[PW!][WG][v5.1] Pipian

Name: Pipian

Appearance: 15 years old, he usually wears casual clothes (like
short-sleeved shirts and pants).  Of course, if he's masquerading as a
Rocket, he wears his Rocket clothes. He has brown hair and hazel eyes, and
is about 5'5" and 145 lbs.

Background: He was created by Mew and implanted in a woman in Saffron, a
virgin.  He was implanted with memories from the "real world" but was
actually a beginning psychic pokémon trainer. He eventually learned the
circumstances of his birth, and that he was made to battle Tiki, but now,
the battle is over.  He was later brainwashed by his amnesiac friend in TR,
John Laramie.  After a period of TRness, his memory returned through a
'dream' and he now uses his ex-TRness to his advantage when needed.

Hobbies & Talents: He has little to no psychic powers, now.  Also, he is
extremely good with electronics and computers, as well as at programming.

Personality: Nice to people and his Pokémon.

Home Town: Saffron City.


Kadabra: He got it as a Christmas present from Sabrina when he was 10
Knows: Psybeam, Psychic, Teleport, Recover

Jynx: He found it abandoned behind the Saffron Gym and took it in to his
Knows Blizzard, Ice Punch, Sing, Doubleslap

Oddish (Oddly): He found him hurt on the side of the road. He healed him in
exchange for Oddly to come on his adventure.
Knows Absorb, Acid, Sleep Powder, Cut

Jigglypuff (Jonpageori [Usually Jon]): He caught him on his way to Mt. Moon.
Often puts people to sleep.
Knows Sing, Rest, Disable, Double Slap

Haunter: Caught him in Pokémon Tower
Knows Dream Eater, Confuse Ray, Nightshade, Hypnosis

Pikachu (Volt): He caught him in Viridian Forest
Knows Thundershock, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack, Swift

Chansey (Lucky): He caught him in the Safari Zone
Knows Pound, Doubleslap, Sing, Growl

Charmander (Pyro): He saved him in Pokémon Mansion
Knows Rage, Slash, Ember, and Leer

Caterpie (Cotten): One of Tiki's Butterfree's Babies
Knows Tackle and String Shot

Dratini (Iiryu <Good/Nice Dragon in Japanese>): John won him at the Game
Corner, but he quickly gave him to Pipian when the Dratini seemed to like
him more
Knows Wrap, Leer, Thunder Wave, and Agility

Porygon (Windows): Found on a used computer that Pipian bought, Windows is
prone to crashing during battles, and becoming useless.  Pipian is busy
trying to fix his faults.
Knows Tackle, Sharpen, Conversion, and Psybeam

Electabuzz (Electron): Found on an old TR path and captured it.
Knows Quick Attack, Leer, and Thundershock

Aim: To be a good Pokémon trainer

Allies: Tiki, John Laramie, Jamie, Score, and anyone else on PODA, as well
as Orion and Keri

Enemies: Health Food Store owners (He no longer despises Team Rocket (except
for the dumb ones) but he isn't on their side either.)

Likes: Jigglypuffs, Pikachu, any cute Pokémon

Hates: Metapods, Kakunas, any useless Pokémon, Health Food Store Owners

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