[PW!] Meeting the PODA

The group brought the unconscious body Mike onto Lewis's bed.  "He
might be a theif!  I say we report him to Officer Jenny!" Tiki says.
"Um, we just narrowly escaped the police, remember?" Jamie asks.  Tiki
blinks and sighs.  "Well who is he?  And why is he unconscious?" John
asks.  "He might've slipped on something belonging to Lewis while
trying to steal from us." Pipian says.  "Not likely.  Lewis likes to
keep his floor tidy...  He might be an applicant who wants to join the
PODA." Tiki replies.  "Well whoever he is, I say we get rid of him!"
John says.  "No.  First we find out who he is, we have to wake him."
Tiki says.  As though almost on cue, Mike begins to wake up...

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As soon as he did, his hands were tied behind his back.

"Okay, who are you and what are you doing in our headquarters?" asked
John menacingly.

"umm, don't hurt me, I mean no harm! I saw the Agency, found the door
open and tried to find you guys. Suddenly, a vision hit me and I

The ex-TAC members all sweatdropped. "Oh great, a psychic," John
thought. "What's your name?" he asked.


"Well, what do you guys think? Let him free or leave him at the mercy of
Officer Jenny?"

Tiki spoke up. "Let him go, John. he appears to be friendly." john
untied Mike and let him stand up.

"Thanks. I'd like to become a new member of your group."

"Geez, this group is growing faster than a Machop on Steroids. Welcome
aboard. Anything special we should know about you?"

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