and It didnt work out as he planned.
Anyway Im not a very good weapon anymore considering all of my psychic
powers are gone. that good enough for you?"
   "Uhhhhhh, Ummm ahhh duhhhh..." Lewis didnt exactly know how to
respond.  Before he could Tiki noticed Pipian waving at Tiki from a
corner.  Tiki walked toward Pipian, looking back to see Score with a
package of bacon still running form a large group of overweight
policemen.  Lewis noticed Tiki leaving and ran after him, "HEY wait
up," he said.
   "What lewis I gotta get to work before Score gets tired," Tiki said
getting irritated.
   "SO, how did Mewtwo lose control of you?" Lewis asked.
   "I don't know everything was going according to his plan until
something changed, I did something that wasnt supposed to happen
accordimg to Mewtwo, I dont know what it was but I bet it has something
to do with TA... I mean PODA.  Listen Lewis eather tag along or not, In
don't care."
   Lewis was consuming all this information not quite sure what was
happening.  Tiki walked over to Pipian, "What's going on?" he asked.
   "Darian is down there," Pipian pointed to an open window at ground
level, he looked at the lock that Darian had managed to pick, nothing
special.  Tiki slid through to find Darian sitting in a chair.
    "It took you long enough to get down here," he commented standing
up.  "I need your help in picking this lock here."
    Tiki walked over to the door, took out his lock picks and bent down
to get level with the lock.  "Well let's see here, what do we have,
stainless steel pretty new.  two locks on it, each pretty advanced,
this may take awhile." Tiki took out two thin picks and placed them
into the top lock and started to get to work.

Continued by Syke 6888 L

Meanwhile, on the other side of the police station....

"God dammit, how long is she going to be here?" John thought. He was
currently hiding under a desk as Officer Jenny was filling out some
forms. Unfortunately, in John's rush to hide he had left his tail out in
the open, and right now Jenny's chair was sitting right on it. He was in
real pain, yet managed to keep from yelling. Also, his watch was useless
since he couldn't call the others for fear of Jenny hearing it. "Knew I
should have kept noises out of this thing. Stupid, stupid stupid."

Back outside, Score was literally running circles around the policemen,
who by now were completely tuckered out. At this same time, Tiki was
halfway through the first lock. Pipian, meanwhile, was tinkering with
the watch.

"Now, was that on time or two?"

"One for single, two for groups, Pipian." said Tiki absentmindedly.
Pipian pressed the button and a few letters appeared on screen.
Manipulating the other buttons, he chose the L, for Laramie.

Back in the office, John was slowly going nuts. Jenny was still working
on forms. John was about to yell when a beep emanated from his watch.
Jenny stopped.

"What was that?" she asked. Another beep. She looked around.

"Anyone here?" yet another beep. She started looking around. John took
this time to whip his tail out, then he crawled to the window and
climbed out. Luckily, Jenny was searching the closet at the time. John
closed the window, then breathed. And almost screamed. There, in front
of him, was a group of very angry looking Growlithes. "Oh crap..."

(skip gratuituous violence)

Back in the microfilm room, Tiki was finished woth the first and
starting on the second lock when a thud came from the window. Darian,
still in his feminine police outfit, looked outside and saw John,
bruised, burned and bitten.

"What the heck?" He pulled John inside and placed him against a chair.
Pipian and Tiki looked at him, then sighed. "Don't worry, Darian, he's
okay. That's normal health for John." Tiki went back to work on the

Continued by Tiki

   Meanwhile even the durable Score was wearing down, and his hands
were all sticky from the bacon and the food was attracting many a
rattatta and pidgey.  So at the moment Score had about two dozen police
officers chasing him, and about one dozen of each pokemon as well.  The
pokemon were much faster than the slow fat policemen, and this was
wearing Score down thin.
   In the basement Tiki was still on the second lock, "TIKIII... Huryyy
up..."  Darian whined, "This wonderbra itches like hell."
   "Queit this takes awhile."  Tiki looked up, "HEY JOHN go check on
Sco.... nevermind," Tiki said noticing John on the brink of fainting,
"Okay Pipian go... nevermind" Pipian didnt get the casr off for another
week. "Well Darian your the only one left, you need to go check on
Score see if he needs any help."
   "WHAT!!!! BUT I NEED TO BE HERE...."  Darian started.
   "Just not for long, I still need to work on this lock, Score must be
gettin tired, and he may need your help and your theonly one that is
able to help."  Tiki said going back to his work.
   "Man..." Darian said, getting up and jumping out the window.  He
walked around the corner to see Score on the brink of fainting, he
almost looked as bad as John, (ALMOST), Darian ran toward Score and
passed in front of him, "SCORE HERE!!!!" Darian yelled holding out his
    Score flung the bacon at Darian, this caused the pokemon to get off
Score's trail and half the police went after Darian, this allowed Score
to slow down some.  Just when things couldn't get worse, officer Jenny
came out, saw what was happening, and released the Growlithe's who
smeeling the Bacon went charging after Darian.
    "GOT IT!!!" Tiki said, as click eminated through the room and the
door creaked open, "I still got it."
    "It's about damn time." John said, staggering into the now open
room, Pipian walked in and Tiki picked up his gear and walked in after

Continued by Tiki

     "So what are we looking for anyway?" Pipian asked.
     "Anything that might have microfilm in it."  Tiki said starting to
snoop through boxes.  "Oh yeah you two put these gloes on.  You can
never be too careful."  Tiki handed them two pairs of gloves.  And then
he went back to shuffling through boxes with his own gloved hands.
     After some time John dragged out a box into the open, "Guys check
this out," John said.  Tiki and Pipian walked over and found that John
had discovered the box with the church burning.  "Look at all this
     As the three took everything out of the box they found reports
talking about how the psychic burn energy could have been artifically
created.  How the police had reason to believe the burning was cause by
Team Rocket.  Then they found the microfilm, it had every report copyed
onto it, pictures from the scene of the crime, all the evidence on it.
Tiki took out a small scanning device and scanned a copy of the
     "Okay time to get out of here," Tiki commented as they put
everything back in it's place.  When everything was as it should be,
the group walke dout of the room, closed the door and relocked the
locks.  At this moment the cop that Darian and knocked out was coming
too, Pipian looked around, took a nnearby 2 by 4 and smacked the cop
over the head, knocking him out again.
     The group crawled out of the wondow and relocked it also.  Then
they looked around and walked to the front of the building.  There they
saw darian starting to tire and Score almost unconcious., luckily
Darian was still dressed like a girl and Score was in a mask, so there
was no chance of identification.  "Hmmm how we gonna get those two out
of there?"  Tiki had an idea, "Flutter go,"  the Butterfree came out of
her pokeball and started circling around.  "Flutter whirlwind up as
much dust that you can to block out the site of the policemen.
    Flutter flew up and started flapping her wings as hard as she
could, a small dust cloud started forming, then it increased, by the
time it reached the running people it was a veritable sandstorm.
Flutter kept it up for about two minutes thn was too tired to go on.
"Flutter return," Tiki said as the Butterfree returned to the
pokeball.  Then the three detectives walked off to PODA.  They met both
Score and Darian on the way, who had run off when the sandstorm kicked
    "Thanks guys, I was almost dead on my feet," Score said.
    "Me too," Darian said.
    "Hey Darian, where's the bacon?" John asked.
    "I gave it to those pokemon, and I managed to catch a Pidgey."
Darian said smiling holding up a pokeball.
    The gang walked to PODA to find the door open, "That's not good,"
Tiki said as he opened the door, Charm ran up to Tiki and grabbed his
    "WHAT! Where is he Charm?"
    Charm led the group to the basement of PODA to see an unconcious
man lying there, on his stomach.

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