[PW!][WG] Jamie

Character: Jamie
Author: Anonymous (anakin0327@aol.com)

Description: Jamie is 16 years old, and is about 5'8" tall. She has brown hair
and green eyes. Most of the time, she still wears her old Team Rocket uniform,
even though she quit long ago.
When in battle, Jamie can be a ruthless mercenary. Most of the time, she tries
to display this cold-hearted personality. But occasionally, some things bring
out the stereotypical girl in her, like her pet Caterpie.

History: Way back in March, Jamie was a member of Team Rocket, dedicated to
stealing Pokémon, and ruining the lives of trainers. But early on, she lost
faith in Giovanni's abilities, so she left. Soon after, she found The
Anti-Mewtwo Crew, and tagged along with them. Recently, the group lost touch
with the omni-cat, and became the Pokémon Detective Agency (PODA).

Allies: PODA (Tiki, John, Pipian, Slake, Lewis, Score)

Enemies: Team Rocket (she doesn't hate them, but their not on her list of best

Magnemite: Jamie's first Pokémon, Magnemite was outfitted with various
technological advancements, most notably a hologram projector.
ATTACKS: Thundershock, Thunder Wave, Sonicboom, Supersonic

Nidorino: Back in her Rocket days, Jamie stole this Pokémon from some hapless
trainer. Though very strong, Nidorino is incredibly stupid (in the tradition of
most Rocket Poison Pokémon).
ATTACKS: Double Kick, Horn Drill, Leer, Poison Sting

Caterpie: When Tiki (member of PODA) got his Butterfree back, it came with a
couple of Caterpie babies. Jamie quickly fell in love with the runt of the
litter, and adopted it. For unknown reasons, it hasn't evolved yet, despite
being alive for quite a long period of time.
ATTACKS: Tackle, String Shot (though it is too young to battle)

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