[PW!][PODA] Attack on Rocket HQ (Another One!)

Last time, the group prepared to attack Rocket HQ in the hopes of
getting back the two PODA members who had been brainwashed.  They've
concocted an interesting plan, and are now ready to begin the attack...

"Cloyster, Alakazam, Kakuna, I choose you!" Lewis shouts.  "Beedrill,
Venomoth, Parasect, you're on!" Mike shouts.  "Pidgeot, Fearow, Golbat
go!" Bridget shouts.  All nine Pokemon came out and started attacking
the Rocket base.  In little time, the outer defenses had been
destroyed.  "Everyone inside!" Tiki shouts.  Lewis led the group inside
the building with Rockets coming out of all doors.  Leading them, was
John.  "Did you really think you could take out an entire Rocket base?"
he asks.  "Yah!" Lewis replies.  Five Rockets pull out guns.
"Quickly!  I'll hold them off, you guys go!" Lewis says.  Then, the
Rockets fired.

Lewis had been holding his arms in front of his face for a quite a bit
of time now.  He finally put down his arms.  He couldn't believe his
eyes: a barrier had been formed in front of Lewis.  Lewis poked at it.
It felt soft, and rubbery.  Lewis looked behind him and for a
millisecond, he could've sworn he'd seen a little pink thing fly
around.  "That thing again...  The thing I saw while in Viridian..." he
whispered.  Rockets came through the other way and grabbed Lewis.
"Well, PODA boy, you've caused a little bit of trouble.  We're just
going to have to do something with you, aren't we?  Take him to the
brainwashing chamber and wait for further orders." John says.

Reply By Meeko + Caterpie:

   " I wonder what's happening in there..." Nicky said to himself.
   " Don't worry, he'll be alright." Kelly said, putting a hand on his
    " ( Maybe someone should go check! )" Ivysore ran past the guards
and ran down halls.
    " Ah! He'll mess everything up!" Jamie yelled.
    " No, not unless they understand what he's saying." Tiki said.
    " But what'll they do to Ivysore?"
    " Probably catch him and then brainwash him." Darian said.
    " Great..."
    " Prepare to forget everything in your life, PODA scum bag." a Team
Rocket member said, they were about to do it when...
    " ( Prepare for trouble and make it uno! To stop you all from being
doops. )" luckly, all they heard was " Ivy, saur saur ivysaur..."
    " Let's brainwash him too." a look of terror went over his face as
the men prepared to grab him.

Reply By: Syke6888 L

"Forget it, Ivysaurs are rather useless. Besides, it's more fun to use
them as Flamethrower and Fire Blast targets." John smiled and sent out
Flash, who also had on the strange headband. Ivysore sweatdropped as
Flash released the Blast.


Outside, nicky and a few others were waiting when suddenly, they saw an
Ivysaur fly through the air with the greatest of ease. Crash! The Grass-
Poison type smashed into a tree and fell on the ground, fainted.

"Uh-oh. Meeko's going to kill me when he finds out! C'mon, Kelly I
gotta take him to a Pokécenter!" Nicky scooped up Ivysore and ran with
Kelly behind him.

Jamie suddenly heard some screaming inside. "Crap! That's Lewis! The
plan must have failed." She and PODA ran inside to stop the

Inside, John and Pipian smiled as Lewis went through the torture.
"Unfortunately for this PODA scum, Barney the Purple Kangaskahn can't be
stopped by a simple sheild. That's why we use him on all our
brainwashing machines." Suddenly, jamie charged in, stopping the
machine cold with a kick to the controls. Lewis slumped in his chair,

"Damn! Do you know how much those machines cost? the Boss's going to be
pissed!" cried Alex.

"See if I care," was Jamie's reply as she hit him in a VERY senstitve
area. Alex's eyes shrunk, then he collapsed to the floor.

Tiki was next to enter, sending out Sinder who fried most Rockets. john
looked around the room and pulled the fire alarm. The sprinklers went
off, dousing Sinder bad. Tiki recalled the fire dragon.

"That's it! I had it! One way or another, you're coming with us!" Tiki
ran thorugh the back doorway John and Pipian had just went through. tHe
followed htm through the base, until finally he reached the roof.

"No more running, you two." tiki brought out his staff, a psycho look
on his face. Jab, slash, thrust, jab - it was all John could do to
avoid the attacks. As for Pipian, he had double duty with both Darian
and Lewis attacking. finally, John saw an opening and tossed Tiki over
his head. Tiki flew through the air, over the edge of the building.

"TIKI!" cried Jamie as she appeared. john hit darian with a jump kick
as pipian polished off Lewis. the two ran to the nearby hovering
helicopter and leaped to it, grabbing the landing skid. the helicopter
flew off as john and Pipian said their goodbyes with a Japanese

As they flew out of sight Jamie looked over the edge. A sudden bundle
of feathers appeared, as Bullseye whisked Tiki up after the helicopter.
jamie was worried, mainly because Tiki was looking like he did back
during their battle aginst him. "We gotta stop all of them before
someone gets killed!" the group charged through the building, trampling
all Rockets in their path. then they snatched Jenny's motercycle and
charged after Tiki and their brainwashed friends.

Reply by Lewis8661

"Pidgeot, we need your help!" Lewis shouts.  Pidgeot came out of it's
pokeball and Lewis jumped on it's back.  Pidgeot flew up to Tiki who
was constantly bashing the side of the helicopter.  "Tiki!  There is a
much more reasonable way to open it!" Lewis said.  "Shut up!  Shut up
or I'll kill you!" Tiki shouts.  Lewis sensed a feeling he had felt
before...  A weird feeling...  Something very familiar...  Pidgeot
lunged at Tiki, who bashed Pidgeot on the head with his staff.  Lewis
was about to pull out his hyper beam weapon at Tiki, but then saw Tiki
start glowing pink!  Tiki was lowered off the helicopter was amazing
ease, and Lewis looked around and once again thought he saw the pink
thing that was following him...  "Oh well.  Let's see how Rocket
helicopters like Aurora beams!" Lewis said.  Lewis pulled out the gun
and switched settings.  He quickly shot the weapon straight at the
helicopter's roters.  As the helicopter fell, Lewis teleported John and
Pipian out of the helicopter, and Lewis teleported them right in front
of three Officer Jennys.  "We'll take it from here, officers." Mike
said.  The group pulled out their detective licenses, and the Officers
gave the two over to teh PODA.  "Alakazam, we need your help!" Lewis
says.  Alakazam came out of it's pokeball.  "Now, let's get this
nightmare overwith." Lewis says.  Alakazam began a psy deletion of the
Team Rocket influence.

Reply by Syke6888 L

10 minutes later...

"Now, who are you?" asked Tiki.

"John, loyal member of Team Rocket." replied John. Tiki facefaulted at
the answer.

"I don't get it! How come this won't work? Alakazam should've deleted
the influence five minutes ago!" cried Lewis

Jamie looked thoughtful. "You know, there's an old saying that goes like
this: 'You can't find something if it isn't there.' In this case, what
if John wasn't brainwashed?"

"What do you mean? I don't see how else this could have happened."

Jamie walked up to John, currently tied to a chair. "Now John, can you
help me with something?"

"Never, PODA b****h." Jamie looked aghast, then slapped John.

"I'm beginning to think John may have undergone amnesia and forgotten
his entire life. However, I'm not too sure how to find out."

PODA headed to another area to see what they can do about Pipian.
After they were gone, John suddenly had another flashback. It was him,
ready to leave someplace. He had a trio of eeveelutions next to him, and
an older version of the woman next to him. Their mouths moved, than he
left. Then the flashback ended.

"What was that?" he asked out loud.

Reply by Pipian

Meanwhile, PODA was having another tough time trying to cure Pipian.

    "MAN!  This isn't working!" said Lewis.

    "Well, It can't be for the same reason that we can't help John," said
Tiki.  "We know for a fact that Pipian was brainwashed, and did not get

    "So you're saying they used a fairly powerful and secure system for
brainwashing?" asked Jamie.

    "Exactly.  But WHAT, could possibly be so strong a brainwashing device
as to deter an Alakazam from curing Pipian?"

    Pipian suddenly recoiled, having a flashback regarding that exact topic.
He just remembered (Not thanks to the Alakazam) that he had been exposed to
Barney the Kangaskhan, and did not, under any circumstances want to see it

    He then yelled out, "NO! NO MORE BARNEY!"

    "Huh?  What the heck is going on here?" asked Score.

    "Only thing I can think of regarding a 'Barney' is the dreaded
children's show..." said Tiki.

    "Maybe that's what they brainwashed him with..." said Jamie.

    "What ever will we do about this?" asked Lewis.

    Meanwhile, Pipian had recovered from his phobia and had run off to find
John, noting the obvious escape route left open for him.  He quickly found
John away from PODA.

    "Come on, John!  Let's get out of here and hurry to Viridian to see the
boss and see what we should do.  I studied a few maps on the way up here, so
I know a few hidden TR backroads to travel on to evade detection by those
pesky brats!"

    "OK!  Let's go!" said John, coming out of his state of contemplation.

    They hurried and left Indigo Plateau after removing a few locator chips
they found planted on each other.


    PODA had just finished their discussion when Tiki noticed that Pipian
was gone.  He also noticed the dust he wrote in just before he left:

So long suckers!
F**k you!

    "Damn it!  They must have gotten away again!" Tiki exclaimed.

Reply by Darien:

"We'd better go after him again." Lewis said, "But let's stop by the PODA HQ
first. We need a plan if we want to de-brainwash them."

Back at the PODA HQ, and after umpteen cups of java, they still couldn't come up
with anything.
"Why don't we just whack him over the head a few times?" Tiki said, "that always
works in the cartoons."
"This is real life, Tiki," Lewis said, "not some fictional story."
"Does anyone else have any ideas?"
"Ummm, I think I have an idea" Darian said. All eyes turned on him.
"Well, Pipian started screamin about 'no more Barney' that one time. If TR used
Barney to brainwash him, then we should use anti-Barney to de-brainwash him. If
my theory is correct, that shouldn't completely get rid of the brain washing but
it should 'unlock' so Alakazam can finish it."
"Sounds good," Score said, "but how are we supposed to do that?"
"If we take some Barney episodes, and do a little editing, it should work out
"Well, I'm all for it," Jamie said.
"Let's give it a try," added Tiki.
"Great, I thought I saw some cinema equipment in the basement," said Darian,
"Anyone who wants to can help me. I've had a few classes on it."
"You seem to have taken a lot of classes," said Score.
Darian smiled and said, "Well, I have a lot of free time."

Reply by Tiki:

  "Anyways, let's get to it," Tiki said heading out the door.
  "Where you going Tiki?"  Jamie asked.
  "I'm going to get some Barney tapes, unless Score has some under the
old un-used condom he's got in his underwear drawer, or under the dirty
magazine he's got in his shirt drawer?"  Tiki looked at Score who was
dumb founded and didn't anything, "I take that as a no, see ya guys
shortly,"  Tiki walked out and towards the local video store.
   It took a second but once Score recovered from the shock he went
running after Tiki yelling, "HEY WHY WERE YOU IN MY UNDERPANTS
   The rest of the gang descended into the basement and came up with an
old movie projector, "Were gonna have to unroll any tapes Tiki buys and
roll them onto these old reels, if we want the projector to work."
Darian said as he began to wash the reels.
   About half an hour later Tiki returned with Score still yelling at
him, Tiki had a bag he opened it up and tossed tow Barney tapes to
Darian, "There you go Darian lets see what you can do."

Well we need someway to get rid of those fools, before they manage to
regain control of our new "recruits,"  Giovanni said, as he rocked in
his chair.  "Their going to come after them, we need to extort our
advantage with a Laramie while we still have it, send John and Pipian
in civilian clothes to Fuschia, brief John on how he's supposed to
act.  He'll lower Laramie defenses then our rockets will be able to run
in and capture as many Laramie pokemon as possible.  As for the PODA
twerps send a crew of ten or so elite rockets the best we have, all
with wide ranging types of pokemon and weapons, have thme intercept
the "gang" on their way here, they'll never expect a Laramie ranch
attack they'll come staright here, I can almost fell the poke balls in
my hand now,  you are dismissed."  Giovannai shooed away Alex who ran
off to make plans.
----Back at PODA HQ-----------------------------------------------------

   "Alright Darian you have the projector rigged up to play Barney
backward right?" Tiki asked grabbing the projector.
   "Yep, if we can tie at least Pipian down and make him watch after
some of that Alahkazam will be able to get rid of the brainwashing."
Darian replied.
   "Then lets go to it," Tiki said as he left the HQ.

Reply by Pipian:


    Pipian and John, who had traveled for a few days finally reached the
TRHQ in Viridian.  They visited Giovanni, who gave them the details of their
next, very important mission.  Alex had flown up to the Rockets' temporary
Cerulean HQ to execute the other half of Giovanni's plan, while Pipian and
John were to fly to Fuschia.  Fairly soon, they were on their way to

Back in Cerulean, Tiki and PODA were wondering where Pipian and John would
go next, but before they had even eliminated one choice, they were

    Tiki turned around.

    Alex grinned.  "It's so nice to see you all again!  This time I've
brought some of my friends who'd like to meet you!  HA! HA! HA!!"

    At that remark, 30 something Rockets, with 6 pokemon each came out from
their hiding spots and encircled the group and released their pokemon.
There were examples of almost every type.  The Rockets had Bulbasaurs,
Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Ponyta, and Koffings, among other different kinds.

    "Um, guys...  I think we're in trouble..." remarked Jamie.

Reply by Lewis19:

Lewis walked in front of the rockets and their Pokemon, his eyes were
glowing.  Lewis said one word: Pain.  Instantly, all the Rockets and
their Pokemon were clutching their heads in pain.  One took out a
familiar black box.  He pressed the button a button on top if it.  "An
APB!" Jamie said.  "You were right, Jamie." Lewis says.  "About what?"
Jamie asks.  "We're in trouble." Lewis replies.  Suddenly, a pink beam
fires at the box, vaporizing it.  Lewis turns to the sky, and this time
sees it long enough to hold it in a psybubble.  It's taking all of
Lewis' strength, but he's holding it.  A Rocket jumped to tackle Lewis,
who held up his hand and used a psyball to blast the Rocket back to the
other Rockets, sending them all flying. 
"Oh my Goddish." Tiki said.  "What?  What is that thing?" Lewis asks.
"It's a Mew!  Let me kill it!" Tiki shouts.  "Kill it?  Why the hell
should we?  It's been saving my life!" Lewis replies.  <You always did
protect me.> the Mew said telepathically.  "What?  What do you mean,
protect you?  I've never seen you in my life!  Well, recently I have."
Lewis said.  <You mean, you don't remember who I am?> the Mew says.
"No I don't.  All I know is that you're following me and protecting me
for some odd reason." Lewis says.  "It's a pawn of Mewtwo!  Kill it!"
Tiki shouts.  "Tiki, I speak from my heart when I say shut the hell
up." Lewis says.  Since Lewis lost concentration for a moment, the Mew
teleported away.  "You let it get away!" Tiki shouts.  Tiki jumped onto
Lewis and started punching his face, which Lewis quickly retalliated by
sending Tiki into a wall.

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