[PW!][WG][UPDATE] Tiki

AGE: 17 (had a birthday while adventuring)
  Height: 6'3" (Grew a bit too)
  Weight: 165 lbs (all this adventurings put a bit more muscle on him)   Appearence:  Short brown hair, blue eyes, lightly built, skinny, wears a black cloak, under it he wears a t-shirt and cargo shorts.   Attitude:  has become very open to his frineds now, and has decided to make a real living in detective work.  Has become fairly optimistic, but is still very quite when it comes to Mewtwo.
  History:  Tiki's mother and sister were killed by a man named Sith, when Tiki was 14.  Tiki began hunting down Sith.  he eventually made friend with some people name John, Pipian, Jamie, and Orion, he also learned he had great psychic powers.  They formed a team against Mewtwo named TAC (The Anti-mewtwo Crew).  After charsing Mewtwo for awhile they ran into a guy named Score and became friends with him.
Eventually Tiki was kidnapped by Mewtwo, and Tiki discovered he had been created by Mewtwo as a sort of weapon.  Tiki eventually found Sith and killed him only to find he was another illusion of Mewtwo, just like Tiki's family.  Tiki then became evil, and attacked his friends who eventually stopped him and everyone lost their psychic powers. Then the gang started a detective agency called PODA (POkemon Detective Agency), dedicated to help solving pokemon mysteries, theyre HQ is in Ceruleun.  Since opening this agency, a guy named Lewis, and a guy named Darian (i think thats his name) havejoined as well.  Tiki is currently in the basement of the Ceruleun police department trying to break into their files.
    Pokemon:  Tiki has 7 pokemon, and I think im gonna have him catch a new one soon.
    Pikachu (named Zip): Thunderbolt, Thunder, Agility, and Swoft     Charizard (Sinder): Fire Spin, Flamethrower, Skull Bash, Recover (Due to the Special Laramie technique)
    Starmie (Twirl): Blizzard, Surf, Recover, Minimize
    Butterfree (Flutter) : Razor Wind, Solarbeam, Sleep Powder, Psychic     Pidgeot (Bullseye): Sky Attack, Fly, Agility, Mirror Move
    Clefable (Charm): Fire Blast, Psychic, Doubleslap, Sing
    Muk (Mints): Acid Armor, Minimize, Sludge, Body Slam
  I might as well write this now since Tiki's is gonna catch this guy in a post in the near future: Onix (Midgard): Earthquake (taught to by previous trainer), Rock Slide, Harden, Slam

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