[PW!] A Battle (Or How I Learned to Beat a Gym Leader in 15 Easy Steps)

    Karuko threw Salad into the arena, just as Victreebel came out.

    "OK, Salad! Wrap it now!"

    Luckily, the Weepinbell was fast enough to grab the Victreebel before it
attacked.  After a while, Salad's attack was finished.

    "Victreebel! Quickly! Razor Leaf!"

    "Salad! Acid!"

    Both attacks hit at the same time, causing a double KO.

    "OK then, GO Tangela!"

    "In you go, Flamer!"

    Karuko's Growlithe jumped out and squared off versus Erika's Tangela.

    "OK, Flamer!  Ember it!"

    "Tangela!  Bind now!"

    Erika's Tangela responded quickly and bound Flamer...

    "Try to ember the cords off, Flamer!"

    It gladly replied and the Tangela's vines were burnt off without having
done much damage.

    "Now hurry Flamer! Ember before she gets you again!"

    Flamer used ember, and very soon, Tangela was a charred tumbleweed.

    "Tangela return!  Now it's time for Vileplume!"

    Vileplume took the place of the blackened and somewhat carbonized

    "OK, Flamer! Same thing! EMBER!"

    "Vileplume! Sleep Powder!"

    Flamer fell asleep before he could use his attack.

    "Wake Up Flamer!"

    Flamer slept soundly...

    "Vileplume!  Mega Drain!!!"

    Flamer fainted.

    "Urgh!  A Poke Flute would have been useful..."

    "A Poke Flute?  Could have asked me..." said Cajava from the stands.

    "What? You have one?"

    "No, but I could have answered your question correctly if I lied about
the location of one..."

    "Figures she probably wouldn't have one... Not many people do," Karuko
whispered to herself.

    "OK, GO VOLCANO!" yelled Karuko.

    Volcano the Vulpix leaped from near Karuko's feet where she was napping
into the arena.

    "Hah!  A Vulpix?  I'll defeat this one the way I defeated the other.

    "Quick Volcano! Confuse Ray!"

    "Vulpix!" said Volcano as the ray of confusion hit Vileplume before it
had attacked. Vileplume, now confused, hit itself instead of using Sleep

    "Now finish it with a Flame-thrower!"

    Volcano complied, and all that was left of Vileplume was a charred,
blackened, incongruous blob that slightly resembled a Vileplume in shape.

    "You have rightly defeated me.  What is your name?"


    "OK, then.  Karuko, you have rightfully earned this Rainbow Badge.  And
as a reward for your extraordinarily good battle skills, I give you this TM
21 machine.  It teaches Mega Drain..."

    "Thank you."

    "You are welcome."

    "Come on, Cajava.  My work here is done..."

    "OK," said Cajava.  "That was a good match!  You should try to become a
Pokemon master!"


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