[PW!][PODA] Return of a Couple of Old Friends

    After Mike had left PODA was a bustle of activity as everyone
scurried around to try and find something that could run microfilm.
Then there came a knock on the door, "SOMEONE GET THAT!!!!" Tiki yelled.
    Everyone else was in the basement though.  Tiki got up and walked
to the door, and opened it.  There he saw two people (well one was a
person) he wasnt expecting to see.  There standing was Orion and Keri.
"Holy Shit...."  Tiki said in amazement.
    "Hi Tiki," Orion said.
    "HI TIKI!!!" Keri chirped.
    "What are you two doing here?" Tiki asked.
    "We were in the vicinity and we decided to drop by." Orion replied.
    Just then Pipian came running up the stairs with a microfilm
projectpr they found that the previous owner had left behind, "Tiki
I..."  Pipian's mouth dropped, "Orion, waht's going on."  Pipian ran
over and gave Orion a hug (no dirty thinking now).  Pipian then invited
the two in.
    After telling Orion and Keri the entire story the two previous TAC
members were quite amazed and all that had happened.  "So whathave you
two been up to?" Tiki asked.

Reply by Pipian

OK, just so the new members know (and to refresh the memory of some of the
older ones) Keri was a human that got turned into an Eevee, and she can't
speak English (because she's now an Eevee.)  Only people who can understand
her are Orion (Who somehow gained the ability to speak and understand all
pokéspeak automatically without having to spend millions of hours around
that type of pokemon) and John (Who had three Eevees before evolving them).

    Orion and Keri sat down.

    "Well, all you probably heard was that we left the group.  And we have."


    "Anyway, when we were in Viridian, it just so happened that a Persian,
that I could, obviously, understand..."

    "Do what?" asked Mike.  "As far as I know, people can't understand
pokémon very clearly without spending a lot of time with them.  And only
then, they can only understand the kind of pokemon that they stay around
with...  And Orion *definately* does not seem to be a person who hangs with
Persians a lot."

    "Ah, well to explain that, I happen to have a genetic trait that showed
up just a few months ago that allows me to understand *ANY* type of pokemon
speak, even if it's my first time with that pokemon.  Anyway, the Persian
came and helped to free us.  Now that we're free, TR apparently wants us
back, dead or alive...  We traveled with Blizzard, which was the name of the
Persian, for a while, promising to catch her a Jigglypuff...  When a Raichu
and Clefairy came and joined us.  We went to Pewter, and we didn't bother to
get a badge, because Orion had one, and Brock was using pokemon on loan from
Bruno...  We continued on through Mount Moon...  To come to Cerulean, so
Blizzard could earn a TM to beat Brock."

    "Why would she?"

    "She has a bet going with one of my friends...  I just so happened down
the street when I saw a sign for your place, so I'm gonna stay here today.
We can't stay too long, we're gonna go off to join our friends tomorrow.
What are you doing?"

Reply by Anonymous

Before the question could be answered, Jamie burst through the front door. "Ah,
it's good to be back!" As she looked at everyone, she saw Orion and Keri.
   "Hi Orion. Hi Keri."
   At that, she quickly bolted up the stairs to take a nice, hot bath.
   Everyone stood still for a moment.
   "OK..." said Orion, "So what are you all doing?"

Reply by Tiki

"Well as you know we're detectives, and we're trying to solve a
case.  Right now though we're trying to find something that can play
Microfilm," Tiki replied to Orion's question.
    Just then Darian walked in, "HEY guys I think I can program Windows
to play microfilm."  He took out Tiki's labtop, and inserted the jack
into Windows head.  He then started programmong Windows.
    Pipian and Tiki gave each other a strange look.  Then they dove
behind large stable objects.  Before Orion could ask what was going on,
Windows exploded.... again.  Fortuanatly John had just accidentaly
walked in front of Windows and took the brunt of the blow.
    "MAN NOT AGAIN, I JUST CHANGED MY CLOTHEES!!!!" The soot covered
John stormed off, as Darian picked himself up.
    "I see John is up to his old tricks," Orion said as Pipian and Tiki
came out from behind their barriers.
    "HEY, guys Windows may have blown up, but he's playing Microfilm."
Darian holered.  Everyone ran upstairs and Tiki inserted the microfilm
into the cyber ducks mouth.
    Tiki then clicked a button on his computer, then the image was
projected out of Windows, eyes.  And everyone stared at the wall.  The
first image was a report. "It is believed that Team Rocket has created
a new line of weaponrey that mimics pokemon abilites...." Tiki bagean.
"... It is believed that one of these guns, for an Alahakazam was used
onthe church burning."
    Tiki continued reading the report outloud, whihc talked about
evidence found.  The next slide was that of a pair of footprints facing
the church.  Next was a psychic-readout of the area.  No psychic
pokemon had walked on this area.  Next was another report.
    "The targeted church was higly anti-Team Rocket.  They continually
preached against them and tried to orghanize cases against Team Rocket
members...."  Tiki started.  The report also said that it was believed
that the TR member who had commited the burning was working from a
Ceruleun HeadQuarters.
    "Well it would appear there isnt much mystery left, except more
evidence to point out a specific person to accuse." Score stated, when
everything was seen.
    "I agree," John said, who was standing in the doorway.  "But what
do we do to get this info?"

Reply by Syke6888 L

"I'm not too sure about that," replied Tiki.

"Well, while you think about that, I'm going to go get us some more

20 minutes later...

"Goddamn shoppers. Nothing but trouble." john was a block from
headquarters when a rustling came from a nearby alley. "Anyone there?"
John asked as he entered the small area. Suddenly, a wild Raticate
leaped out, Tackling John. John fell back and slammed his head into a
wall. Darkness swarmed him.

20 minutes later...

"I think he's finally coming to. Let's get ready, James."

"Imagine our luck finding him here, Jessie."

John opened his eyes to see a pair of musterious figures in front of
him. "Who are you?"

"Prepare for trouble!"

"And make it double!"

"To protect the world from devestation!

"To unite all people within our nation!"

"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

"To extend our reach to the stars above!"



John got up. "Who the heck are you two?"

TR facefaulted.

"What do you mean, who are we, John Laramie? You know that!"

John was confused. "Huh? Who's John Laramie?"

Now TR was confused. Suddenly, a small light bulb appeared over Meowth's
head. "Team Rocket, huddle!"

Team Rocket huddled. "Guys, I think John has amnesia."

James responded. "How could that be? He's not a Slowbro." A hammer hit
James in the head.

"Not that kind of Amnesia! Meowth means that John has no idea who he
is. Which means that we should show him." James understood that.

Jessie walked over to John. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude to a
fellow Rocket."

"Huh? A Rocket?"

"Yes, a fellow member of Team Rocket like yourself deserves better
respect from me. Come along, John. The Boss is waiting." Team Rocket
brought the amnesiac to Cerulean Rocket HQ.

At Viridian Gym

"Sir, Jessie and James on line 1. They say it's very important."

"With those two everything's important. This better be good." Giovanni
turned on the vid-phone and saw Jessie's smiling face.

"Boss, we have a new TR member we think you'll like. See, he's over
there." Jessie moved the phone so it was facing John, who was learning
the basics of being a Rocket. Giovanni's jaw dropped.

"How did you idiots do this? That's John Laramie!"

"He doesn't know that. You see, he has amnesia. Our scientist has
decided he wouldn't recognize his own mother."

"That's impossible since she's dead but I understand. Suit him up and
find him a partner. Preferably oine of the more experienced Rockets. And
have the lab study that Vaporeon of his. I want to know thae differences
between a normal Pokémon and a Laramie Pokémon, if any."


Giovanni turned off the phone, then opened a small bottle of champagne.
This was something to celebrate.

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