[PW!][WG][Duo][v1.5] Orion & Keri

Name: Orion

Appearance: 14 years old, he usually wears casual clothes like short-sleeved
shirts and pants) from the Gap. He has black hair styled like Ash's and blue
eyes like Misty's.

Background: He was born in Cerulean City and was trained under Misty and
left to start his Pokémon adventure. He recently learned that he was the
illegitimate child of Ash and Misty, but was put up for adoption to avoid
scandal in the Pokémon League.  During that time, he fell though a rip in
the space-time continuum and was adopted by a nice family. He also has very
little psychic abilities, and the ability to understand Pokémon.

Hobbies & Talents: Other than able to hum a song exactly to the tune, and
his little psychic abilities, he has no hobbies or talents

Personality: Nice-mannered and quite courteous. Nice to his pokémon

Home Town: Cerulean City.


Wartortle (Wango): He got it as a Christmas present from Misty when he was
Knows Bite, Tail Whip, Withdraw, Water Gun

Starmie (Aquarius): He supposedly got it as a gift from his 'mother' and
'father' for his 2nd birthday.  It was actually one of his real mother's
Staryus that was given to him as a baby and fell into the space-time warp
with him.
Knows Tackle, Hydro Pump, Harden, Recover

Mankey (Mark): He caught it.
Knows Scratch, Leer, Karate Chop, Fury Attack

Gloom (Icy): He caught it.
Knows Absorb, Poison Powder, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder

Tauros (Bullhorn): He got it as a reward for saving Chaoticllama from Team
Knows Tackle, Stomp, Tail Whip

Gastly (Ghoul): Caught it in Pokémon Tower
Knows Lick, Confuse Ray, Night Shade

Beedrill (Buzzer): Caught it in Viridian Forest
Knows Fury Attack, Focus Energy, Twineedle, Rage

Nidoran Female (Prettyface): Caught in Safari Zone
Knows Growl, Tackle, Scratch, Poison Sting

Magmar (Maggie La Vaa [Usually just Maggie]): Caught in Pokémon Mansion
Knows Ember, Leer, and Confuse Ray

Caterpie (Garfunkel):  One of Tiki's Butterfree's Babies
Knows Tackle and String Shot

Aim: He has no idea...  Perhaps to help his friends out...

Allies: Samuraichu, Blizzard, Darwin (Not the Resistance part), Keri, and
PODA (Primarily Pipian)

Enemies: None, but he does have a slight grudge against Team Rocket

Hates: Magikarps

Likes: Gyaradoses

Name: Keri

Appearance: An Eevee, about 1', more or less, weighing about 14 lb, she has
a collar around her neck on which she carries her pokéballs. She was a
beautiful girl with light blue hair, age 14, 5'1", 120 lb before the

Background: Keri loved science. She planned to become a famous scientist,
and decided that the first step would be becoming a scientist's apprentice.
She became one at age 8. She was working with her own experiment dealing
with creating super-efficient solar panels when a mysterious combination of
chemicals that she had mixed together mysteriously exploded. After the cloud
of smoke disappeared, she realized that she was an Eevee. Apparently, the
explosion caused her to become the nearest Pokémon, which happened to be her
Eevee, Tyke.  Her rich parents had died mysteriously a few months after she
became the scientist's apprentice (Unbeknownst to her, Team Rocket killed
them for money and secret info they had), so she had no where to go. She ran
out of the building and began to cry, seeing as she could no longer be a
scientist. She planned to commit suicide.  She joined up with TAC, but soon
left, caught by Team Rocket agents.

Hobbies & Talents: She is very good at chemistry and almost all sciences.

Personality: Nice, due to the quality of her being an Eevee.

Home Town: Celedon City


Eevee (Tyke): He was her first Pokémon, received as a baby when she was
Knows: Quick Attack, Tail Whip, Bite, and Take Down (As a result, she knows
these attacks as well)

Charmander (Flame): Received when she turned one.
Knows: Ember, Rage, Slash, Flamethrower

Bulbasaur (Leafy): Received when she turned five.
Knows: Razor Leaf, Growth, Sleep Powder, Solar Beam

Squirtle (Tinibi): Received when she turned eight.
Knows: Water Gun, Bite, Withdraw, Skull Bash

Aim: To become a good Pokémon Trainer, find out all of her secrets, and
become human again

Allies: Samuraichu, Blizzard, Darwin (Though not quite on the Resistance
part), Orion, and PODA (Primarily Pipian and John)

Enemies: None, but has a grudge against Team Rocket


Orion and Keri are good friends and Orion found Keri in Celedon City about
to commit suicide.  Ever since, he has stayed with her because he is her
friend and also so that Orion can translate for Keri and his fellow
travelers, Blizzard, Samuraichu, and Darwin.

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