[PW!] I Think Celedon Might Be the Place to Go...

    Karuko and Volcano soon got to Saffron and looked around.

    "Hmm..." said Karuko as she looked towards the Pokemon Gym. "I don't
think this is where we want to go...  I think it might be a bit too hard,"
she said as she noticed dark aura emitted from the Gym, which appeared, as a
result, dark.

    "Vul..." said Volcano, nodding her had in agreement.

    "Besides, I've heard that this gym trains psychic pokemon.  I don't
think we want to go there and get beaten up.  I've heard that Celedon City,
back west, has a grass gym.  That should make it easier for you, Volcano."

    They turned around and immediately left Saffron for Celedon.

    They were almost to Celedon when Volcano saw something move.  A
Growlithe tumbled out of the bushes, bruised and battered.  Soon afterwards,
some Mankeys and Growlithe came out and began to hurt the Growlithe further,
almost to the point of killing it.  Karuko noticed this and then whispered
to Volcano, "Why don't you go and help protect that Growlithe.  It could
die.  I'll take it to the nearest Pokemon Center if you fend them off.  OK?"

    Volcano nodded in agreement and leapt into battle.  He soon had chased
the bully pokemon away, and Karuko crept slowly closer to the scared,
wounded Growlithe.

    "Growlithe?" asked Karuko.

    "Growl..." it answered softly.

    "I'll heal you if you will come with me."  She offered a Pokeball to the

    The Growlithe weakly shook its head and did not enter the ball.


    The Growlithe, very weak, gave in and finally slowly put its paw on the
button.  It was sucked in.

    "Come on, Volcano, lets hurry to the pokemon center."

    In no time flat, they were at the pokemon center, and Karuko's Pokemon
were being healed.  Volcano was already healed, and so, while she waited,
Karuko decided to go to the mall to look for any essentials they might need.

Reply by: Syke6888 L

They didn't get far before crashing into another girl going the opposite
direction. The two trainers fell to the ground then got up and stared at
each other. Karuko wasn't too sure what to make of the intruder. She had
shoulder-length blonde hair, gren eyes and a shirt that looked rather
gooey. "Who are you?" she asked.

the intruder responded. "My name's Cajava. What's yours?"

"Karuko. And this Vulpix is named Volcano. If you don't mind my asking,
what's with the shirt?"

Cajava sweatdropped. "Ummm, it's an embarrasing story, but this shirt is
actually my Ditto, Blob. You see, an accident tore my shirt apart and I
don't have a spare. Tell you what, I'll be right back." Cajava dashed
into a nearby building and soon came out wearing a green tanktop. Oozing
next to her was Blob, happy yet disappointed he can no longer cover up
his trainer. "Ahh, that's better. Now, what are you doing this fine

Reply by: Pipian

    "Well, I just came in from Saffron...  We came from Cerulean down to
Saffron to try a battle, but I think the trainer there was a *bit* too hard,
from the looks of the place...  So I came here.  Right now I'm healing my
other pokemon.  I decided I'd go to the mall to check for any

    "Hmm...  Well I'm not sure it'll have anything you'll need..." said
Cajava.  "Besides, I think there are a bunch of perverts in there," Cajava
continued, whispering.

    "Vul!" came a voice from below the two.  Volcano tugged Karuko's sleeve.


    "Vulpix, vul.  Pix, vul."

    "You say you talked to Blob and found out he was a Ditto?  I wonder how
you found that out! Haha!"

    Volcano chuckled...  Or at least what sounded like a chuckle, coming
from a Vulpix.

    "Hey, Cajava?"


    "What are you doing here?"

Reply by: Syke6888 L

"Well, I'm on a Pokémon Journey, and I recently fought Erika for a
Rainbow Badge, see?" She showed Karuko her new badge. Karuko nodded.

"I see. Where do you come from?"

"All the way from Evolution Mountain. I've seen many things on my trip,
and I also snagged myself a Thunder Badge thanks to Blob, here." Blob
raised its arms in victory, causing the two to giggle.

"I'm from Cerulean. I've also decided on a Pokémon Journey with Volcano
at my side."

"In that case, how about we hang out together for a while? It's always
nice to have a friend around."

"I'd like that."

Meanwhile, Blob and Volcano were engaged in a bit of a staring contest.
However, Seymour had popped out and at the moment was doing things to
try to gain Volcano's attention. Flips, spins, funny faces ... you name
it. Finally, Seymour tried a flip, miscalculated and stuck his horn into
the ground. The sight of a Seel, hanging upside down, flippers in the
air and horn in the ground was too much for Volcano. The Vulpix started
laughing as much as a Vulpix could laugh. The two girls looked in the
direction, saw what had happened and also started laughing. Five minutes
later, Cajava returned Seymour to his Pokéball, and the two tried to
figure out where to go next.

Reply by: Pipian

    "Well I'm not sure about you, but I was at least planning on battling
Erika for a badge.  You wouldn't mind waiting and watching would you?

    "I don't think I'd mind..."

    "OK!  Well look at the time, my pokemon are healed now...  So I suppose
I'll get them to battle now."


    "Be back in a sec..."

    Karuko and Volcano quickly ran to the Pokecenter, and picked up Karuko's
pokeballs.  They then ran back to Cajava.


    "That was quick!  How were you so fast?"

    "Ah, well I got training to be fast while going through training to be a
pokemon trainer...  My teacher thought that not only pokemon must be fast to
execute their attacks, but their trainers must be fast both physically and
mentally to figure out what to do during a battle."

    "Hmm... Sounds like good advice to me..."

    "Yes, I agree.  So lets get going to the gym so I can get my badge,
shall we?"


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