[PW!] Where in the World Did Everyone Go!?

    Orion woke up, Keri on his belly.

    "Where are we?  Oh, yeah, the TR HQ in Cerulean...  Keri?  Keri, wake

    Keri woke up.

    "Bui!"  <What is it?>

    "I think we ought to get back to PODA HQ...  We've been gone for a long

    "Ii." <Yeah, might as well...>

    They got up, in the rubble of the once TR HQ and headed for the PODA
HQ...  Pretty soon, they got there.  They entered.

    "Hey!  Is anyone here?"

    "Bui!" <Hello?>

    "You know what?  Looks like they're gone...  Where did everyone go?  Oh,

    "Bui, Bui" <Well, Orion, seeing how everyone is gone, we might as well
continue on to Vermillion...  I could use a badge from there...>

    "I see no harm in that...  Lemme go to the Pokecenter to heal my
pokemon, and we'll be on our way..."

    Soon, Orion and Keri's Pokemon were healed and they began the journey to
Vermillion.  But before they were even a third of a mile out, Orion spotted
some interesting and somewhat familiar pokemon.

    "Hey, Keri!  Look over there!  Looks like a Persian and a Raichu...
Could it be?"

    "Ii!" <Blizzard and Samuraichu!  It's them!> said Keri as she ran off to
join the other two pokemon.

    "Hey! Wait up!"

    Blizzard and Samuraichu looked back.

    "Sian!" <Hey, look!> said Blizzard, <It's Orion and Keri!  Where have
you guys been?>

    "Uh, we've been with our old friends...  Two of our friends had been
brainwashed to become Rockets, and we tried to help.  Unfortunately, they
all ran somewhere without us, so we decided to go to Vermillion...  What
have you been up to?"

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