[PW!][PODA] Tiki's Civil War

   LAST TIME:  Tiki and Jamie broke into the TR complex, Score and
Darian escaped and were then re-captured by John and Pipian.  Tiki has
just confronted the two.

   "Ok you two morons, we're going to end this insanity now, PODA
members should not be knocking out other PODA members and carting them
away!!!!" Tiki yelled, taking out his staff and extending it.
   "What are you talking about, we have never been a member of PODA!!!
You are our enemies!!!" John yelled.
   "Yeah and I'm Saint Bill of Goddish."  Tiki said, "It's time to cut
the crap, even if you two can't remember who you are, your going to
give me back Sinder and Score and Darian."
   "You and what army's going to make us?"  Pipian asked.
   "This one," Tiki said, throwing his 5 pokeballs to the ground.
Mints, Midgard, Zip, Flutter, and Twirl appeared.
   "Well if it's a pokemon battle you want..."  John threw three
pokeballs to the ground and his three eeveelutions appeared,  Pipian
also threw three and Haunter, Liryu, and Kadabra appeared.  "Alright
all of you attack."  Pipian and John yelled.  The six pokemon looked at
their trainers.
   "WHAT IS IT???!!!" they both asked.
   "Vap or eeeon (Those are our friends.)" Ariel mentioned.
   "Flare, eon on fla (Why do you want us to attack them)?" Flash asked.
   "Stupid rocket's they had anticipated mindless obediance from their
trainers.  Too bad your pokemon have minds of their own."  Tiki then
with staff in hand charged the two rockets.  "If you two can't remember
who you are I'm going to have to beat it into YOU!!!!"  Tiki screamed
swining wildly, at the two rockets.  His pokemon yelled to stop but
their words fell flat.
   It was then that Jamie caught up, she had searched another part of
the building for the captives, she had founds Sinder.  "TIKI!!!!"  she
yelled as she saw him trying to conecct with the rockets foreheads.
Then Tiki's staff smashed into Pipian's leg causing him to fall to the
raised his staff to strike into Pipian's skull, when Sinder rushed Tiki
and ramme dinto him.  Tiki fleww into a wall and fainted.  Score and
Darian then awoke.
   "Let's get out of here John."  Pipian said, "Our pokemon seem to be
delusional today."  They returned their pokemon then ran off.  Score
was about ready to pursue them.
   "Score forget them, we need to get Tiki back to HQ."  Sinder picked
up Tiki and flew through the roof, as everyone else followed.
   Back at HQ Mike and Lewis were there half packed to leave for a
little in a few days.  Sinder walked in and dropped Tiki on a couch.
Soon everyone else followed.
   "WHAT HAPPENED?!?!"  Mike yelled in bewilderment.
   "Tiki went crazy... again"  jamie replied.
   It was a few minutes before Tiki came too.  "Wha.. what happened?"
   "You almost killed Pipian.... again."  Jamie replied.
   "WHAT!!!???"  Just then the last six hours cam rushing back into
Tiki's mind, he could remember being in a daze and only feeling
rage.  "OH GODDISH!!!!" he yelled.
   "What?" Darian asked.
   "The evil it tried to escape, I almost killed Pipian.... was anyone
seriously wounded?"  Tiki asked.
   "Other than you, and the bruise you left on Pipian's leg no."  Jamie
   "We need to get back there and help them." Tiki said.
   "NO, you need to rest and make sure this doesn't happen again, the
rest of us need to make a plan." Jamie ordered.
   "NO BUT'S ABOUT IT. Tiki you almost killed someone, you need to
settle down."  Jamie replied.
   "Fine..." Tiki replied sinking back into the couch.
   "By the way how's Bridget?"  Jamie asked.
   "She'll be right as rain in a couple of days." Lewis replied.
   "Alright then let's get to figuring out what to do," Jamie and the
toehrs walked into another room, while Tiki was left with his thoughts.

Reply by: Tiki

    "Alright!" Jamie started, "We need to find some way to get John and
Pipian out of whatever trance their in.  Anyone have any ideas how this
could be done?"
    "We could brainwash them by making them watch Barney the Purple
Kangaskhan."  Darian said.
    "That would never work, that's only a stupid wives' tale."  Score
said.  "We need a better idea, hmmmm."
    "Maybe we could hit them over the head with something." Darian once
again suggested.
    "That never works either." Jamie replied, "We need to think of
something thta actually has a chance of working. Like... like....
bringing back their memories.  Their pokemon still know who we are,
with their help maybe we can break this perplexing problem."  Jamie
said proud of her own problem solving skills.
    "So what do we need to do?"  Orion asked.
    "First off we need a distraction, we can get the police to raid the
TR HQ with the new evidence he found at their HQ.  While this is going
on we can sneak in and find Pipian and John and then force some sense
into them.  Well need personal objects like pictures and stuff." Jamie
said in a commanding tone.  Everyone scattered then and got what was
    Ty and Orion went to the Police HQ and turned in a package of
evidence to the officer in charge.  Before they could be asked too many
questions, they both dodged out of the HQ.  Meanwhile Jamie and Darian
were gathering pictures and other items of Pipain's and John's.

Reply by: Syke6888 L

At this time, in Rocket HQ...

"Ahhhhh!!! Stupid Charizard!" A Rocket scientist yelle, his hair on
fire. Sinder, still locked in his cage, smiled menacingly at the two
traitors standing before him. "Wish my Vaporeon would listen to me right
now," said John. Pipian just sniffed.

A small screen rolled down on. Giovanni's face appeared on it. "You
still don't have that Charizard under control? Useless. John, Pipian, I
have a new mission for you."

"What is it, sir?"

"You see, Indigo Plateau is currently holding a special contest for
Pokémon trainers. However, this leaves the Elite Four wide open to
attack. I want you to sneak in and try to snatch the members, or at
least their pokémon. I believe it'll be an interesting challenge. Also,
it'll keep that blasted PODA off our backs for a while."

"Right," said John and Pipian in unison. The two headed back to their
current job: trying to tame Sinder.

Continued from Tiki's Reply:

    Three hours later, the police have gathered a task force together
adn are ready to chareg.  It's now night time again and the gang sneaks
out toward the back of the TR HQ.  Tiki is left at PODA HQ with nothign
to do.
    The police force rushes into TR HQ, and as the chaos begins, what
is left of PODA, and Keri and Orion sneak into the HQ....

Continued from Syke's Reply:

John was redy to head off to indigo Plateau when an explosion rocked the

"What the...?" Alex ran up to him and Pipian.

"It's a major attack by the Cerulean police Force! they've linked Team
Rocket to the church bombing a while back!" He tossed both of them an
ice gun. "Get out there and start attacking!"

John and Pipian headed out and narrowly avoided an incoming blast. John
aimed, fired and frosted a few good men. Pipian, meanwhile, made
iceicles out of a few Jennies. A sudden Fire Blast smashed the building.

"Growlithes!" John hit a switch, turning his ice gun into... you guessed
it, a Water Gun. While other Rockets worked on the officers, John picked
off the useless mutts. This stalemate went on until a loud growl filled
the building. "Oh crap..." was all Pipian could say.

Crash! A seriously pissed off Charizard crashed through the building.
Sinder, now free thanks to a slighty frizzled Keri (she had chewed on
the cables controlling the cage) started making short work of the
Rockets, with mucho physical attacks along with the occasional
Flamethrower or two. "Damn! retreat!" yelled Alex. The leftover Rockets
headed back into the bulding.

"We have to get out of here now! the balloons are useless with that
Charizard! Are there any ways to amscray?" John asked Alex.

"Ever heard of the back door?" was Alex's reply. John facefaulted. the
three rushed out the back as a group of Jennies tossed various agents
into a van. Back in the building, Orion was simply pissed.

"All that and we didn't even find the two! What a waste!"

Keri said, "ee vee vee vee." [Well, at least we saved Sinder.]

"Yeah, but John and Pipian are still on their side! Tiki's not going to
be happy." his watch started beeping. john pushed a button and Giovanni

"What's going on over there? What's with this news bulletin about a
major bust?"

"Sorry sir, somehow these police officers did something right and linked
us to the bombing. the building's slightly busted, and many rockets are
in jail. we managed to escape."

Giovanni was not happy. "You idiots! Why can't you do anything right?
Get to Indigo Plateau and don't bother me until you do something right
this time!" John turned of his watch

"Hmmph. he calls us and then says we bothered him. How can we put up
with this guy?" Alex simply shrugged.

The trio headed out into the night, destination: Elite 4.

Reply by: Thatguyty

Little did they realize Score trailed behind about 20 feet, hiding
behind bushes and trying to travel as silently as possible. At one
point, he stepped on a twig, creating a sharp snapping noise. The trio
turned but kept walking. Score petted his new jai alai 'cesta' (which
he looked up in Encarta). He'd finally get a chance to hurt something.

Reply by Anonymous:

Moments after they left, Jamie and Darian returned from PODAHQ with a sack full
of memorabilia to jog the memories of their amnesiac friends. When they
arrived, they saw the building in ruin. What was left of the small outpost was
slowly burning to the ground. Jennys and Growlithe were crawling all over the
scene, seeking out any Rockets left behind. One of them turned to the
detectives. "Sorry kids, I'm going to have to ask you to vacate the
   Jamie whipped out her badge. "The name's Jamie, and this is Darian. We've
been working on this case for weeks."
   "Well it's about time you guys got here! There isn't much left to see. Most
of the Rockets escaped before we could round them up, but we've got air
surveillance." At that, she pointed to some of the other Jennys, who were
tossing out their Pidgeotto and Fearow. "They won't get far."
   "Well, keep us informed if you find any of them, so we can hold them for
questioning." Jamie handed them an official-looking PODA business card.
   "Will do. By the way, could you help us take care of this little problem?"
Following her gaze, Darian and Jamie saw Sinder flying circles around the
building's remains, flaming any Growlithe that tried to subdue it.
   Jamie recognized him. "That belongs to one of our agents. Darian, you stay
here while I go get Tiki. Maybe he can calm him down."
   "Sure thing," he said as she ran back to the HQ.

Reply by Tiki:

   Jamie ran back to PODA HQ, to get Tiki.  She ran in to find him
sitting on the couch in the main office, "What's goign on?"  Tiki asked
looking at Jamie.
   "John and Pipian are gone, so's Score he's following them.  But the
big thing is Sinder is free and he's causing a big problem down at
what's left of the Rocket HQ."  Jamie replied.
   Tiki jumped out without a word grabbed a nearby pokeball nearby and
started out toward the Rocket HQ.  As he reached there the police were
trying to subdue Sinder with a large amount of Squirtle's and
Wartortle's but to no avail.  Sinder just recovered from any damage they
did then Dragon Raged an offending water pokemon.
  "SINDER!!! Stop that, we need to go find Score and Pipian and John."
Tiki yelled.  Sinder looked down to see his friend, he landed next to
Tiki folded his wings.  The two turned around and began to walk back to
the PODA HQ.  "Come on you guys we need to go after those three before
they reach wherever their going." Tiki said, as Jamie and Darian ran
after him.
   When they reached PODA Tiki was already on his labtop accessing a new
program he and Pipian had been working on. "What you doin Tiki?" Darian
   "Score knew about this new project Pipian and I were working about,
we had made these two com links with trackers on them.  If I know Score
and his... interesting mind.  He probably grabbed one thinking it was
something that would come in handy.  Not even knowing what it was.  he's
probably ha dit on him for a few days.  I'd been trying to find the
second one, and now I have." A map of the world appeared, became a 3-D
scematics map of the world then zoome in on a little yellow blip.
Eventually it showed the little blip just outside Pewter.  Tiki grabbed
the other com-link punched in the coordinates of the other com link and
then pushed a button and started talking.  "Score can you here me?"
Tiki asked.
   "WHAT... Tiki is that you, what is this gizmo?"  Score cam ein loud
and clear.
   "Yes it's me and it's a com-link, tracker.  I thought you may have
taken it wondering if it'd come in handy."
   "Well it did, so a tracker hmmm, I suppose you know that we're just
outside Pewter.  John and Pipian are heading towards Indigo Plateau and
the big pokemon tourney there right now.  They have a large numbe of
rockets with them.  they're traveling incogneato, as normal everday band
of travelars.  We're still like two weeks walk away from Indigo. But
these two are talking about some transportation.  They rode on some
Rapidash this far that's how we got here so fast.  I magaed to catch a
rid eon one myself to keep in tow.  But the Rapidash were re-collected
by some other group fo rockets.  Anyways I have to go now we're almost
to Pewter, Score out."  The intercom went dead.
   "Okay guys we need to find the fastest way to Indigo Plateau."  Tiki
   "Easy Pidgeot's, you can fly on Bullseye, and Jamie and I can rent
some.  We can fly to Indigo and pretend we're just people there to see
the tourney."  Darian responded.
   "Tiki are you sure your up to this?" Jamie asked.
   "I'm as ready as I'll ever be."  Tiki retorted.  Whirling around and
out the door towards the Pidgeot Airways station.  He yelled back to
   Jamie and Darian locked up and ran after Tiki with the sacks of
memory jump starters for John and Pipian, and the other com-link and
Tiki's comp.

Reply by Tiki:

   Score had been following the group of rockets for awhile now, it had
been two days since he talked to Tiki.  The rockets had reached
Viridian and were there waiting for something.  They were staring at
the sky looking for something.  Score heard something off in the
distance, the rockets looked behind them to see a flock of pidgeot's
flying toward them.  A couple of people on Pidgeot's were herding the
other pidgeot's forward.  They then started herding the pidgeot's to
the ground.  After five minuites of this all the pidgeot's were on the
ground and had been mounted by a rocket.  Score dropped Spanky's
pokeball to the ground and the Pidgeotto came out, Spanky couldn't fly
as fast as the Pidgeot's but he should eb able to keep up enough.
   Meanwhile just outside the Mount Moon entrance to Pewter, Tiki and
the gang were rushing on the ground on rented Rapidash's Pidgeot
Express had been closed, so they had to settle for Rapidash's.  They
had been going strong for two days but were still lagging behind.  At
last check Tiki had opened his laptop and seen that Score was on the
other side Pewter.  "They've been in the same place for awhile they
must be waiting for something,"  Tiki screamed above the Rapidash's
hooves pounding on the ground.  "When we get to Pewter I'm gonna go on
ahead on Bullseye, return the rapidash's and se eif any Pidgeot's are
open at the Pidgeot Express!" Tiki screamed to Darian and Jamie.
   "Alright!"  Jamie replied.
   About an hour later Tiki and the other's rode up to the Rapidash's
rental, Tiki Jumped off, and before he hit the ground he called out
Bullseye.  "Alright Bullseye let's go!"  Tiki jumped on the Pidgeot's
back and was off.  Riding on Bullseye was smooth enough that Tiki could
open up his laptop, je was dismayed to see that Ty was still quite
aways away.  He decided to try and contact him.
   "TY, you there?" Tiki yelled into the intercom.
   "Yeah Tiki, im here I'm being carried by Spanky, I'll be happy when
Spanky evolves into a Pidgeot I can ride on."  Score said grabbing his
arm in pain.
   "Are you still following the rockets?"
   "As best I can they're on Pidgeot's we can still see them in the
distance but their hard to see, and their getting farther off." Score
   "I tried warning Indigo to increase their secuity but I think they
took it as a threat not as a warning, but I'm not sure what they're
gonna do."
   "Well one thing is for sure, the four of us can't take on that many
rockets"  Score said.
   "Well maybe we can stall them, at the speed your going Bullseye and
I will catch up with you in about one and a half hours, we'll see you
then.  Tiki out."
   "See ya soon Tiki, Score out."  Score clicked off the intercom, as
Spanky pushed on.

Reply by Anonymous:

Jamie and Darian waited (semi-) patiently in line at the Pidgeot Express...
   ...and waited...
   ...and waited...
   ...and waited a bit more...
   "I can't stand it!" yelled Jamie, "Why do we have to wait so long?"
   "I'm sorry ma'am," said the desk clerk, "but all of our Pidgeot are booked
at the moment. You'll just have to wait until we call your number." She then
pointed to a 'Now Serving' sign behind her, which currently read '3'. Jamie
looked at her card, which read '62'.
   "Just sit down, Jamie," Darian urged. "Tiki should be back in awhile, and we
don't want to stay here any longer than necessary."
   "Sorry. I guess I'm still kinda used to my old Rocket days, when I got what
I needed when I needed it. Now I'm stuck here with all these throwback
   Several people in line turned toward her menacingly.
   "Uh, not you, of course... I could never confuse a throwback delinquent with
a well-groomed Pewter citizen..."
   'Now Serving: 4.'

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