[PW!][WG][v2.0] Karuko

Name: Karuko

Appearance: 15 years old, she usually wears casual clothes. She has purple
hair and blue eyes, and is about 5'2" and 125 lb.

Background: She was born and raised in Cerulean City.  At age 9, she began
to train and raise pokemon under Natsumi, one of the few Fire and Grass
trainers in Cerulean, considering most trainers in Cerulean were water
trainers (They trained under Misty of course), but Karuko's parents suddenly
died of unknown causes and she decided to leave her home town and find and
build herself a new life.

Hobbies & Talents: She does have an amateur talent for hacking, but rarely
uses it except for in emergencies.  She is also moderately fluent in
Japanese, because her parents thought it would be an important language to
learn.  She rarely uses it, except when needed, however.

Personality: Occasionally tomboyish, she is generally nice.

Home Town: Cerulean City.


Vulpix (Volcano): Volcano was given to Karuko by her parents on her first
birthday.  Since then, Volcano and Karuko have grown very close and long to
be together whenever they are apart.  Volcano does not object to
being in pokéballs, but always walks outside her ball because Karuko and
Volcano are very close.  Volcano is Karuko's only true friend, as Karuko
never got any chances to make any friends.  Thanks to Volcano having lived
with Karuko for such a long time, Karuko can understand what Volcano says.
Attacks: Ember, Roar, Confuse Ray, and Flamethrower

Weepinbell (Salad): Salad was given to Karuko by Natsumi, because Natsumi
believes that for her training, one must have at least both a grass and a
fire type pokemon.
Attacks: Vine Whip, Wrap, Stun Spore, and Acid

Oddish (Blade): Blade was Karuko's first captured pokemon.  Though he
usually obeys Karuko, he sometimes refuses to obey because of his wanting to
remain wild.
Attacks: Absorb, Poison Powder, Stun Spore, and Sleep Powder

Growlithe (Charcoal):  Found him being hurt by other pokemon and saved him.
Attacks: Bite, Roar, Ember, and Leer

Aim: To find and build a new life

Allies: Ben/Cajava

Enemies: None.

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