[PW!][PODA] John Be Gone

   Jamie walked into the kitchen after John left and the slide show was
over with.  "Okay so tommorow, we can go into TR HQ here and get some
info."  She said, taking out a bag of choclate Hershey Kisses popping
one in here mouth, and a few more in her robes pocket.
   "I doubt it will be that easy," Darian started.  "First of all its
gonna be well guarded."
   "Oh Darian your such a pecimist sometimes, you and John I swear,
here have a kiss."  Jamie made like she was going to blow a kiss to
darian but instead threw a Hershey Kiss into his forhead.
   "Hey i want a kiss..." Score chirped in some minor form of jealousy.
   "Score... Im not even gonna start with you."  Jamie commeneted
strolling up the stairs to her room to get changed.
   "Right, well lets get going on what were going to do next?" Pipian
said.  "Any ideas on how we're gonna get into TR HQ undetected?"
   At this Orion stood up, "Hey guys hasn't John been gone for an awful
long time?"
   "You right, Orion, Im gonna go check on him."  Tiki stood up and
left grabbing his belt and pokeballs.  He went toward the grocery store
and then when he didn't find John he decided to start wandering toward
Rock Tunnel, John liked heading out in this direction for walks.  Tiki
had only been on the Road to Rock Tunnel for about ten minutes, when he
heard a loud rumbling.
   Just then an Onix, popped out from underneath Tiki, "Holly Shit!!!!"
Tiki yelled as he was thrown a good fifteen feet back.  The Onix looked
at Tiki tilted his heads then dove back into the ground.  "Sorry buddy
but your not getting away that easily, TWIRL GO TO IT!!!" The Starmie
Appearead ready top do battle....

Reply by Lewis8661

Mike walked along on his way back to Cerulean.  "I'll take a break from
getting badges and get back to the PODA for awhile." Mike said as he
walked up to Curelean.  Mike walked first into the Pokemon Center and
got his Pokemon healed.  "I should probably hack into the Celadon Gym
database and learn as much as I can about the Gym leader.  That why
I'll know what to use against her." Mike says.

Mike recovered his pokeballs and walked into the PODA.  "I'm back!"
Mike shouts.  Jamie comes downstairs and says, "Oh hi.  You must be
that new guy we got about a week ago.  Tiki told me."  "Hi to you too.
I'm gonna take a break from collecting badges and see if there is any
case work to be done." Mike replies.  "Well, we're planning to bust
into TR HQ here in Cerulean, but we don't know what it'll be like."
Pipian said.  "That's an easy one.  I'll hack in and get a tactical
schematic of the place." Mike says.  Mike heads downstairs into Lewis's
room and goes onto the computer.  Everyone followed.  "Let's see...
There are four guards hidden at the main entrance...  There's a
ventilation shaft on the side of the building guarded by two patrolling
Rockets...  If someone gets into the shaft there are laser trip-beams
and put poison gas into the shafts.  There are underground entrances
through the sewers, but they have Grimers patrolling that area.  There
is a top entrance, not heavily guarded but contains missile bays with a
range of 200 ft." Mike reports.  Everyone stares at him.  "I don't know
how I did it either.  Here, I'll print the technical schematics for
each floor." Mike says.  "I'm starting to like this guy." Jamie says.

Reply by Syke6888 L

At Cerulean Rocket HQ...

"Well John you're the best agent we have so far!" said Jessie as John
cleaned house on a small group of Rockets. The current exercise was a
simple brawl where the last one standing was the winner. John had gone
through TR's many training exercises, from pickpocketing to Pokémon
snatching. John had now donned a red and black TR uniform, and Ariel was
currently being studied by TR scientists, but she wasn't cooperating.
Finally, they locked her into a containment dome so she would stop icing
every Rocket in sight.

"What do you expect? All these others are weaklings, Jessie!" cried
John, dusting himself off. Jessie and James looked at each other.

"Do you think he's ready?" asked James.

"Yes. Let's see how he does on the field." Jessie faced John. "Okay,
John, training's over for now. Let's see you use these skills."

Near Mount Moon...

"Okay John. here comes some trainers. Go."

John leaped up to a tree and watched as two nondescript trainers walked
out of Mount Moon. "Hah hah hah! I caught a Geodude!"

"Oh yeah! Your Geodude has no chance against the Onix Dad gave me!"

"Want to bet? Let's battle!" The two trainers started as small battle as
John watched. Finally, the Geodude fainted, and John had a chance to
strike. He leaped out of the tree, landing on the Onix. Riding it like a
Tauros, John forced the giant snake to smash into the base of Mount
Moon. That finished, he leaped off and grabbed the kid's Pokéball,
recalled the snake, and then disappeared in a cloud of smoke. The kid
blinked a few times, then started crying.

Back with Jessie and James, John tossed them the Onix's Pokéball.
"Here's a present for the Boss." Jessie and James stood there

"Wow! That was an interesting catch to say the least! But where was the
pyrotecnics? And the motto?"

"Why bother? It just gets in the way." John and his new friends headed
back to HQ to try and find John a partner.

Reply by Tiki

   "Alright Twirl it's been awhile since we last battled but lets give
it a try, Hydro Pump into the whole!!!" Tiki yelled.
   Twirl jumped into the air and fired toward the whole, the massive
pulses of water after the four jets had gone Tiki looked into the
whole, only to see a bunch of mud "What?"
   Just then a large rumbling noise began, then the Onixcrashed through
the surface of the rock underneath Twirl. "AHH Twirl, recover then
Blizzard attack!"  Twirl jumped off the ground after it hit it, then
shot off eight ice shards toward the Onix.  Before they it thought the
Onix hardened and with strained from fainting.  It then tried to fall
on Twirl (Rock Throw).  Twirl tried to evade with Minimiza but was
still sturck a mighty blow by the rock snake.  Twirl was about to faint
but fortunatly Tiki had a tirck up his sleeve.
   "Twirl, Recover now!"  Tiki yelled.  The starmie glowed and then
stopped somewhat better now.  "Alright now Hydro Pump the Onix again
this time make sure you hit it.  Twirl did as he was told and fired the
massive water streams at the tremendous beast.  the Onix hardened
again, but it was no use, even with its now ultra-tough skin it fell to
the ground near fainting.  "Great job Twirl, I'll take it from here,
GREAT BALL GO!!!!" Tiki through the Great Ball, and it closed around
the Onix.  It shook for what seemed like an eternity, eventually the
light went white.  "ALRIGHT I CAUGHT AN ONIX!!!!!!"  Tiki grabbed his
pokedex for info on the Onix.
    Tiki was shocked to learn that it had previously been owned by
another trainer and had been taught Dig ( instead of Earthquake like I
said) it also had Slam Rock throw and Harden.  It had been released by
it's trainer, for no reason specified.  The ball started glowing white
and teleported away.  Tiki returned Twirl and htne turned and ran back
towards PODA HQ....

Reply by Tiki

   Everyone was getting ready to go back upstairs when a large thud
came from the pokemon storage room.  Everyone ran into the room to see
a large Onix sitting there looking back at them.  "Well it would appear
that either Tiki or John caught a pokemon,"  Pipian said looking at the
large snake.
   "Well at least we know the teleporter's working," Score replied.
   Just then the large snake bent over close to everyone and took a
large inhale through his nose getting a good wiff of them.  The force
was so strong that Keri was taken off her feet, she was saved by Orion
though who grabbed her before it was too late.  After about thirty
seconds of inhaling gale forces, the Onix stopped and rubbed his head
against Pipian asking for attention.
   "It's like a big doggie.." Jamie said, walking up and scratching the
rocky skin behind the massive snake's horn on its forhead.  The snake
began to wag his tail causing quite a disturbance when it hit the wall,
"Onix don't do that!" Jamie, said harshly.
   The onix drooped it's head and then Jamie forgave him and continued
petting him.  It was about this time that the group heard the front
door slam shut, then they heard footsteps run down the staircase, Tiki
came busting in to see everyone looking at the door including the
pokemon.  "I see you guys met my new Onix," Tiki said proudly.
   "What are you going to name it Tiki?"  Jamie asked.
   "Midgard, I like that name." he replied.
   "Hey Tiki did you find John?" Darian asked.
   "Uhhh well he wasnt at or near the coffee shop, and I didnt see him
on Route 9 where I caught Midgard, so no I did not find him."
   "Hmmm I wonder where he could be?" Orion said inqusitively putting
Keri back down.
   "Oh hey Mike," Tiki said noticing the boy standing there with a
handful of papers, "What you got there?" Tiki asked.
   "Schematics of the Cerueleun TR HQ," He said handing them to Tiki.
   "Nice job, you hacked these?" Tiki asked.
   "Yep," Mike replied.
   "Well done, well I propose we find John then we try for TR HQ
tonight, when it's good and dark."
   In response to this Midgard let out a loud rumbling deep
"WOOOOOFFFFFF!!!!!!"  signifying he liked that idea.

Reply by Marco262

    Darian stepped back from the computer.
    "You guys go ahead and make a plan or whatever. I REALLY need to go
shopping for some new clothes." he said. The can he had stuffed his clothes
in in the Police HQ had apparently been a garbage can. Presently, he had
borrowed some clothes from Pipian. Unfortunately, Pipian's style didn't fit
well on Darian.
    Darian took Pardus outside to find a clothing store. Soon, Darian was
trying on clothes and Pardus was giving his opinion.
    "What do you think about this?" Darian had on a hawaiian shirt with a
turquoise vest and bell-bottoms and white platform shoes. He struck a disco
pose and Pardus almost choked.
    "Hmmph. Fashions change way too quicly these days." They finally settled
on a white muscle shirt under an open front hawaiian shirt and loose-fitting
black Dockers. Darian put on his shoes and went back to PODA HQ.

Reply by Syke6888 L

"Okay, we havn't found John, so that means he's either gone from town or
captured by Team Rocket." Tiki took the schematics from Mike and started
relaying the plan. "Mike, you and Jamie take the back. Score, you, Orion
and I take the front. Darian, place Keri into the ventilation shafts.
Pipian, wait at HQ just in case Anyone drops in on us. She's small
enough to avoid those tripwires. Once Keri's inside, continue with
Mike and Jamie. Take one of these watches so we can communicate."

The group left PODA HQ and headed towards the Rocket HQ. Pipian was
annoyed at how he got stuck with house sitting when a voice came from
behind. "Hello, Pipian (1)." Pipian turned around and saw a group of
Rockets. The sight that really surprised was the fact that John was in
the lead. That was the last sight Pipian saw for a while.

At Rocket HQ

Upon reaching, they split up. Tiki watched the guards and got an idea.
He released his Clefable, Charm, then wispered something to Charm. The
Clefable walked out and stood in front of the four Rockets. "Clefable!"
Two of the Rockets got stars in their eyes.

"A Clefable! Jason, if we catch this, the Boss will promote us from
guard duty for sure! Let's catch it!" At this Charm fled with two
Rockets on its tail. As soon as they were all out of sight Charm
released Metronome and got Ice Beam. With two Rockets frozen it was
child's play subduing the rest. Tiki opened the entrance and headed
inside, Jamie and Pipian at his heels.

In the back, Keri was placed into the shafts. She started walking
through, passing under each trip wire just as Tiki said. Meanwhile,
Score's kangaskahn flattened the two Rockets at back and tossed them
away like Frisbees. The small group "borrowed" an ID card and entered.
Each member split up and started searching. Darian was heading past a
coffee lounge and overheard some Rockets talking about the church
burning and a "new recruit." Darian waited in hiding until the Rockets
left, then placed a bug in the light fixture of the lounge. He continued

An hour later, PODA left the Rocket HQ, each member having found info on
future TR missions as well as on the church burning. When they reached
PODA HQ, they were instantly surprised to see the door open. Inside, as
ight met their eyes. Pipian was tied to a chair, unconcious. the entire
building had been ransacked, many stuff stolen or broken. Pipian's
Pokémon were gone as well. Tiki ran over to Pipian and splashed him
with a glass pf water. "Pipian, who did this to you?" Tiki asked.

Pipian looked up at his friends with alook of disbelief and pain, "It
was John."

Reply by Tiki

   Tiki thinking of the others pokemon being gone ran downstairs to the
room, only to find nothing there.  Tiki was about to start having an
"Episode" when the two pokemon he had left behind grew out from the
ground, Mints and Twirl had both minimized with the cmmmotion started.
John's pokemon and Pipian's pokemon had been cleared out.  Then Tiki
remembered Lewis's pokemon.  "Oh Shi*!" Tiki said.  Then Tiki heard
something.  Mints then opened up to reveal a large amount of pokeballs,
containing Lewis's reserve pokemon.
   Tiki ran upstairs to find the others had freed Pipian.  "DAMN IT!!!"
he yelled. "When the rockets busted in my pokemon came to save me.  But
I dont know what happened."
   "Muk Muk uk k Mmmm  (Tiki I know what happened.)." Mints said
tugging on Tiki's shirt.
   "What was it Muk?" Tiki wondered.
   "Muk Muk uk mukkkk uk kk mu mu muk muk mu mu muuuu kkk mmu uuu mu
muk kkk m mu muuuukkkkk.(Pipians pokemon were the first ones up here.
Right away the Rockets pulled out some kind of energy neta nd threw it
on pipian's pokemon and captured them.  Then we all ran and hid.  They
ransaced the house looking for us but all they found was Mike's
Haunter, they took him too.)
   "WHAT THEY TOOK MY HAUNTER!!!??!??!??!" Mike yelled
   "Well we're going to need to assault the base soon, and i know just
the people that are going to give us any information we need."  Tiki
stated.  A few minutes later they walked up onto a pair of Rocket
guards half thawed.  They waists and up were free, and they were
hacking away at the ice.  Until they noticed Tiki and a familiar
Clefable walking next to him.
   "HI BOYS!" Tiki said.
   "KE KE KEEEPPP THAT THING AWAY FROM US!!!" They yelled pointing at
   "Fable? (Who me?)"
   "I tell you what buddies, you tell me whatever I want to know about
your HQ and maybe some other things, or else my little friend here has
some fun."
   "Cle FABLE (Heheeeee)."
   "We cant tell you stuff about the HQ well get killed."  One of the
frozen guards said.
   "Have it your way, ok Charm," Tiki stepped away as Charm started
rocking back and forth.
   "Wha What's it doing?" the other guard asked.
   "I dont know its Metronome, could be anything."  Tiki smirked.
   "OK ILL TALK!!!" The second guard said.
   "WHAT YOU FOOL SHU...." The other guard started but was promptly
knocked out by Charm, Vine Whipping him in the head.
   "Ok TR man, tell me about changes of the guard."  Tiki started.
   20 minutes later, Tiki walked back in carrying two TR uniforms and a
peice of paper with times on it.  He threw the other one to Score, "Put
it on."
   Tiki explained that the group would knock out the four guards that
changed.  the well have six uniforms, lets see Me, Score, Orion, Mike,
Pipian, and Jamie.  PERFECT, Orion you can get a fat persons uniform
and hide Keri in your belly."
   "What about me?" Darian asked.
   "Darian you already have a shit load of costumes, im sure you have
a TR costume."  Tiki replied.
   "Oh yeah."
  That night at 12:37 AM the gang sat across from the TR HQ, Tiki Score
and Daraian were all in TR costumes.  The guards changed right on
schedule.  "Ok," Tiki began, "We have two hours exactly before the next
switch, if we can keep these guards from alerting others, no one will
notice them knocked out until we get back.  Ok Charm your job is too
kepp these four people knocked out by singing, think you can do it?"
  "Watch your language miss." Tiki said.
  "Cle (Sorry)."
  "No matter, we cant sing them to sleep to begin with because they'll
notice th sound.  So were going to have to use Chloroform and
handerchiefs."  Tiki distriputed a chloroform soaked handerchief to
each of the four without a uniform.
   They each snuck off and waited till no one was looking at the other
guard.  First was Jamie, she was lucky enough to have a girl rocket on
this watch.  Next soemone noticed Jamie's guard was gone, but before
ther could do anything Orion kncoked them out.  Next Pipian and Mike
stuck at the same time.  They then gaged and tied up to the guards
together.  Took off their clothes (except their underwear) and put them
on.  Keri was in Orion's belly.
   "Okay Charm In case you lose your voice or something, here's some
handkerchiefs and cholorfomr.  Good Luck Charm." Tiki said.
   "Cle, Fable fab (Thanx, right back at you.)."
   "Alright lets go," Pipian said.  And the group then walked into the
frint entrance of the building.

Reply by Syke6888 L

They split up again, each member easily passing for a Rocket. However,
Pipian made the mistake of forgetting to salute a superior officer. A
while later, he himself was gagged and dragged into a hidden room.
Inside, John awaited.

"I should have gone with Alex's idea and killed you back at HQ." Another
Rocket brought out a gun and aimed at Pipian's head. John stopped him.

"Wait, Alex, I have a better idea. Wouldn't it hurt PODA if one of their
own became a member of Team Rocket?" Alex thought for a moment, then put
his gun away. "Good idea, John. We have a new brainwashing machine and
need a chance to try it out.

Pipian chewed through his gag. "John! What have you done? Why did you
betray us? And after all we've been through?"

"What are you talking about? I have always been a Rocket. I didn't even
know what PODA was until eaelier today." Pipian's eyes shrunk as the
words reached his ears.

"John, that's not true. You're... Aaaagghhh!" An electric shock went
through Pipian, knocking him out. "That's enough of those lies. C'mon,
John, we have some berainwashing to do."

In another area of the HQ, Tiki had met up with everyone except Darian
and Pipian. "Any luck finding any sign of John?" All heads shook no.
"Damn. Well, keep looking. he has to be here." they split up again.
Shortly after, Tiki ran into a small group. "Hey, you!! C'mon, we need
someone else for this mission!" Before Tiki could protest he was grabbed
and dragged into the nearby van. The van roared off to the Cerulean Gym,
with orders to kidnap misty and the Pokémon.

In another area, Darian was on a computer, looking through the Rocket
member files. He stopped on one file. In this was all the known
information on a certain red-haired Rocket. As he read, darian's blood
boiled as it had back at the police station when he saw the picture. he
kept reading, and any rockets paid him no mind, believing he was
searching for a partner.

In the basement of HQ, Pipian was strapped in a chair with a VR helmet
on his head. He was squirming around in his chair and yelling out
in pain. Froma window John and Alex watched, Alex smirking, John

"What are you doing to him, electric shocks?" Alex laughed at John's

"Much worse. He is being forced to watch Barney the purple Kangaskahn
and friends. We find that the antics of that child manifestation is
enough to break down any victim." John shuddered.

"Yes, it's enogh to make the devil flee in fear. One of Team Rocket's
best ideas, given by one our worst members, James." the two continued to
watch Pipian's pain.

An half hour passes...

PODA meets outside of Rocket HQ. Among the group is Darian, Orion, Keri,
Jamie, and Score. "Where's Pipian and Tiki?" asked Score. Jamie spoke

"I have no idea where Pipian is, but Tiki was dragged on a Rocket
mission to Cerulean gym! We have to go bail him out!"

"But what about Pipian? And John?" asked Orion. The group agreed that
Jamie, Orion and Keri will help Tiki while the others continue to search
the Rocket building. They split up yet again.

In the basement...

"Okay, who are you?" asked John.

"I am Pipian, loyal Team Rocket member. My mission is to swipe Pokémon
from around the world, and to defeat those who oppose us."

"And your enemies are?" asked Alex.

"The Pokémon Detective Agency. And also the Elite 4, police officers,
and health food store owners." John and Alex sweatdropped.

"Well, the health food enemy was different, but at least the
brainwashing worked. Thank you, Barney." Alex and John then brought
Pipian to the training rooms.

Reply by Tiki

    Tiki stepped out of the van, "You" someone pointed at Tiki, "Go
with George over there," the leader of the group pointed to a well
built rocket who was obviously George.
    Tiki not having a choice walked off with George, "I haven't seen
you before," George said to Tiki.
    "Yeah well I'm new and all, just got out of training." Tiki
replied, trying not to blush.
    George and Tiki reached a door in the back it was guarded by three
senior trainer sand their pokemon.  George sent out an Exeggutor,
"ALright Exeggutor, Hypnosis those guards."
    "TOR (YES)!!!"  George removed one of Exeggutor's coconut heads and
Exeggutor kicked it in front of the guards.  They all looked at it
wondering what it was, and then were all hypnotised, by the head.  they
fell to the ground asleep.
    Tiki noticed it was Exeggutor's back head that was removed, he
dropped Sinder's pokeball silently.  At the same time Tiki tapped on
George's shoulder and Sinder did the same to Exeggutor.
    "What is it roo...."  Tiki's fist met George's face.  As did
Sinder's flamethrower with Exeggutor's faces.  Once both had fainted.
Tiki grabbed Exeggutor's other head and put it back on the poor plant.
    Then Tiki returned Sinder, and picked his way into the gym, he
needed to warn Misty.
    Meanwhile at the front of the gym, "Those guards will never let us
in," Orion said, looking at the guards in the front.
    "Yeah and they'll arrest us on sight in these rocket uniforms....
That's it, you stay here and when they chase after me sneak in."  Jamie
said leaping up.
    "WHAT.. are you doing?" Orion asked puzzingly.
MISTY NEANER NEANER!!!!!"  Jamie yelled at the guards.  Then three
fourths of the guards chased after Jamie, while another one ran inside
to phone the cops.  Leaving only one guard left.  Orion looked around
for something, then he found a rock.  Grabbing it he ran in front of
the guard, and before he could react through it at him.  The guard
repsonded by catching it.  And then Orion punched him.
    "Sorry about that," Orion said lying the guard down gentally, and
running inside.
    Meanwhile Tiki had managed to sneak to the hallway where Misty's
room was.  But it was heavily guarded.  "Hmmm what to do, there's too
many ot fight even for Zip."  Tiki contemplated his options.  But he
didn't have to find a solution, because half the guards were called out
to guard the now unguarded front.  Another quarter we're called to
guard the back.  And the last quarter were called to search the
buidling for intruders.  Other guards would be there soon to guard
     All the guards ran off, Tiki saw this as his chance, ran up and
picked into Misty's room right before the other guards rounded the
corner.  he shut the door quickly, unfortunatly waking up Misty. She
eepeed and screamed. "GUARRRRDDSSSSS!!!!!!"
    "NO don't scream I'm here to help you, please be quiet, I don't
want ot harm you I'm trying to stop the realt Team Rocket from getting
you." Tiki showed her him badges, "Would a rocket have these?"
    Misty contemplated this as Tiki ran into the closet as the guards
opened the door, "MADAM MISTY WHAT IS IT!?!?"  They yelled.
    "Oh ummm nothing it must have been a bug." She said, "Im alright
now, you can go."
    The guards face-faulted and closed the door, Tiki came out, "Thak
you, your guards aren't oging to be able to stop team rocket, there are
a lot of them now."  Tiki said, "We need to hide and find away to get
the police here."
    Just then outside the sound of bodies falling to the ground was
heard, "Quick under the bed!" Tiki ordered.  Misty did as she was told
and dove under the bed.
    Then the rocket's entered, "HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOIN HERE?!?!?!?"
They yelled.
     "Uh... I searched this room, and she's not in here."  Tiki replied.
     "How did you get here?  Where's your partner?" They asked.
     "Uh.. Uhmmmm..." Just then Tiki noticed someone appear in the
doorway, he smiled, "He's right there,"  They turned around to see
Orion, who punched one in the face while Tiki released Sinder and Zip,
who promptoly elctracuted, burned the remaining Rockets.
     "There you are Tiki, we need to get out of here, the police are
arriving."  Orion said.
     "OK Misty you can come out, you'll be okay now just don't go
anywhere and make sure you dont open the door except for the police."
Tiki said, opening a barred window that could only be opened from the
     "Now that I'm expecting them no one's gonna get me!" Misty said
picking pu her pokeballs.  Orion, Keri and Tiki jumped out the wondow
right before the Police arrived.  Tiki and Orion landed, right in front
of Jamie.
      "Hey guys I lost those guards, we don't have any time to stick
around we need to book it back to the TR HQ and meet up with the
others," Jamie said stopping only for a second before everyone started
running toward the TR HQ.

Reply by Thatguyty

Score, disguised as a lowly Rocket, reached into his pocket and
pulled out a cigar lighter. He reached into his other pocket and pulled
out a small aerosol Binaca. "Where are you going Score?" asked Darian.
"It's time for an ass whoopin'," replied Score, through gritted
teeth. He released Roo from his pokeball and ordered him to find a way
in. Roo tip toed (as best a gargantuan Kangaskhan can tiptoe) up to a
dark wall and carefully felt up and down it's surface. He curled his
right hand into a fist and knocked, listening intently along the wall.
After careful considered, he wound up and Mega Punched hole in the
wall. Score climbed through as Darian and Mike watched intently.
Once inside, Score found himself in a small, smokey room with
four Rockets playing cards. All stared in disbelief with mouths gaping,
cigars barely balancing on their fat lips. Finally, one reached for a
gun on the table beside his betting chips. Score struck a ninja pose
and yelled a war cry. He glanced towards the roof and noticed a
sprinkler. He lifted his lit zippo skyward and released a Binaca burst,
creating a flame thrower type effect.
A fire alarm sounded and the sprinkler filled the room with icy
water. The Rockets were momentarily distracted, leaving Score just
enough time to kick the first one in the nuts, doubling him over, and
then delivering a stunner to his chin. He walked over to a scarwny pair
and slammed their heads together. The last Rocket ran to get help, but
Score promptly took out his knee with a scissor kick, sending his
forehead into a doorknob.
With a pile full of knocked out Rockets lying in a heap on the
floor, Score, still in Rocket gear, calmly walked out into the hall and
strode into a room with 8 men in business suits sitting around a table.
He walked in just in time to hear the words, "Silph Co." before the men
pulled their gaze away from what looked like a giant, hollowed out
banana on the table. One man stood up and yelled at Score.
Score leaped on to the table, and began singing in a Beastie
Boy-esque, whiny voice, "Caaaause no body, can do it, like Mix Masa
Obscenities from the business men made the air vibrate with
rage. Score backflipped off the table, landing squarely on the ground
on the opposite side of the table. He twirled a one eighty,
simultaneously jabbing two of the men in the nose. "Now testify!" he
yelled as he double clotheslined two men that rushed him. The remaining
four men grabbed chairs and ran towards Score.
As the first wave of two men approached, they lifted their
chairs above their heads in perfect position for Score to smash his
palms into the bottoms, smashing the chairs into the forehead of the
men. Both fell, revealing two more men attempting to use their chairs
as battering rams. Score dropped to the floor, tripping the two men,
and sending them hurling out of a large glass window, screaming. Score
picked up the banana shaped object and left the building, meeting
Darian and Mike back outside.
"What's that you have there?" asked Darian.
"I think it's one of those deals they use for that game, you
know the one, jai alai I think it's called," replied Score, "Except
suped up. Silph Co's latest invention."
"Uh," muttered Mike, "What does it do?"
Score attached the device to his hand and pulled out Spanky,
his Pidgeotto's pokeball and put it into the hollow part, on his hand.
The device had a joint that wrapped around Score's wrist. He held his
arm back and up. With a long, powerful swoop (and the help of 3 joints
in his arm), Score sent Spanky's pokeball flying about 150 yards away,
into a forest.
Spanky flew back, pokeball in talons. "Oh," said Mike.
Score found himself a new weapon in his fight against crime as
he saw the rest of PODA running towards the trio.

Reply By Tiki

     Tiki, Orion, Jamie, and Keri all ran up to Score, Darian, and
Marco.  "Did you guys have any luck finding anything about the case, or
where John or Pipian are???" Jamie asked.
     "Well I did find this," Darian handed Jamie a peice of printed
paper, "It gives the name of the rocket that commited the burning.
Rockets are very good journal keepers.  But unfortuantly we haven't
found a trace of John or Pipian."  Darian finished.
      Then as if almost on que there was a large puff of smoke, and up
arose two figures dressed in black.  As the smoke cleared the members
of PODA saw somethign they would never have expected, John and Pipian
in Rocket suites.
      "John Pipian there you two are, you guys are dressed up as
rockets too?  Go figure, come on we have all the info we need let's get
out of here."  Tiki said, he turned and began to walk away.
      "GO?!?! WITH YOU!!!!  I think not, you are our enemy's we shall
not go anywhere, on the contraru you shall go with us."  John
commented.  then Pipian dragged out some sort of gun and fired it at
the gang, only Jamie and Tiki managed to avoid the sticky net that
entagled everyone else like spider's cocoons.
     "Give up now and we shall go easy on you."  Pipian said putting
away the gun since it only had one shot to it.
     "GIVE UP!!! I dont think so!!! Come on Jamie let's beat these two
fools."  Tiki said.
     "WHAT!!! But Tiki there are friends, we can't"
     "We don't have a choice we either fight back or get captured,
think of it as tough love."  Tiki replied.
     "JOHN PIPIAN!!!! Don't you remember us???"  Jamie asked.
     "YES WE DO, we remember you are our enemies.  Now no more
staling.  Oddly, Jynx go!!!!" Pipian yelled.
     "Flash, Spark, Ariel go!!!" John's newly returned Vaporeon along
with the rest of his eeveelutions appeared ready to fight.
     "Jamie.. lets go"  Tiki looked at Jamie who was still in
shock.  "Fine you two are going to regret this, Midgard, Sinder, Zip

Reply by Syke6888 L

"Suckers!" yelled John as he released some white gunk from his glove.
the stuff immediately covered Zip, taking the Pikachu out of battle.
Spark's spikes glowed, and immediately blasted Sinder with a powerful
Thundershock. Sinder got up and his eyes shrunk as a Blair-Witch style
symbol flew in his direction. Wham! The fire blast slammed into the
lizard and he crashed into the wall. Pipian slammed his fist on a nearby
button, and a cage landed over Sinder. The mighty lizard tried to bend
the bars, but a large shock hit him.

"Electabuzzes...gotta love 'em." came a voice behind them. Tii and Jamie
whirled around and saw Alex, John's partner. "Give up, PODA pest.
There's no escape.

"No way! Midgard, Dig!"

"OOONNNIXX!" Midgard smashed its head into the ground, creating a long
tunnel. Tiki grabbed Jamie and a few of the others and ran down the
tunnel, leaving behind Marco, Score and Sinder. Alex was about to follow
them when Midgard slammed into the tunnel, causing a cave-in.

"Damn! We almost had them!" he cursed. John and Pipian looked on in
quiet. It was at that time Alex noticed something. "Where's the
Vaporeon?" Ariel was nowhere to be seen.

Back at PODA HQ...

"Damn! What possessed John and Pipian to join Team Rocket? I feel so
betrayed." The group was standing outside the building and trying to
free Orion and the others from the web-gunk. Suddenly, a wave of water
splashed over them all. A sopping wet Tiki looked over and saw Ariel.
"Vaporeon eon eon!" orion translated.

"According to Ariel, john had an accident earlier. An attack by a
Raticate caused him to smash his head into a wall and now he has

A look of understanding cam over Tiki. "And I guess Pipian was
brainwashed. I should have known better. But that still leaves us with a
few me...er, people short. Not only that, but they got Sinder." Tii
sighed. "Hey, wasn't the door closed when we left?" A quick ice beam and
some chipping later, the group went in to investigate and found...

Reply by Lewis8661

There, lying on the floor, was a 14 year old wearing torn and tattered
clothes.  Mike bent over to try to help her up, but instead he suddenly
felt immense pain in his head!

"I refuse to lose, so here's a clue, Parasect! I choose you!" Mike says
in his battle phrase.  Parasect comes onto the field.  "And I choose as
my Pokemon, Fearow!" the girl replies.  Fearow came out of its pokeball
and flew around.  "Parasect!  Take that thing down with a Spore!" Mike
commands.  "Fearow, blow the spore back with a Whirlwind!" the girl
shouts.  Fearow flaps its wings hard and blows the spore straight back
at Parasect, who falls asleep.  "Return Parasect!  I refuse to lose, so
Venonat it's all up to you!" Mike shouts.  Venonat comes out of its
pokeball and stands below Fearow.  "Fearow!  Take it down with a fury
attack!" the girl shouts.  Fury blasts were firing at Venonat, but
Venonat was quick and evaded them.  "Venonat!  Counter attack with a
Psybeam!" Mike shouts.  Venonat fires a Psybeam at Fearow who
immediately faints.

Tiki helped Mike up as Jamie helped the girl up.  The girl had her eyes
closed and said, "Lewis...  Team Rocket..."  She then fainted.  Orion
picked up a note and read, "Dear PODA, this is Lewis.  I was attacked
by two Team Rocket members in Mt. Moon when this girl, who's name is
Bridget, saved me and was injured by a blastoball.  Please take care of
her until I get back.  Tiki, this girl was the one I mentioned in my
vision with Mewtwo.  Sincerely, Lewis."  The group brought Bridget down
into Lewis's room, where Mike said, "I just had a flashback of battling
with this girl.  Of course, there she was wearing one of those Flying
Baron outfits used in WW2."  "'The flying Baroness'?  Funny.  Anyway,
we should call a nurse from the hospital to help her." Jamie suggested.

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