[PW!][PODA] Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Deranged Night

    LAST TIME:  Lewis realized that a mew was following him, (Got any
complaints about it direct them to him not me).  Thirty or so Rocket's
attacked everyone.  Tiki attacked Lewis for no reason, now the

   While Tiki was attacking recovering from the wall he was thrown
into, the Rockets had surrounded everyone else, they were doing their
best but still losing, with the APB destroyed, Lewis managed to
teleport away but he left Tiki there because he was out of range.  The
rockets saw the lone PODA member by the wall.
   "GET HIM!!!!" Alex yelled.  Tiki instinctivly jumped up onto the
wall then jumped off it over the Rocket's heads and then sprinted
faster then he ever had away from them.
   "Where the hell, did I learn that move?" Tiki wondered to himself as
he saw the rest of the gang ahead, he charged forward and stopped in
front of them.  All of a sudden he was glad to be back until he saw
Lewis then a rage exploded from him, "WHAT THE F**K WERE YOU DOING I
COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED BACK THER!!!!"  Tiki yelled, at Lewis who was
still recovering from anything.
ATTACKING ME?!?!"  Lewis yelled back.
   Suddenly Tiki blacked out, he was transfered to a dark place with a
blue globe in the center of the darkness.  He saw what appeared to be
himself and some other guy there, Tiki was inside the globe, then
Tiki's blacke dout again and started seeing through the eyes of someone
inside the globe.  All of a sudden the other man shoved Tiki out and
held up his hand.  Tiki became shackled to a wall that
appeared.  "HAHA," the man yelled, "Now your body is mine!"
   Back outside Tiki gave a shrewed smile, "WHAT IS SO FUNNY!?!?" Lewis
yelled at Tiki.
   "You have no idea, that's what's funny," Tiki dropped to the ground,
kicked Lewis's legs out from under him, then grabbed his staff and
rammed it into Lewis's thigh.  Daraian moved to get Tiki only to get an
elbow in the gut, "I'll see you all later, fools!"  Tiki turned dropped
his pokeballs and ran off.
   "What the hell happened?" Lewis asked.
   "Tiki seems to have reverted back to his crazy state." Jamie said
picking up Tiki's pokeballs.
   "Well what do we do?" Lewis asked.
   "I don't know," Jamie replied.
   "Well I was going to give these to you guys later, but since there's
only three of you left I better gives these to you before we all go
crazy,"  Lewis handed Darian, Jamie, and Score each a pokeball.
   "What is it?" Score asked.
   "It's an Eevee I got one for everyone, for Christmas, well Merry
Christmas I guess."(*)
   "Well whatever we're going to do we better do it soon," Jamie said.
----MEANWHILE, ON ROUTE TOU FUSCHIA-------------------------------------
   Tiki smiled, "Well I finally have mastered control fo this body,
unlike last time when I was on a rampage, now I can continue the
carnage I left behind so long ago.  But first to enlist some help from
Tiki's deranged compatriots."  Tiki said to himself, as he ran at an
exceptional speed toward Fuschia.

*- Lewis told me to put this in, so there you go if you dont want the
Eevee don't take it.

Reply by: Thatguyty

Score rolled his new Eevee's pokeball around in his fingers,
feeling grateful towards Lewis, who he barely knew. "Thanks dude," said
Score, "That was really.... hardcore of you."
"Sure," said Lewis, "Now let's get going. We need to find Tiki
before he kills somebody."
"Yeeeessss," muttered Score, licking his lips, "Killllls."
Everyone looked at each other, then at Score, then at each
other again. "Uuuh, ok, if you say so," said Jamie.
Darian rubbed his stomach where Tiki had hit him. Pointing he
said, "He ran off in that direction. Let's follow." With no time to
lose, the group started jogging towards Tiki's general direction. They
ran as a pack, often overtaking one another, not speaking, through the
cool Cerulean air. Score felt sweat drops run down his face, burning
his eyes. He never liked running and wished it was easier.
Then he remembered. Many months ago when the parasite infected
his wounded body and turned him into a 7'0" aqua green monster. He
wanted to forget what had happened; the parasite, the victims, and the
ability. He was concerned about Tiki, and knew he was smart, and fit
enough to elude them.
With one fluid movement, he flung a massive tongue out of his
dry mouth. It spit in two and enveloped either side of his body, over
his hair and clothes. Green goo oozed around his backpack straps and
hardened underneath. Damn, he thought, there go my clothes. Darian and
Lewis, having never seen Score's bizarre form, stop running and gaped.
Jamie and Pipian noticed them and stopped as well. Score realized what
had happened and walked over to the pair. "Sorry guys, this happens
sometimes," he said. His spherical neon green eyes seemed to bug out at
the pair, quivering and stuttering.
Lewis looked in Score's bright eyes and said, "Is this like
acid armor or something?"
Score considered this for a second. His skin glistened and
reflected moon light like a crystal. "I guess you could say that. Come
on. We've given him enough of a head start."
Score felt added adrenalin slowly seeping into his system. He
turned and started running at nearly twice his previous pace. The rest
of the group quickly fell behind. Maybe I should wait, considered
Score. No, Tiki's in jeopardy, I gotta help him. Score continued
running, unsure of his destination or course.
Up ahead he noticed a fence that trainers hoped over all the
time. He sat down against it and retracted his tongue, exposing his
usual garb covered in a sticky brown goo. He breathed heavily and felt
uncomfortably moist. He opened up his backpack and pulled out his five
occupied pokeballs. He let all his pokemon out to meet the new Eevee he
had acquired.
Eevee was humbled by the gargantuan nature of Horny and Roo,
the Rhyhorna and Kangaskhan. He trembled at the sight of Spanky's
fierce talons. He cowered at Senor Ninetails firey breath. "Welcome the
newcomer guys," said Score. The pokemon glared at Eevee, trembling
behind Score's leg.

Reply by: Tiki

   Last Time (Although you probably just read Ty's post), Ty revealed
that he's still got that wily Parasite in him, so he used it to turn
into mr 7 foot tall aqua monster man and chase after crazy Tiki.
Meanwhile the rest of the of the normal PODA members (Lewis, Mike,
Bridget, Jamie, and Darian) are trying to catch up.

    The unbelievably swift Tiki was lurking in Celadon, he may be
strong but even he needed to take a rest.  He sat down on a bench and
surveyed his surroundings.  He cringed at all the happy couples walking
around.  He was nauseated by the overwhelming stench of perfume famed
to Celadon.  He (whoever it was that is now in control of Tiki's body)
had long since decided to exact vengance on the person who had kept him
imprisoned for 16 years, unfortunatly he couldnt torture this person
physically, because the person was Tiki.  This evil being had hated
resting in this fools body, he just wanted to be a spirit roaming the
earth, until one day he was sucked into some baby's body.  But now that
had all changed.
   His train of thought was interrupted by the sight of a familiar
site  Tiki's friend Score, alone. Well this was surely a fine
coincedence.  Tiki stood up and jumped into an allyway, all of a
sudden "he" had an idea, he knew how to hurt Tiki.  Kill his friend's
torture them even.  That was how to get back at Tiki.  He creeped and
moved to Score's flank, he then walke dout into the crowd and followed
behind Score.  He would wait until Score left the public veiw then
   Just then he was stopped by a little hand, "Hey Mister would you
like to buy some cookies?"  A little Pidgey Scout asked looking up into
Tiki's eyes.
   "No leave me alone..."
   "PLEASSSSEEEE It's for a good cause and they taste really nummy, its
just 2 bucks a box."  she said holding up a box, toward him.
   "I SAID NO!!!!!"  Tiki grabbed the little girl who screemed, he
lifted her up and was about to throw her into a wall, when his consious
was sucked back into Tiki's mind.
   Tiki was struglling and had managed to patially get back into the
blue control bubble, the man held a hand up to Tiki, "This may be your
mind but I know how to use it I've lived here for so long."  A bolt of
fire shot out at Tiki knocking him out of the bubble, he was then
promptly grabbed by a large being that looked human but had six eyes no
hair and was a blue energy, it also had six arms., and a large mouth on
its waste.  "Now where was I," the man said.
   Back outside Tiki's body had been convulsing during this little
inner squabble, he had dropped the girl and the scream had gotten
Score's attention who turned around and saw Tiki.
   Then "he" re-took control of Tiki's body, and saw Score looking at
him, he grinned an evil grin and jumped over Score's head and opened
his staff.  He fell behind Score and promptly struck him in the back of
the knee with his staff.
   At this Score's tongue shot out and created his aquatic armor.  He
whilred around and confronted Tiki.  "Whoever you are get out of Tiki's
BODY!!!!"  Score charged Tiki trying to grab him but not hurt him.
   "He" had other objectives, he jumped to the side of Score and struck
him in the back with a solid roundhouse kick.  Score went sprawling,
and nearly fell down.  "Alright now I'm pissed!!!!" Score yelled.  Part
of his tongue peeled back on one of his hand.  The peice of tngue shot
out at Tiki's wrist and grabbed it wrapping aorund it.
   "Impressive," Tiki said, "BUT NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!!!" Tiki grabbed the
tongue with his other hand then with a mighty heave turned with Score
and flung him inot a wall.  Score released his grip and Tiki was off.
   By the time Score got up he couldn't see Tiki anywhere he considered
tracking him but he saw the police arriving, they were probably going
to blame Score for this.  So Score jumped up and ran off before the
police got there.  When he was out of site he raveled his tongue back
up, now what was he going to do?

   Meanwhile, "he" was on the move again toward Saffron, he needed to
see if some of Tiki's other more demented companions were there.

Reply by: Syke6888 L

Outside Fuschia...

"Now, are you sure this will work? I know I'm not a Laramie."

Pipian sighed. "Giovanni told you everything you need to know to make
this plan work. just trust yourself. now let's use the phone first."

Quietly, John went up to a phone and dialed the number from the
phonebook. Tail twitching, he watched as the phone rang. Lara appeared.

"This is the Laramie Ranch! We can't talk right now, but leave your
message and we'll get back as soon as we can!"

"Hi, Lara! It's me, John! I'm in Fuschia right now, and plan to visit
and see you people again! bye!" john hung up, and breathed as sigh of

"Now, to try it for real." said pipian.

Reply by: Lewis8661

"This is bad.  Really bad." Lewis says.
"Well duh." Mike says.
"Now we have three lunatics that have been seperated from the group.
We're being carved up like a roast!" Jamie says.
The group had been searching for Tiki or John or Pipian for a day now,
still with no luck.
"Maybe we should give up.  We haven't been able to capture John and
Pipian, and Tiki has a mental breakdown now." Bridget says.
"We don't give up!" Jamie says.
"That's right!  The PODA is a family, and the family sticks together.
But we need some way of tracking Tiki...  He's the most dangerous right
now." Mike says.
"I've got it!" Lewis says.
"What?" Bridget asks.
"The Mew that's been following me, it could use it's psi powers to
track Tiki!  And I doubt Tiki, even with a strong psychic will and was
created by Mewtwo, could fight a Mew!  He's still only human!  Mew!"
Lewis shouts.
Mew appears in front of him and asks, "Do you remember yet?"
"No." Lewis replies.
"Oh." Mew replies.
"Listen, we need your help.  Tiki has been taken over by some evil
will, and we need you to find and battle him." Lewis says.
"Can do!  Follow me!" Mew says.
"This one's a lot nicer then the one I remember." Jamie says.

Reply by: Thatguyty

Score stood in the shadows in the backstreets on Celadon. He
leaned against a cold brick wall and let out a long breath. He hadn't
slept in days and he was dead tired. He looked into the sky as brown
goo started to harden on his skin. Violently, he kicked at a garbage
can beside him, disrupting the sleep of some bums laying down the alley
from him. He decided to walk the few miles back to the PODA
The sun baked the brown goo he'd bcome accustomed to on to his
skin. A little Pidgey Scout crossed his path and bumped into him.
"Wanna buy some-"
"No," said Score, pushing past the little girl and continuing
his journey. When he finally arrived at PODAHQ he looked into the lobby
through a broken window. Quite a few battles seemed to take place here.
He walked around to the back of the building and climbed a drain pipe
up to his balcony. His room had somehow remained un touched throughout
the battles.
He walked into his bathroom, tripping over his clothes thrown
all over the floor. He stayed in the shower for about 45 minutes before
coming out and wrapping a towel around his waist.
About this time, Lily approached Celadon City. She was tired as
well, and decided to try and find a place to spend the night. She
walked about 3 blocks, finding no hotels with any sort of vacancy. She
hadn't picked the best walking shoes, and definately shouldn't have
gone with a dark green rubber tubetop.
She walked into a McDonald's and got her usual garden salad and
Sprite. She sat in a corner by a window and looked up and down the busy
streets. A few lots down, across the street, she noticed a help wanted
sign in a window. She grabbed her bright pink plastic backpack from the
seat beside her and dug out her wallet. She had a bunch of cash saved
up in case she ever wanted to leave Saffron and embark on a pokemon
journey of her own.
She finished her crisp salad and walked out of the McDonald's.
Casually, she walked over to the PODAHQ to further inspect the help
wanted sign. It read, "Join the POkemon Detective Agency now and get a
free room, good pay, and make friends with a great group of people."
This made Lily remember all her friends from Saffron. She'd
have to give them all a call later. "What the hell?" she said, and
pushed open the front door. She carefully stepped around piles of
rubble and twisted metal. She walked over to a desk and rang the bell
on it's corner. She waited a few seconds and press again. When no one
came, she yelled out, "Hello?"
Score was up in his room doing his hair when he heared her
calling. He held his towel behind his back and walked down the stairs.
When he saw Lily, his jaw dropped and his pupils turned to hearts. Lily
looked down and held a hand to her eyes, "Uh, your towel."
Score snapped back to reality and grabbed his towel. "One sec,"
he stammered. In a flash he was back with cargo shorts and a Korn t-
shirt on. "Can I help you?"
"I saw your help wanted sign," Lily said, noticing his shirt,
"You like Korn?"
They talked for a few hours and got to know each other. Lily
decided in her mind not to join PODA; too many guys. Lily looked at a
wall clock. "Whoa, it's late," she said, "Mind if I stay the night?"
Score gave her his room and he slept in the guest room. In the
morning, Lily left, promising to help PODA in any way she could. Score
decided to get some new clothes and head back out to look for Tiki.

Reply by: Tiki

   Tiki stood outside the Saffron City Gym, "Well let's go see if your
friends are here."  He pushed open the door and walked in.  A Junior
Trainer approched him brimming with excitement.
   "HEY I CHALLEGE YOU TO A...."  The junior trainer began only to have
Tiki lift him up by the collar.
   "Where's Sabrina?"
   The junior trainer pointed down the hall.  Tiki walked down to the
end of the hall, and opened a pair of huge red steel doors.  "SABRINA!"
He yelled.
   "Yes?"  A figure floated forward from the shadows, "Do you wish to
challenge me too a pokemon battle?"
   "No I wish to know if your former pupil Pipian has contacted you
recently."  Tiki replied.
   "Pipian no he hasn't, why has something happened?"  She asked.
   "Nothing that concerns you, thanks for your help."  Tiki turned and
began to walk out the doors.  Until Sabrina slammed them shut with her
psychic powers.
   "Your not going anywhere until you tell me whats going on!" She
screamed at Tiki.
   "Oh really, well thats not how I see it."  Tiki grabbed something
out of his pocket, it was a small black orb with about 6 different
buttons and what appeared to be a camera protruding out of it.  Tiki
pushed a small red button and Sabrina wrenche din pain.  "Poor Sabrina,
well at least I know the new APB works.  Those scientists at Silph
really work hard.  They build a new technology then work day and night
to upgrade it.  Well this new gizmo is their latest upgrade.  And it
has all sorts of nifty new attachments to it.  You can affect psychic
even when their not using their powers.  You can target specific
psychics, you can control the power, which by the way has improved.  In
fact how about I test out the new power on you."  Tikipushed a blue
button a few times.  Causing Sabrina to scream in pain and release her
grip on the doors.  But even though she wasn't using her powers the
pain continued.
   The last thing she remembers is Tiki walking out the door befor eshe
fainted into a coma.  Tiki turned off the orb and slipped out of the
gym unnoticed by the junior trainers busy helping Sabrina.  "Well I'm
glad I made that stop at Silph before I came here, I got this new APB
and a few other interesting toys."  Tiki smiled as he began to run at
his newly acquired super speed.  "Now it's onto to Fuschia where I'm
sure to find Pipian and John."  Tiki smiled as he passed the city
limits of Saffron, heading South he'd have to catch a boat at
Vermillion to get to Fuschia then he'd find the two rockets and enlist
soem help from them.

Reply by: Tiki

   Tiki stood at Fuschia's northern port he ha djust gotten off of a
ship which had taken him here, from Vermilion.  He needed to find
Pipian and john soon.  PODA was sure to be picking up his trail towards
Saffron, and if they got there it would only be a matter of time before
they figured out why Tiki was there and where he was going.  So Tiki
decided to start looking for the two new Rockets somewhere near the
ranch.  Tiki walked around till he had reache dthe outskirts of the
ranch.  It ran right to the town limits, where there were three
hotels.  One was very upbeat and classy, no Rockets would be there.
The other two were more difficult, to figure out.  They were both cheap
little Holiday Inn type places.  Tiki couldn't very well go in and ask
if two rockets named John and Pipian were staying here, and he'd
probably be caught if he snooped aorund.  SO only one choice find
aplace where he could see both hotel entrances and see where they came
   And thats exactly what Tiki did he sat on a roof with a pair of
Night vision zoom goggles.  He sat there for nearly five hours waiting
for a sign of Pipian and John.  Then he got it, at about 11 pm a pair
of guys left one of the hotels, Tiki almost missed it but he saw the
little tell tale bump on one of the guys pants rear.  Tiki jumped down
off the building and ran into the shaodws and followed the two.  They
eventually went into an all night Diner to get some food.  Tiki waited
outside till they came out, after about half an hour they emerged.
They walked by a street which happened to have Tiki on top of it.
   "Well hellllooooooo, friends."  Tiki proclaimed.  The two looked up
to see Tiki flipping off of the post and to the ground.  "I knew I'd
find you guys here.  John your tail must be killing you, your disquises
are half decent but that bump on Johns behind tells it all."
   "Well Tiki pretty good of you, you figured it all out.  Unfortunatly
your all by yourself nd now we have to kill you."  John started as he
reached into his coat pocket as Pipian did, they each produced a 9mm
hand gun and pointed it where Tiki had been standing.  Infortunatly
they had each looked away for a milli-second.
   "Looking for me?"  Tiki said as he leaned on the ligh post.  John
and Pipian turned and began firing, as they turned though Tiki rushed
the same direction the were turning at the same rate.  He ended up
behind him.  "How about you two stop shooting at a light post and
listen to what I have to say.  John and Pipian Turned again and fired
at Tiki only to find they were out of bullets and couldn't change clips
without Tiki attacking.  "Now that your finished listen up, first of
all I'm not Tiki."
   "OH yeah well you look a lot like him," Pipian jeered.
   "That's because I'm in his body, my name is Azutal."
   "Well Azutal what are you doing in Tiki's body?"  Pipian asked.
   "Well back about 17 years ago, a crafty Mewtwo was creating a
weapon, namely Tiki.  Well Mewtwo installed six souls into Tiki of
innocents, or so he though.  A seventh soul happened to be in the wrong
place at the wrong time and was sucked into this body, but he didnt
merge into the mind he remained independent trapped inside the body,
that soul was me.  So I spent 17 yeas in this body, until Mewtwo's
trigger finally set me off, I'm why Mewtwo couldn't take control of
Tiki, because someone else took control of Tiki's body before he
could.  Unfortunatly when I used to be alive I was not a psychic, so I
couldn't control the body.  So I rampaged unctrolable through Ceruleun
until Jamie stopped me.  But now Tiki is no longer a psychic so all
this stress on Tiki and the effects of the Mew being around gave me the
chance to capture Tiki's concionse (sp?)and be able to attac whom I
choose, and now I've decided to kill all of PODA."
   "Convincing story if it was true, how do we know this isn't some
scam?" John asked.
   "Because in control of Tiki's body it's as if I have two bodies in
one, I take mine and Tiki good strength and spped and it becmoes the
strength and speed of 3 people.  Thats without the other six people in
Tiki's head who I happened to separate so basically Im a super strong
crazy guy.  And that's your proof can the Tiki you know do this?"
Azutal picked up anearby rock with two hands and applied pressure to
it, immediatly it broke into little bits and peices.
   "Hmmm... okay lets say we believe you, what do you want with us?"
Pipian inquired.
   "Why I may be super strong, I still cant handle all of PODA, I've
gotten a new APB to take out Lewis, but Ty still has his parasitic
powers.  Together and with their pokemon they can easily defeat me by
myself, but with you two and maybe some other Rockets they cant stop
   "Fine thats what your getting what are we getting?" John asked.
   "My help on the Laramie heighst and my knowledge of PODA and its
doings, you see I have all of Tiki's memories."
   "Fine it's a deal."  John held out his hand and Tiki shook it.
   "Excellent," Tiki replied.

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