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PokéWars! Writer's Guide v4.0


Author: Score (First WG)

Contact: Thatguyty@hotmail.com

Website: http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Arcade/4011


Character: Score


Score is 6'0" male with spiky brown hair that he keeps gelled constantly.
He's skinny but has a strong build. He's got a chisled face with a
highlighted jaw. He's got dark brown eyes which seem to tell his story when
you stare into them. He always wears long cargo short with many
ridiculously large pockets. In addition, he always wears a heavy metal
bands t-shirt (of the readers choosing =). His skate shoes are old and
battered, but he refuses to break in a new pair.

Score always carries a tan backpack with his clothes, a tent, some food,
and his pokeballs. The top flap of the draw string pack has his badges on
it. So far he has won the Boulder Badge, Cascade Badge, and Rainbow Badge.

Age: 14

Personality: Score strives to make new friends, and loves girls. Ambitious
and optimistic, he "sees the glass as half full" and loves life. He used to
like fire, but that got kinda old after his lost his Charizard lighter.
He's not a psychic.


Score lived in Pallet all his life. His father was a fisherman and his
mother was a homemaker. He was an only child, and soon got tired of playing
with Ash, Gary, his sister, and the local kids. He beat all of his SNES
games and decided it was time to hit the road.

He decided to go to Prof. Oak, his neighbour for help, as he heard Oak was
a Pokemon master. Oak thought Score wasn't serious enough about being a
trainer and didn't think he had enough discipline. He gave Score one lousy
Pokeball without a Pokemon, and sent Score off into the world.

Along his travels, he stayed with T.A.C. for a while, but soon got bored of
chasing Mewtwo for no apparent reason. During his time with T.A.C., he was
infected with a parasite that turned him into a 7'0, aqua colored monster
who could leap tall buildings in a single bound. Score got into a fight
with the parasite and regained control of his body. He can still become the
monster anytime he wishes, but hates the parasite for trying to take
control of his soul.

Abilities: Score can yell really, really loud, and crowd surf without being
droppped on his head.

Objectives: To find the girl from his ex-parasitic partners memory. After
that, he wants to get a Pokedex and throw away his notebook where he writes
which Pokemon he has caught =).

Allies: He's too confused to know who anymore.

Enemies: Not Mewtwo anymore. Mewtwo isn't on Score's speed dial, but he
doesn't really wanna kill him anymore either. You know what I mean. Other
than that, no one.

Other notes: Hometown: Pallet


Current Pokémon:

-= Pidgeotto, "Spanky" =-

Score caught Spanky as soon as he left Pallet. They've been inseperable
since. Spanky is arrogant and brags a lot to other Pokemon. He has a fiery
passion for battling, and doesn't mind living in a ball. He doesn't like
carrying Score, but figures it's alright, since Score feeds him.

Moves: Wing Attack, Quick Attack, Whirlwind, Gust


-= Kangaskhan, "Roo" =-

Score traded his Mankey, Punches, back to it's original owner in exchange
for Roo, who was named that because of his obvious likeness to a Kangaroo,
and that fact that he's a Rooty Poo. Roo doesn't have a baby to carry in
it's pouch yet, but ya never know. He fights with the all the spirit of
Punches, but with more power behind a punch.

Moves: Comet Punch, Mega Punch, Dizzy Punch, Bite


-= Ninetails, "Senor (Ninetails)" =-

Senor owned a Mexican restaurant where he got in a fight with Tiki's
Charmander. He was given to Score, who didn't really like him and ditched
him in Cerulean. Senor caught up with Score in Celadon and decided to
forgive him after kicking Team Rocket's ass. Senor always wears a large
sombraro and is an excellent chef.

Moves: Ember, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, Roar


-= Rhyhorn, "Horny" =-

While in a moshpit at Pokestock 99, Score yanked Horny's special edition
titanium pokeball out of the air. In keeping with the spirit of Pokestock,
he offered Horny to a group of trainers, who were scared of his size and
appearance. He decided to keep Horny for himself and hasn't really had a
chance to use him yet.

Moves: Horn Attack, Fury Attack, Stomp, Tail Whip (it's young, and will
learn much better moves later)



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