[PW!] Karuko's Journey Begins

    Karuko woke up in her parents' house.  She sighed, recollecting once
again, the happy times she had with her parents.  They had died just a few
months previously.  In their will, they left practically everything they
owned to their only daughter, Karuko, as both her parents, as well as Karuko
herself, were single children.  She got dressed and made breakfast.  Karuko
was lucky that her parents had paid the mortgage off on the house, or she
would have had to go to work.  Luckily, the money that her parents had left
her was adequate to supply her for about 6-10 months.  She ate breakfast
quietly, thinking about what she would do today.  Today was the day that she
would leave Cerulean and try to build a new life.  She figured that there
were too many bad memories here, so she decided to leave.  She also figured
that the best thing to support her in the meanwhile would be to become a
traveling pokemon trainer.  She, however, did not care to become a pokemon
master, because she felt that wasn't her life's calling.

    "Vulpix!" called a voice from under the table.

    "Hi, Volcano! How are you doing today?"

    "Vulpix, vul!"

    "Fine?  Well guess what we're doing today.  Today is the day we start
our search for a new life..."

    "Vul..." said Volcano reluctantly.

    "I know you don't want to leave.  Neither do I.  But there are too many
bad things that have happened here in our lives.  It's time to move on."


    Karuko finished breakfast and got ready for her journey.  After about 30
min., Karuko was ready to leave.

    "Come Kazan, our new life awaits."

    The Vulpix quietly followed her master out the door and south of town.
As Karuko was leaving Cerulean for possibly the last time, she said,
"Goodbye my home, but it is time to move on."  She then spotted a sign that
said, "The Pokemon Detective Agency, for all your detective needs"

    "Heh, they look new, but I doubt they could last more than a few
months," she said, "with the abundance of Rockets in the area..."

    She continued on and left Cerulean for Saffron.

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