[PW!][WG][UPDATE] John Laramie

Name: John Laramie, age 16

Personality: Easygoing, a bit of a temper, John is very agreeable and
almost never argues with his friends.

Description: 5 feet 9 inches, brown hair, brown eyes, his hair is tied
in a ponytail on the back. Wears a white shirt that says "Laramie Ranch"
on the back. His blue jeans has a hole in the left knee. His Pokéballs
are attached to his belt, and the belt buckle is shaped like a Vaporeon.
A birth defect made him grow a Raichu Tail which has heightened his
senses. In other words, he can smell, hear, taste, and see better than
the average human. He used to wear a bottomless backpack, but has traded
in for the more efficient and less cumbersome bottomless pants pocket.

Background: At the age of 1 his parents were killed by Mewtwo, and he
was taken in by the Laramie Clan as a cover-up for Mewtwo's real
existence. He left the Clan under the guise of a Pokémon Journey, but
has decided to let Mewtwo be. He now acts as a member of the Pokémon
Detective Agency, or PODA.

Current Pokémon:

Vaporeon (Ariel): A present from the Clan, Ariel is the most loyal
Pokémon John has. She is always at John's side and never enters her
Pokéball unless she has to. Knows Bite, Water Gun, Ice Beam and Surf.

Jolteon(Spark): Delivering Pokémon to the Celadon Auction, John bought a
down-on-his-luck Silph Co. employee dinner, and got Spark in return.
Playful, he likes to pounce on other Pokémon. Knows Bite, Rage and

Flareon(Flash): Flash is Spark's sister, and John got her from the Silph
employee as well. Like John, she has a temper and usually doesn't trust
others, though she has grown a fond liking to Tiki. Knows Bite, Growl,
Ember and Fire Blast.

Doduo (Tara): Caught outside Fuschia. Knows Peck, Growl and Fury Attack.

Marowak (Malice): Traded his Graveler for Malice while in the Rock
Tunnel. Knows Bone Club, Bonemerang, Rage, and Growl.

Tangela (Wraps): Caught outside Pallet. Knows Absorb, Bind, Sleep Powder
and Mega Drain.

Nidoran Male (Strike), Weezing (Weezbag), Caterpie (Shrimp)

Allies: Laramie Clan, the rest of PODA

Enemies: Team Rocket

Other Notes: Any Pokémon John catches are sent to the Laramie Ranch
rather then Bill's PC or Oak's Lab or wherever. He has no Pokédex, uses
the skills gained on the Ranch to keep track of his Pokémon and their
abilities. Has been known to take mucho abuse, wether it's from Jamie,
enemies, or even his own Pokémon.

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