[PW!] Arrival in Cerulean City

Note to PODA: This is another one of my characters.  He will eventually
join up with Lewis, but he too will join the Agency, but gets more
inside info for you guys since he spends all his time travelling.

Mike walks quickly through Mt. Moon, having flashbacks of catching a
Paras.  He still has no memory of how it evolved.  He walked into
Cerulean City and spotted the Gym.  "I should probably get my Pokemon
healed first." Mike says.  He heads down the road to the Pokemon
Center, but something catches his eye...  It's some sort of Detective
Agency.  Feeling a strange sense of Deja-Vu, he walks in and for some
reason feels that he must walk downstairs... 

Mike walks downstairs to a room.  It looks like someone's bedroom, so
he walks around and looks at the pictures on mantels.  One of them
catches his eye: the picture of a boy, probably 13, standing in front
of the PODA.  Mike suddenly grasps his head in pain!

    "Prepare to lose again, Starmie!  Water gun!" Misty commanded.
Starmie began firing powerful blasts of water at Weedle who was hit by
every one of them.  Then, Weedle jumped up and evaded the last ones!
"Now Starmie! Finish it off with Psychic!" Misty shouts.  Starmie fired
the Psychic blast, but Weedle dove underwater!  Misty was confused.
Mike was smiling. "Starmie!  Find Weedle underwater!" Misty commanded.
Starmie dove underwater...  Only to dive into a net!  Weedle pulled the
netted Starmie out of the water.  "Now Weedle, use Drill sting!"
Weedle jumped into the air and twisted into a drill formation!  He fell
down and hit the netted Starmie.  Starmie had lost.  "Starmie return!"
Misty shouted.  Weedle then started a string shot attack above it!
"Weedle, what are you doing?" Mike asked.  Suddenly, the string shot
surrounded Weedle's body! "Weedle's evolving!" the boy from the picture
shouts.  The string shot cleared. And a stiff yellow cocoon appeared.
"Alright!  I have Kakuna!  Congratulations, Kakuna!" Mike said.
                    *END FLASHBACK*

Mike stops grasping his head, and stands up.  Suddenly, he feels to
weak to stand: he collapses.

ATTN PODA: Please have someone come back to the Agency and find Mike
uncounscious.  He is involved in Lewis's history, and remember: Mike
has lost his memory of what happened to him before the age of 13.  His
first memory at all is him falling through the roof of Cinnabar Mansion
and worn out, torn clothes.

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