[PW!] Reunions

Last time, the PODA discovered Bridget, a girl who had been attacked by
Team Rocket and rescued by Lewis.  The girl managed to get into the
PODA HQ and was being treated for.

And now the continuation...
"She's lucky to be here!  She's one tough girl." the nurse said.  "Will
she be ok?" Tiki asks.  "Yes, with some rest for a day or two." the
nurse replies.  The nurse took her bag and walked out of the door.
"Well, we should probably try to free Pipian and John from that
brainwashing TR gave them!" Mike says.  "We'll need a psychic Pokemon
to get them back." Jamie says.  "I'll handle that." a voice said.
Several heads turned to see Lewis walk down the stairs with a suitcase
in hand, and a baby Jigglypuff in the other.  "Lewis!  You're back!"
they all said.  "Yep!  And now I have two priorities: eat candy canes
and kick Team Rocket ass!  And I'm all out of candy canes!" he said.
"Well it's good to have you back." Tiki said.  "I'm afraid for not very
long." Lewis said.  "What do you mean?" Jamie asked.  "In a week or
two, I'm heading for the Indigo Plateau to participate in a
tournament!" Lewis explained.  "Well I'll come with you!" Mike said.
Everyone stared at him.  "I'll participate too!" Mike says.  "I'll come
too." Bridget said.  "You're in no condition for Pokemon battles."
Lewis said.  "Not to participate, to cheer you on." Bridget said.  "So
fill me in on what our plan is." Lewis says.

Reply by Pipian

MEANWHILE, at Cerulean Rocket HQ...

    Pipian was getting out of the complementary bathroom that the Rockets
provide for living quarters for partners.

    "Hey, John,"


    "I remember that boy and the Eevee from somewhere before..."

    John thought to himself that the brainwashing may not have been

    "I remember now!  They were on that Wanted poster! They escaped Giovanni
a few months ago and he still wants them."

    John sighed a sigh of relief quietly.

    "Yeah, I noticed that too."

    "Why didn't we capture them?"

    "They escaped before I got a chance to know who they were..."

Reply by: Syke6888 L

"Well, c'mon, we can go get them now!" Pipian started to run off, but
John grabbed him by the collar and tossed him back on his bed.

"Not so fast, Pip, PODA's probably waiting for us to try that. What we
need is a plan, or at least a diversion..." John's mind wandered and
suddenly a strange flash appeared. John saw a strange image of ehat
appeared to be a 10-year-old boy working on some kind of farm. He was
riding a Ponyta, trailing a small group of Raticate with an Eevee and a
Growlithe running beside him. Also was a somewhat familiar-looking
female also riding a Rapidash. Before anything could bes discerned
pipian tapped on john's shoulder, bringing him back to the present.

"John, come on, we have to go get our briefing from the Boss." The two
left the room, each unconcerned about anything.

Reply by: Tiki

Tiki sat in the hospital bored and enraged, he couldn't just sit
here while Score and Darian sat in some cage, with Sinder having the
same fate. Tiki jumped up and started walking to the door, he grabbed
his pokeballs, he had retreived Charm awhile ago from rocket guarding
duty, and he was still resting. Tiki walked outside and toward's PODA,
he was hoping the package he ordered had gotten there. He smiled when
he saw a box in front of PODA. Tiki grabbed it and opened it, it
contained all the TM's he ordered. He quickly taught all of the moves
to his pokemon and tossed the used TM's in the trash.
Tiki felt a rage burning ion him, he couldn't let this go on
anymore, he was going to finish this one way or another. Right before
he left he grabbed his metalic staff before leaving, he hadn't used it
since the incident.
He proceaded to the TR HQ, but was stopped by someone yelling, "Tiki
wait up," he turned and saw Jamie running up to him. "Where are you
going?" she asked.
"To rescue Score, Darian, and Sinder."
"I want to go along," Jamie said.
"We may run into John and Pipian again, are you ready to fight
them?" Tiki asked.
"Yes, it's to help them, so I think I can do it." Jamie said.
"Alright then let's go." Tiki said.
"Ok," the two walked off to TR HQ. When they got their twenty
minutes later, it was almost dawn, Tiki hadn't slept for 24 hours, but he
was too determined to care. "So what's the plan Tiki?" Jamie wondered.
"Well let's see here, it's almost daylight, so the guards are going
to move indoors, so when they do...." Tiki continued to explain.
Eventually the sun rose, the two waited and soon enough the guards
went inside. "Alright, let's go." the two ran up to the complex,
avoiding the security camera's, when they got to the wall, Tiki called
out Zip, and Jamie called out Magnemite. "Okay you two electric attack
the camera above us, try not to just blow this camera out but send a
surge through the system and shut all the camera's off for a little."
Tiki said to the two electric pokemon.
They each charged up an attack and unleashed it. The camera they
were zapping exploded, but not before senidng a massive energy flux
through the system. "Alright let's go. The camera's will be on
shortly." Jamie said, as the two ran inside.

Reply by: Thatguyty

Score sat in a dark room on a wooden chair. His feet were bound
together, and his hands were tied behind his back. A large man paced
around Score menacingly. "So... you gonna talk.... or am I gonna make
you talk?" asked the man as he bent over Score.

Score smelled garlic and cigarettes on his breath; a near lethal
combination. Score kept a scowl on his face and looked straight
forward, rarely blinking, showing no signs of emotion.

"Talk to me punk!" screamed the man. Someone knocked at the door. "What
is it?" yelled the man.

"The security cameras are down. Someone's cut the power!" said a
worried Rocket. Score kept his brow furrowed and eyes forward. The man
glared at him. A solitary bead of sweat rolled down Score's cheek.

"What do you know about this?" asked the man, "TELL ME!"

Score kept his gaze. Suddenly, he saw the opportunity he was looking
for. Bringing both feet up, he quickly booted the man in the groin and
flipped his chair back. He rolled, and skillfully landed with both feet
on the ground. Score brought his hands over his head, still tied
together. His freakish double jointed arms had finally paid off.

He heard Rocket reinforcements running to their comrades aid. Reaching
into his pocket, he pulled out two pokeballs and dropped them to the
floor. Roo, his Kangaskhan, and Horny, his Rhyhorn popped out and
awaited orders. "Get me out of here," said Score, calmly and without

Roo and Horny made a mess of the place, smashing tables, knocking down
parts of the roof and creating new exits. Score heard Darian yelling
from a hole in the wall. He fell to the floor and rolled to a fallen
metal bar. He worked quickly removed the ropes from his hands, then
untied his legs. He ran to the next room to see Darian on the floor
tied up. He untied him and said, "Common, help's here."

Reply By: Syke6888 L

The two got up and started to find a way out.Unfortunately, the first
hole they chose was an entrance to the TR Rec room, and soon the two
fought their way out and chose another path, dwon a hallway. So intent
were they on thier escape they failed to notice the two arms swinging
in their direction. Wham! Score and Darian were clotheslined off their
feet, landing hard on the floor. John and Pipian appeared from their
hiding spots. "These PODA members are idiots. They have no idea that if
a person is to be successful, they must be quiet," said John.

"But who set off the alarm?" asked Pipian.

"Easy, Tiki. We have his Charizard. one does not let a Pokémon of that
magnitude stay captured for long." They started to cart their captives
away when a voice came from behind.

"Drop them, you two. Now it's time you returned to our side." The
Rockets whirled around and saw Tiki.

"I was expecting you. Your Charizrd is waiting impatiently in a
containment dome somewhere here. However, it's a shame you won't live to
see him," said John.

"We'll see about that."

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