[PW!] Sabrina, the Psychotic Psychic

    Fairly soon, Karuko and Cajava arrived at the Saffron City Gym.  Again, Karuko felt the dark aura of the gym.
    "I still don't like the look of this place," said Karuko.
    All of a sudden, somewhat evil-sounding laughter emanated from the gym, as a Pikachu walked out dragging some clothes and Pokeballs.
    "See, something doesn't look right...  A Pikachu carrying a trainers' clothes?"
    "You gotta live on the wild side, Karuko...  You never know what's wrong until you try!"
    "Well, OK..."
    Karuko reluctantly followed Cajava into the gym.
    "We're here to fight the gym leader for a Marsh Badge," asked Cajava to a woman with long black hair, who was standing in the middle of the arena.
    "I'm her.  That is very well...  But if either of you lose to me, I will have the right to choose what you must give me...  You should know full well to win against me.  Mwahahaha!  You should have seen the last poor chap I defeated...  He just left."
    "OK, then.  I'll go first," said Cajava.
    "This shall be a three on three match.  Is that understood?"
    "Then let the match begin!"

Reply by: Syke6888 L

"Sphere! I choose you!"


Sabrina smirked. "That's all you got? I was so hoping for a challenge.
Mr. Mime, attack!"

The strange clown appeared and started an elaborate scequence of
procedures. Upon finding out that Cajava and Sphere didn't understand
waht it was doing, it switched to a motion that can be understood by
anyone: a Japanese Raspberry.

"Why that no-good... Sphere, Dig!" Sphere leaped under the ground,
traveled trhough it, then leaped out and started to attack...

..a Mr.mime doll!

"Huh? What was that?"

"That was Substitute, the one move that lets a Pokémon leave the ring
without losing. Mr. Mime, Doubleslap."

Just as the doll smashed to pieces, Mr. mime appeared, grabbed Sphere
and started slapping him over and over. Finally, Sphere fainted.

"Sphere, return! Go, Seymour! try a Headbutt!" Seymour flew through th
air, but stopped short of hitting Mr. Mime. Symour was flung through
the air and landed horn first into the ground. "Seeeeel! seel seel
Seeeel!" Cajava called back Seymour as well.

"Well," Cajava thought, "I only got one Pokémon left, but which one?
Kaa would be trashed, and Blob was put asleep by that wild Oddish. I
guess that leaves Vice."

She tossed her Pokéball and the Pinsir appaered. "Pins pins."

"Well, well, it appears you have an advantage. Mr. Mime, return. go,

"Vice, you're my only hope! Hit that thing with Vice Grip!"

Vice ran across the battleground, pinsirs clamping. Finally, it reached
the Kadabra and smashed down. unfortunately, Kadabra Teleported,
sending vice into a pillar. the pillar collapsed, landing on Vice.
Cajava facefaulted.

"I said get Kadabra, not yourself! Try again!"

Vice did so, but wound up with another pillar on his head. By the third
try, all it took was a simple touch with Kadabra's spoon and vice

"I lost..."

Sabrina smiled. "Now, time for a little fun." Her eyes glowed purple,
and Cajava disappeared.

When Cajava could see again, she looked around and saw pieces of broken
wood. picking up one and smelling it, Cajava suddenly realized
something. It was the kind of bedding used for Rattata homes! Suddenly,
a loud shaking knocked Cajava on her behind. She looked behind her and
saw a Rattata. however, it was as big as a house! it also looked darn
unfriendly. "gulp..." cajava dashed off, the Rattata close behind.

She didn't know it, but cajava was being watched. From outside the pen,
Sabrina stood, watching her pet Rattata chase its new toy. She smirked.

"Now that's entertainment." She turned to face Karuko.

"So now... time to play."

Reply by: Pipian

    "Uh...  I suppose now would not be a good time to back out, would it..."

    "Not unless you want to end up like your friend over there..."

    "Uh...  OK then...  Go Salad!"

    Karuko's ever-faithful Weepinbell appeared, ready for battle.

    "Go Kadabra!"

    Out popped the same Kadabra, having never been hurt.

    "I hope this works, so Salad!  Stun Spore Now!"

    "Kadabra!  Teleport!"

    Unfortunately, Sabrina had a little bad luck, and Kadabra managed to use
the wrong attack and hurt itself as Salad's stun spore took effect.

    "OK, Salad!  Vine Whip now!"

    The attack managed to hit, and Kadabra was almost knocked out.  Kadabra
managed to snap out of his paralysis only to hit himself in the head,
knocking him out cold.

    "Pure luck!  Well you won't be as lucky against my Alakazam!  Now go!"

    An Alakazam appeared and launched a Psychic to start off the second
stage...  The Psychic ended the second stage as well as Salad was knocked ou

    Looking at her remaining options, Karuko let Flamer out.

    "Hurry!  Ember!!!"


    The attacks caused both pokémon to faint.  (Oddly enough, though
Alakazam was a higher level than the Kadabra, it had been raised on Rare

    Now down to one pokémon each, Sabrina called out,  "So you think Psychic
pokémon are the only ones I have, huh?  Well how about my Haunter!!"

    "OK, Volcano, you're my only hope now..." whispered Karuko as Volcano
jumped into the ring.

    "Night Shade!"  called out Sabrina.  Haunter obeyed, but the attack
missed Volcano.

    "Confuse Ray!"  called out Karuko.  Volcano obeyed and Haunter became

    "Lick!"  Haunter hit himself and then launched out a Hypnosis.

    "Oh No!" cried out Karuko as Volcano fell asleep.  "Not again!"

    Sabrina said two words, "Dream Eater" and the battle was all over.

    Karuko looked worried.

    "You don't deserve her punishment...  You didn't even want to come here.
But you must still be punished, so...

    "You and your Vulpix seem very close...  How would you like it if you
were even closer!  Mwahahaha!"

    Karuko's vision faded.  When it returned, she noticed that she was in a
cage.  She yawned.

    "Oh no!  What did Sabrina do to me?  Where am I?"  She licked her red
fur.  Red fur?!?  Then she noticed.  She was now a Vulpix...

    "Oh Crud!" she thought.

    She looked into the cage next to her.  There was Cajava continually
running from the Rattata, and in the other cage, Volcano had water
continually dripping on her, so she would be weakened.  Sabrina entered the

    "I see you've woken up, Karuko, is it?  Are we all having fun?" asked
Sabrina with a devilish look on her face.

    "Heck no!  This isn't fun!" yelled Cajava in her now miniscule voice.

    "Oh?  This isn't fun?  I agree.  I think you'd have more fun outside!

    Instantly, Karuko, Cajava and Volcano, were outside, still in their
psychically changed forms.

    "So what do we do now?" asked mini-Cajava.

Reply by: Syke6888 L

"Vulpix, pix pix vul." said Karuko, then she sweatdropped.

"Oh, great, I can't understand you now. Blob... Where are you? Ackk!
Sabrina took my pokéballs!"

Sure enough, Cajava had none of her Pokémon. Then, she had a small (pun
not intended) problem in the form of a Meowth. A very hungry Meowth.
Fortunately, A Flamethrower from Karuko stopped that. Karuko then got
dwon on her belly and motioned to her back. Cajava got the idea and
climbed on. As Karuko walked back to the Gym, many passers-by was
surprised to see a tiny girl riding a Vulpix. Suddenly, a net came from
nowhere, scooped up Vulpix and rider, and tossed them into a van. When
Karuko could look agin, she saw a member of Team Rocket. Instinctively,
she launched a Flamethrwer, but the Rocket had flame-retardent gear.

"Nice try, little Vulpix, I have a new home for you." the Rocket


A while later, the two victims were tossed into a small cage in Team
Rocket HQ of Saffron.

(OOC:ever notice how many of our stories wind up in these places?)

Two dark figures appeared. Immediately the Rockets in the area saluted.

"To infect the world with devestation!" cried one figure.

"To blite all peoples within every nation!" said the other

"To denounce the goodness of truth and love!"

"To extend our wrath to the stars above!"



"Team Rocket, circling Earth day and night!"

"Surrender to us now or you'll surely lose the fight!"


The other TR agents sighed.

Butch was the first to speak. "Okay, do we have all the Fire Pokémon in

One fellow agent nodded, then pulled back acurtain. Cajava was awed.
there were Charmanders, Magmars, Charizards, Flareons, Vulpix, Ponyta,
Arcanine, and others. "What are all these for?" she wondered.

Cassidy inadvertantly answered the question. "Good! Now we can begin
our takeover of Saffron Gym! With these," she pointed to a small group
of headbands, "we can control these pokémon and block the Psychic

"How ingenious of us to combine our mind control headbands with APB
technology," said Butch. Cajava had no idea what APB meant, but she
guessed it stopped Psychics somehow. the Rockets went to work and soon
all Pokémon, even Karuko were outfitted.

"Yes! To Saffron Gym and make it snappy!" The evil agents haeded out
HQ, all fire Pokémon in tow. As they walked, Cajava went to work trying
to short-curcuit Karuko's headband. She only had a short amount of time.

Reply by Pipian:

    Luckily for Cajava (and unluckily for Butch and Cassidy), All of the
mind control headbands mysteriously short-circuited at about the same time.
(It just so happened that another person had triggered a newer version of
the APB, which somehow interfered with the operation of the headbands, which
were using older versions of the APB...)  All of the pokemon that had been
captured, immediately got mad and began to attack Butch and Cassidy.

    Karuko woke up from her trance, hearing various fire pokemon yelling
phrases like:

    "Damn you person with a bad voice!  Your voice is so bad!"  and stuff
like that...

    Karuko quietly walked away from the ensuing battle, and successfully
made it out of Saffron with Cajava on her back.

    "Now what do we do?" asked Cajava.  "I can't talk to you..."

    Karuko figured out an idea...  She decided that if some panda in one of
her few mangas left at home could write a sign, she could too.
Unfortunately, writing the sign was a bit more difficult than it seemed...
Eventually, Karuko the Vulpix held up a sign that said, in scraggily

    "We should go to Lavender and try to get a ghost pokemon...  I think
they're supposed to be effective against Psychic types...  Hey, if it
faints, I'm here..."

    "But how do we catch it without a Pokémon to battle it?"

    Karuko wrote on the back of the sign:

    "There's me...  I'm sure we could find a little money for a Super Ball

Reply by: Syke6888 L

"Sure, but it'll have to be in small change..." Cajava started laughing.

Karuko sweatdropped. The two traveled around and snathed a small hat
out of the garbage. Setting it down Karuko scrawled out another sign
that read...

Victim of Sabrina. Will do tricks for money.

At this Karuko tried many flips and tricks. Some were well recieved by
the passers-by, others were scoffed upon. Either way, they slowly
gained enough money to buy a single Great Ball and a small collar to
attach it to. Karuko put on the collar and the store owner attached the
ball to her. Cajava's size did not surprise him, as Sabrina victims
entered his store almost every day.

Soon, a Vulpix and a small female left he world's biggest group of
psychics to go to the creepiest town known: Lavendar.

That night, they were halfway to Lavendar when a loud 'Pika!' appeared.
A Pikachu popped out of the nearby grass, looking very frightened.

"Vulpix vulpix pix?" (What's wrong?)

"Pikachu pika chu chu pika pi pi!" Pika pika chu pika chaaa!" (A
trainer that has chased me all the way from the Power Plant! He'll
catch you too if he sees you!) The rodent charged up a tree and hid
within the branches. A voice came from where the rodent first appeared.

"Damn. Where is he? I have to catch him. once I do, I'll boot Ash from
the Plateau and rule the League! Ha ha ha ha!"

From those bushes came Gary Oak, looking very annoyed. To his suprise,
all he saw was a Vulpix. Cajava was inside Karuko's fur, so Gary didn't
see her.

"A Vulpix? Hmmph! Hey! Have you seen a Pikachu around here? It worked
for Ash, so I gotta catch one. Then I'll be more omnipotent than Ash!
Speak up, you raggedy-looking fox! At least point your silly-looking
nose in the direction that it ran off to!"

Gary continued his verbal abuse, slowly angering Karuko. Just as she
was about to flame him, Cajava whispered something. Karuko smailed as
much as a Vulpix could smile, then pointed her nose up a tree.

Gary  smiled. "Aha! You did see one! Okay, Pikachu, you're mine!" Gary
climbed up a tree and saw....

.....A hive of very angry-looking Beedrills! "AAAAHHHH!" Gary ran off,
being stung by Beedrill after Beedrill. Shortly after he left, the
Pikachu climbed down the tree it was hiding in.

"Pika chu pika pi pikachu!" (Thanks for your help!) Then it dashed off
in the direction of the power plant. Satisfied, Karuko curled up in a
knothole at the bottom of a tree and fell asleep, Cajava curled up in
her fur.

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