[PW!] Indigo Assault (PODA)

After mucho flying, Team Rocket finally touched down in Indigo Plateau.
John leaped off his Pidgeot and took a quick head count. "Eleven
miscellaneous Rockets, plus Pipian, Alex and myself." He coughed out
loud to gain their attention.

"Okay, guys here's the plan. Pipian, take four Rockets and head through
the rear entrance. I'll take Alex and three more through the front. the
rest of you, see if you can find some of those trainers at the
tournament and snatch some. If the Jennies keep you from trying I'll

One Rocket walked forward. "How come you get to be charge?" he asked.

John simply stared at the Rocket, then planted a kick into his side
followed by an uppercut.

"Because I can kick your @$$ anyday, that's why! Now just group up and
do what I assigned. If we fail, Giovanni's going to use us for Persian
food!" The Rockets sweatdropped because they knew John was right. They
grouped together and headed off. No sooner were they gone when a tired
Pidgeotto crashed into a tree. Score fell out of the tree, then recalled
Spanky. "Like I said, I'll be glad when he evolves again. Maybe Team
rocket has another Pokémon vacuum.." He called Tiki. "I made it to
Indigo. Where are you guys?"

Tiki replied, "Just boarding a Pidgeot. Try your best to keep Pipian and
John at Indigo. We'll bring them back even if we have to beat some sense
into them." Score ended the conversation. An evil smile appeared on his
face as he took out his jai alai 'cesta'. "Time for some more mayhem."

Inside the front area john and his Compatriots quickly subdued Nurse
Joy, the single Officer Jenny as well as the others working in the
Pokémart. they continued thorugh the doorway and saw Lorelei feeding her
Pokémon. "This scene's so peaceful, so quiet, as shame we have to ruin
it." He and Alex aimed some bazookas and fired. Two nets appeared,
wrapping up Lorelei and her Lapras.

"What's going on . . . Team Rocket!" she gasped. In a matter of minutes
all Pokémon were tied up. Alex spoke up.

"Err, John, I just realized something. We have no Pokéballs and not
enough Pidgeots. How are we going to get these Pokémon to the boss?

John noticed this and promptly facefaulted. "Dang, I didn't realize
this. Maybe drag them."

"Do you really think we can drag a Lapras, a Dewgong, a Cloyster, a
Slowbro AND a Jynx with just five men? Yeah right." As tis group puzzled
over what the'll do, Score followed Pipian and his team into the back of
the Plateau.

Reply by Lewis 8661:

"Look out behind you!" Lewis shouts.  John turned around to see an ice
beam come straight at him and freeze his legs.  When the mist cleared,
he saw Lewis standing next to his Cloyster.  The other Team Rocket
members raised guns but a quick slash from Mike's Scyther all turned
the guns to minse-meat.  "Tiki called me.  He informed me that Team
Rocket would be attacking the plateau.  He caught me at a good time,
you know.  We were just walking away from Mike's lastest victory on the
rock field." Lewis says.  "So guess what John?  You are under arrest,
and we're going to get rid of your brainwash." Mike says.  Pipian held
up his gun at Lewis.  "Oh no, don't tell me you've been brainwashed
too." Bridget says.  "So this is it, we're going to die." Lewis says.
"I wish you'd stop saying that." Mike says.

Reply by Anonymous:

"Not so fast!" Jamie yelled atop a speeding Pidgeot. Tiki and Darian were close
   With the powerful grace of a Scyther, Jamie leapt from the bird, hit the
ground rolling, then flipped to her feet. Right before she gained her balance,
she tossed out Magnemite and Nidorino's Pokéballs. Darian and Tiki followed
suit with their most powerful Pokémon. While the Rockets turned towards the new
enemies, Lewis's Cloyster unleashed its Ice Beam, subduing the Pokémon thieves.
   "Hey!" yelled Jamie, "I didn't get to do anything! And right after I pulled
off that move, and-"
   "Oh come off it, we've got work to do," said Tiki as they all walked towards
John and Pipian, whose heads were unexposed to the ice.
   "Team Rocket will not stand for this treachery!" screamed John. "Set us
free, and your punishments will be lessened considerably!"
   Jamie slapped John across the face. The brainwashee reeled from the impact.
   "Uh, Jamie, what did you do that for?" asked Darian.
   "I dunno, maybe it'll knock some sense into him." Before anyone could
respond, Jamie slapped him again.
   "Hey, nice Doubleslap attack," joked Tiki. Everyone facefaulted.
   "Well, come on everyone, we've got work to do!" Jamie and the others then
began the long, tedious process of slapping John and Pipian silly.

Reply by Meeko + Caterpie:

        As Nicky and Kelly walk to where they could talk to the Elite
Four, Nicky notices something.
" Hey! Those people are beating up those other people! Go Ninetails!
Fire Blast!" the fire dog merely rolled up into a big fluff ball and
used Flame Thrower on him.
" It was always a good little Vulpix..."
" ( Dang, that's gotta hurt! )" Ivysore said.
" How did YOU get here, you were back there with Meeko."
" ( And miss a snapshot of the love birds, you know me better than
THAT! )"
" I should at least..." Nicky mumbled.
" Uh, Nicky, it IS a good thing Ninetails didn't listen to you, those
people are the group Lewis is with, and those other people being
slapped are Team Rocket!"
" ( Woo-hoo! I'm gonna get ta slap some Rockets around! Yeah man! )"
the Ivysaur yelled.
" WILL YOU SHUT UP FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE?!?!?!?!" Nicky boomed at
Ivysore. But, then he noticed that Ivysore had already run over to the
ice block and the people.
" Why can't Meeko have NORMAL Pokémon? Ivysore, don't! Come back!"
Ivysore started to do Razor Leaf at the Rockets.

Reply by Syke6888 L

Jamie and Tiki were going nowhere with their slap-happy business. In
fact, all it did was make John and Pipian mad. Suddenly, leaves flew out
of nowhere, smacking into TR and PODA alike. this was the distraction
john needed. He activated the small heat generator in his glove (never
know when one might be sent to the North pole) and slowly the ice melted
around his hand. At this time Sinder was trying to fry the Ivysaur, who
was pretty quick. Tiki was doing his best to stop Sinder, but all he got
was flame in the face. Finally John had released hi left arm from the
ice. Breaking off a piece of ice, he tossed it at Sinder. the ice ball
smacked Sinder in the face. One seriously pissed off Charizard looked at
the iced captives.

"Sinder, NOOOO!!" Tiki yelled, but it was too late. One Flamethrower
later, 10 soot-covered, very angry team Rocket members got up and
produced 20 Pokéballs. Next thing you know, 20 equally angry looking
Pokémon appeared. most were poison-variey, but among them was A
Hitmonlee, a Marowak, a Haunter, and a Jigglypuff. The four were wearing
electronic headbands.

"What are those?" asked Pipian.

John answered. "Just some headbands that force complete loyalty from
your Pokémon. Pipian and I needed them, sooooo... good night."

The small resistence sweatdropped as the Pokémon charged. Suddenly, a
giant beam appeared and trashed all but John and Pipian's Pokémon. TR
looked in the direction and turned whiter than a Persian.

"It's Ash Ketchum and his omnipotent Kingler! RUN!" Team Rocket
scattered, but a few were cornered and immediately creamed with the same
set of moves Kingler used in that one-sided victory back in Ash's
Pokémon League days (I forget the exact order, okay?). As for john, he
grabbed Lorelei's Jynx and placed a gun to its head. "One more move, and
the Jynx gets it!" he didn't say much more, because Score planted a
cesta on his head. "Ouch!" John fell down, but barely stayed concious.

"Bad move." john knocked the cesta from Score's hand, then punched him
in the face, cracked him with a knee, connected with a roundhouse,
elbowed Score in the stomach, and finally tossed him judo-style into the
others. "Bastard. damn, that hurt." he looked around, and saw that
Lorelei was free and had her Pokémon back. "Looks like it's time to
retreat." john tossed a smoke bomb, and he and pipian were gone.

Tiki only had one thing to say, and it wasn't pleasant. "God <bleep> it,
this <bleep>ing job is harder than taking a <bleep> while walking on a
<bleep>ing tightrope!" Everyone stared at him.

Reply by Tiki:

   "WHERE DID THOSE LITTLE SNOTS GO!!!!!!"  Tiki looked around, and
Sinder glared at Ivysore.  Tiki looked over at the two, "Sinder don't
even think about it."  Tiki said comandingly.
   Sinder considered listening to Tiki for a second.  Then the notion
left him, that stupid plant had pissed him off and he was going to do
something about it.  Sinder decided now was a good time to try out all
the new TM's Tiki used on him, his only attack left was Flamethrower,
but he had Swords Dance, Double Team, and recover to work with.  He
opened with a Double Team, Ivysore wasn't expecting a battle until he
discovered three Charizard's had appeared.
   "Ivysore I think you've done it now," Nicky said looking at the
   "CHARIZARD ZARD ARDDDDD CHAR!!!!!! (Ivysore well im going to make
everything but your ivy sore, I'm going to use the Ivy as dental
   Ivysore looked at the three Charizard's this wasn't good he was a
grass type against a fire type, and he was a lower level than the fire
type.  "(Uhmmmm, Nicky Kelly I exit stage left now, have fun you two
love birds.)"  Ivysore then turned and ran.
   "I was considering helping him till he said that." Nicky retorted.
   Sinder took to the skies, "(COME BACK HERE COWARD!!!!)"  Sinder flew
after Ivysore before Tiki could stop him.
   "Well," Tiki staretd deciding to let Sinder run his course,"What do
we do now?  John and Pipian are gone again, and we don't know where
they are, crap."  Tiki slunk.
   "Well you can stay here until you figure out what to do,"  the
masterful Ash Ketchum said.
   "Thanks I think I'll take you up on that,"  Score said limping
towards the door of a nearby medical building.  The rest followed.

Reply by Lewis8661:

"I say to hell with trying to save them, let's just kill 'em!" Bridget
says.  "Bridget!  They're still our friends!  Even though they're
trying to kill us, we can't just go over and shoot them!" Lewis says.
"We're going in circles.  I say if we restore they're memories right on
the spot, we won't have so much trouble anymore." Mike says.  "We've
been going in circles ever since John was kidnapped." Tiki says.
"Maybe we're going at this the wrong way." Lewis says.  "How so?" Score
asks.  "Obviousely, Team Rocket knows we're going to try to rescue
those two and restore their memories.  They're trying to  take us, one
at a time to turn us against each other until the PODA is crushed.
Maybe we should let them take one us." Lewis replies.  Jamie looked at
Lewis.  "You're suggesting that we try to go rescue them in a fake
rescue operation, then let them kidnap one of us and let them attempt
to brainwash one of us again?" Jamie asks.  "Precisely!  I'll have
Alakazam create a psi block around my mind to prevent brainwash, and
then let them capture me, I'll have a two-way homing device in my
teeth, and I'll teleport you guys here as soon as I've built up enough
psi energy.  We'll invade from the inside out and use our Psychic
Pokemon to disable the brainwashes!  It sounds almost too easy..."
Lewis explains.  "Then let's get out Pokemon healed and get started!"
Mike says.

Reply By Tiki:

   Tiki jumped up in abjection "LEWIS, you're going to do no such
   "Jeez Tiki you sound like my mom, why the Heck shouldn't I?" Lewis
   "BECAUSE! I'm going to,"
   "HA why should you get all the glory?" Lewis asked appauled.
   "Because I've known the two longer and I'm not going to let them do
this to themselves!!!!" Tiki and Lewis confronted each other.
   Jamie thought now would be a good time to interject, "Tiki maybe you
should let Lewis do this, it was his idea.  And we'll need you to
accses any computer's and locks we run into, when we go in after Lewis."
   "But I can handle any comp..." Darian started until Jamie kicked him
in the shin, quietly without Tiki noticing.
   "Hmmmm, fine I'll go in after Lewis." Tiki said as he whirled around
toward the building.
   "Thanks Jamie," Lewis said.
   "I didn't do it for you, I did it for John and Pipian i don't know
what's going on inside Tiki right now, I don't want him alone with
those two.  Come on we better get ready."  Jamie turned toward the
building, as she heard Sinder still chasing Ivysore for the third hour
straight, Sinder enjoyed toying with his prey.
   Lewis and Darian walke doff toward the hospital to see how Score was
doing, Nicky and Kelly were still wondering around, listening in on
this whole deal.

Reply by Meeko + Caterpie:

" Lewis sure is part of an odd group...brainwashes...who could have
thought?" Ivysore ran past again with Sinder hot on his tail.
" ( Get this no good, dang firebreathin', bad breathed, pot bellied,
flying lizard of my tail!!!!! )"
" Can't, you don't have a tail." Nicky grinned slyly.
" ( You no good- )" Ivysore was cut off though as Sinder shot fire out
near him, " ( Hot dog! Gotta fly! )"
" You don't have any wings!!!!" Nicky mocked Ivysore. Nicky and Kelly
ran to catch up with PODA.
" Hey, can we help?"
" No, you're not even part of PODA!"
" Aw, besides matches there's nuttin' interesting here at all."
" Besides Ivysore being burnt." Kelly pointed out. They laughed and a
chuckle was heard from Lewis, everyone else stared at them wondering
why they'd want him to be burnt.
" Hey, that dang Ivysaur is annoying!"
" Please? Can we pleeeeeaaaaaaseeeeeee come?" Kelly begged.
" Let them come." Lewis said to Jamie.
" Alright, but stay back and out of our way. Don't want ANY of YOU to
get brainwashed."

Reply by Marco262:

Darian clucked his tongue at the two trainers.
"You people disgust me. Maybe if you treated the Ivysaur better it wouldn't be so
They turned and stared at Darian. Nicky and Kelly towred over him.
"We don't need any of our stinking morals okay?!"
"Gulp. Okay just making a suggestion. Geez, and I thought my boy Atila was mean."
Darian whispered something in Pardus' ear and gave the Persian his herb sack. The
Persian followed a course to intercept the Ivysaur. Darian yelled up at the
Charizard flying over head. "Yo, fly boy! If you cut down on the burritos, maybe
you wouldn't light your tail on fire so often!" Sinder stopped in mid air. No one
talked to him like that! An he sure would lt this wimp talk that way either. He
dived straight for the figure on the ground below. Darian just stood there.
The rest of the group sweatdroped. "Are you crazy?!" screamed Lewis. Darian
glanced at him. "Just trust me."
Sinder kept getting closer, planning to ram Darian with his snout. Darian just
stood there. When the Charizard was just inches from Darian, he firmly planted his
feet on the ground and, in one smooth motion, grabbed both of Sinders horn and
twisted. This had the exact opposite effec intended and flipped Darian over
Sinders head. He painfully landed on his back on Sinder's neck.
"Ouch, I guess that karate belt would've helped after all." The Charizard was
confused by this turn of events and dived close to the ground, twisted and
turning, trying to dislodge his unwanted passenger. Pardus, meanwhile, had stopped
Ivysore and was running toward Darian's awkward predicament. On a close dive to
the ground, Darian snatched up the bag and sprinkled some of the contents into
Sinder's eyes. Sinder lashed around in pain before falling deep into sleep some
200 feet above the ground. They both landed, Charizard in front of the group, and
Darian in a grove of trees nearby, hitting every branch on the way down.
Everyone ran to Darian. "Darian!" Lewis said, "Are you okay?" Darian stood up
painfully. "All aboard train number 258 for Denver. Sorry sir, you'll need a
ticket." He fell over backwards giving himself another bang to the head on the way
Jamie, Tiki, and Lewis kneeled next to him. "Don't ever do that again!" Jamie
solded, "You could've killed yourself!"
"Come on, you think after 1500 years a little thing like a two hundred foot fall
is gonna do me in? I think not!" Everyone stared at him. "We'd better take him to
the hospital," said Tiki, "He might have a concussion."
"What? No way am I gonna let those bunch of quacks near me! Where's my medicine
bag! Put me down! I'll do fine!"
They carried him to the hospital kicking and screaming.

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