[PW!][WG] Ben Cajava

Name: Ben Cajava

Age: 15


Ben: short blonde hair, brown eyes, 5'3", wears a visor (think a hat
without the top.) Casual wear is the order of the day, with
short-sleeved shirts and blue jeans. Keeps his Pokéballs on his belt.

Cajava: During the transformation his/her hair grows shoulder length,
eye color changes to green and (s)he remains the same height.


Ben: Shy, keeps to himself, prefers to be safe then barrel out on some

Cajava: The complete opposte of her alter ego Ben, Cajava takes risks,
lives life on the edge, and is first in line for adventure.

Bio: Living in a house halfway up Evolution Mountain, Ben took care of
his mother until she succumbed to a deadly disease. He never knew who
his father was, as the bastard left with another woman when Ben was 2.
With nothing else to keep him there, Ben has decided to leave the
mountain to find a new life.

Curent Pokémon:

Ditto (Blob): Your average run-of-the-mill Ditto, Ben found him hanging
out in the closet of his room. Blob was instantly
caught, and now follows Ben's orders. It has NOTHING to do with Cinnibar
Labs, and can only Transform into what it sees.

Seel (Seymour): Cajava found this creature after a swim, and couldn't
resist catching it. Knows Headbutt and Growl.

Sandshrew (Sphere) : Ben caught it outside of Celadon. Knows Scratch,
Sand-Attack and Dig.

Pinsir (Vice): While searching for her stolen Pidgey, Cajava stumbled
upon this Pinsir who was abandoned by its trainer. Feeling sorry for the
abandoned bug, Cajava captured it and now plans to treat it well. Knows
Vice Grip, Seismic Toss, and Guillotine.

Friends: His Pokémon, as well as Marshmallow and Fluff, who are now on
their way to Hollywood. Rainer (one of the Battling Eevee Brothers) has
a crush on Cajava, and no knowledge of Ben's transformation.
Unfortunately for Rainer, Cajava prefers Pyro but can't tell him her

Enemies: Ben hates Rainer and Pyro, which places a bit of irony on the

Other Notes: Whenever Ben comes into contact with water (any temp.) he
changes into Cajava and vice versa. The water must touch his/her skin to
activate the change. Why this happens is unknown, but his/her Pokémon
have learned to take orders from both personalities. Oh yeah, Ben and
Cajava know about each other's existence.

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